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May 31, 2011

House Debt Ceiling Vote: Saturn/NN Rising 5.31.11

Astro-Notes: US House's Debt Ceiling Vote 6:30 pm edt May 31, 2011

by Jude Cowell

With C-SPAN reporting this morning that the House is expecting to vote to raise America's debt ceiling at 6:30 pm edt this evening, the horoscope set for the Capitol Building at that moment shows the Saturn/NN (North Node of the Moon) sitting upon the Ascendant, the WHAT? Point of any chart.

ASC 17Sco39; MC 27Leo22: 6:30 pm edt falls within a Mercury Hour, perfect for voting, negotiations, oration, commerce, trade, and transport issues. This is a 'clean' vote with no spending cuts and is not expected to pass the House which requires a 2/3 majority; all Republican and some number of Democrats are said to be part of this evening's Just Say No mummery. Political points will be made.

In Politics and Business, Saturn/NN = 'help from others in times of internal difficulties, including foreign enterprises; a country in inner turmoil which does not know how to use organizations for aid; trying to do things internally without outside aid; building authority; long-standing ties to old friends'. (Munkasey.)

Saturn/NN also indicates serious (Saturn) meetings (NN) with Saturn the significator of the Democratic Party, and of managers and legal workers, or simply workers. US Saturn (14Lib48) is ongoing with the third of three 'hits' occurring on August 28, 2011; here, Saturn 10Lib34 Rx continues its isolated stance from the 11th H of Groups and Associations. However, Saturn is on its Direct Station degree.

The Saturn/Uranus = Pluto T-Square remains to plague us with its brutal conditions;Venus 19Tau27 is the final dispositor and now separates from conjunction with activist, warring Mars 15Tau27 (the Oxen Point) with Mars dropping below the Descendant of Partnership and Open Enemies into the 6th H of the Military.

From Munkasey and Ebertin, here is the midpoint picture formed at 6:30 pm edt on Capitol Hill; any, all, or none may apply, yet all seem applicable:

Saturn/NN = ASC: important life-altering events; discussion (voting) on the wisdom of continuing or supporting an effort; events which cause suffering, loss, or pain; a scarcity of help in depressing times; shared suffering; inhibited development.

One hopes the 'wisdom of continuing or supporting an effort' isn't America herself.

The 8th cusp 17Gem25 is at the degree of the June 2004 Venus Transit ('18Gem' = "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese in a Western Crowd") with a Venus Transit indicating new and unusual alliances being formed, alliances that are unexpected or unsuspected. The rare Transit occurred at sunrise (Sea Island, GA) during G-8 Summit 2004. You'll note that China is not on the (public) attendance list of nations.

With banker, religious leader, and general Jupiter at a critical-crisis degree (29Ari15 in the 6th house of Military and Police Service, Work, and Health, we might expect that war costs should be discussed yet this, as noted, is a 'clean' vote with spending cuts attached...the reason it is certain to fail as the GOP-Tea Party continues holding America's public standing hostage with the threat of the US becoming a debt deadbeat nation if the credit ceiling isn't raised a couple of trillion dollars.

Another crisis-ridden 29th degree is seen: the Moon (we-the-people, but also publicity and daily matters) @ 29Taur15 in 7th H with Venus, Mercury, and Sun. This vote is set to be taken during the Balsamic phase of the Moon, a dark period when sneakiness lurks about. Transiting Midas, the gold-hoarder, sits between Sun 10Gem08 and the crisis Moon.

Obviously the Sun is just before reaching 11Gem02 on June 1, 2011, when a Solar Eclipse will occur (in 8th H with the chart set for Washington DC; click to view horoscope with the vote's debt ceiling Moon 29Tau conjunct the eclipse's 8th cusp of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Other People's Money...and Transformation.)

IC (End of the Matter; The Drain) 27AQ22 has the US natal Moon (Sibly chart) upon it. Gotta motor into the city so my blogging time has ended so I'll end with the descriptive Sabian Symbol for '28AQ', then the Images for Integration for this evening's Sun Gemini-Moon Taurus...

"A Tree Felled and Sawed."

Yes, the US Congress, Wall Street, the global banking syndicate, monarchists and secret societies, the White House, and SCOTUS have managed to fell the American people en masse. We are now being sawed into pieces with this Moon conjunct Fixed Star Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about.

One of the Images seem to describe President Obama's wheeler-dealer-in-chief, VP Joe Biden (Trilateralist, CFRer, and professed Zionist), who says he goes home by train from Washington to Delaware each night:

"The can-can from Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld...A master chef gives a dinner party for her intellectual friends...A country boy lives it up among the city bustle but goes back to the farm at night." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Yes we can-can?


Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

Oh weeping!! Something to cry about indeed. And all we get is bull shit no one wants to really talk about working our way out of this-we are absolutely felled and cut up indeed.

Anonymous said...

you might "like" this - at the end of the day it is nothing new to know all already well established or known.

clymela/singing sparrow said...

I believe that not that I don't know that powerful men can be utter dogs just that this one has always stunk to me although the way he is already convicted in the court of public opinion.
Haven't read the other article yet but I am going to PLUS woman I really don't know how you get so much done but I LOVE you for it.