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Mar 18, 2011

UN okays No-Fly Zone for Libya, UN horoscope activated 3.18.11

Here is Resolution 1973 (2011) in a form meant for public consumption (not the official version, it says) which was voted on Thursday after a closed door meeting. Click for more details on the 'No Fly' resolution.

You may wish to view the United Nations' natal horoscope here. Progressing this chart to 3.17.11 gives a SP Sun 7Cap13 with transiting Pluto 7Cap23 coming to call with power ascendancy and control issues on tap.

The UN's SP Mc/Ic axis is at critical-crisis degrees (17Pis/Vir) with the Virgo Ic stimulated by the last Great Conjunction of revolutionary combo Uranus and Pluto @ sensitized '17Vir' (mid-1960s); SP Sun conjoins Sec Venus at crisis degree 29Sag01; SP Mercury 15Sag16 ('16Sag' = "Sea Gulls Watching a Ship" with Libya being the ship of opportunity) opposes SP Uranus 14Gem33 Rx, an aspect that tends to assume that its opinions and ideas are the only ones that are valid - the 'know it all' aspect of tactlessness which tends to cause resentment in others. SP Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in Sec 6th house of Military/Police Service, Work, and Health.

Obviously, the bombing and other actions that are about to take place in Libya are alleged to be for the purposes of 'rescuing' civilians and stopping Qaddafi from killing more of his own people but will cause the cold hearted Orwellian-labeled 'collateral damage' simultaneously.

UN's SP ASC 7Can51 brings up the US natal trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer even though the US role is being semi-veiled for now for typically political and strategic reasons though protecting sea lanes is understandably part of our nation's motivation.

UN's SP Moon 9Sco37 is ruled by warring Mars (sub-ruled on a higher octave by saboteur Pluto) and it's an Hour of Mars in the UN's Secondary Progressed chart (UN was 'born' during a Mars Hour, natal chart data is listed below; UN n Mars conjoins Saturn in Cancer, a 'destructive energy' combination, says Ebertin.)

UN's SP Mars is Rx by progression at a critical-crisis degree: 29Can11; '30Can' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution."

Tr Uranus 00Ari20 (AP) has brought the world much strife and disaster of late and this operation will be part of that strife though I certainly hope it ultimately will do the beleaguered people of Libya much good - yet we know that the world still groans under the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto yoke: harm through force majeure.

At the time of the UN Security Council vote on Thursday, asteroid Circe (keywords: where we seek rescue) conjoined the New Moon of March 4, 2011 @ '14Pis' = "A Woman in Fox Fur" and March 19, 2011 brings its book end Full Moon as previously noted. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be fulfilling this role for the US.

Apparently there may begin a new war for this weekend, if not before, a sad portent for the celebration of Purim which begins at sundown on March 19, 2011.

United Nations natal data: October 24, 1945 4:45 pm est Capitol Hill Washington DC from public record; natal ASC 20Ari06 conjoins US natal Chiron, the Sacred Warrior archetype; '21Ari' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring"; natal Mc (The Goal) 11Cap11 where transiting Pluto now approaches.


SP = Secondary Progressions based on the day-for-a-year principle of the Sun's daily motion.

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