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Jun 29, 2011

US Solar Return 2011's YOD: Pluto/Chiron = Mercury

It's time for the second part of Horoscope: US Solar Return 2011 detailing the factors not yet mentioned. Click to view the chart which may be enlarged for better reading, if you wish; chart details are included in addition to those listed below.

Basic details: US Solar Return July 5, 2011 12:28:09 pm edt Washington DC ASC 2Lib41; MC 3Can03 with US natal Venus; Hour Saturn; Sun 13 Can19 in 10th house; Moon 8Vir59 in 12th H; chart-ruler Venus 1Can51 out-of-bounds at MC.

Planetary Patterns in Effect July 5, 2011 - July 4, 2012

As noted, and highlighted with dotted lines, there is a YOD pattern (Finger of God denoting a special task, crossroads, turning point, or crisis) with a Pluto/Chiron sextile at its base and pointing toward Mercury 5Leo35, just barely entered into 10th house of Public Status.

Communicating, trading Mercury as apex (focal) planet in a YOD configuration indicates those who appear to be out of tune with their environment, mental loose ends flapping about, and describes those who have difficulty expressing themselves directly.

Mercury's condition here is similar to Mercury retrograde phases. Productively acting upon thoughts isn't easy for there may be too much attention paid to redefining of concepts and a lack of cohesion within a myriad of ideas and plans devised or presented. Superfluous factors must be jettisoned (such as passing a debt ceiling raise without cluttering it with ideological issues? jc) which results in a meaningful simplicity; unnecessary tangent chasing should be avoided, and gathering information and facts must at some point cease so that things can move forward in the real world.

If properly handled, this energy may yield new avenues for communication, a greater educational impact on others, and/or a destined role as a master communicator or enlightened social activist or leader.

Knowing that inconjuncts are aspects of adjustment (that 'square peg in a round hole' feeling), we may wish to consider the Mercury/Pluto inconjunct (or, quincunx; 150 degrees) which denotes unconscious energies that work against smooth mental functioning; lack of discipline and a drive to keep control over all communications is indicated, and the mistrust created may include a sense of self-mistrust and lack of confidence (B. Lundsted.)

Mercury inconjunct Chiron is the aspect of the server with a strong sense of destiny; broad thinking is an asset, and the key to balancing this energy is using the discipline which is hopefully supplied by Saturn. (Clow.) A trine from Uranus to Mercury gives ideas wings.

Cardinal Grand Cross (aka, Grand Square) if ASC is included:

Technically a Grand Cross is formed when two or more planetary oppositions square one another but here, one point in the pattern has only the Ascendant (and Sun/NN midpoint) to complete the square. Ordinarily a GC indicates restriction and self-limitation with little capacity for moderation and self-discipline. Scattered energies may drain out so perhaps the US SR 2011 ASC shows where energy will drain away or be expressed.

A positive outcome for this pattern is increased social awareness though discord and antagonism may be in evidence, and a crucial karmic lesson may be involved which, if well-managed, brings improvement in the areas of the houses involved.

Perhaps the several midpoint pictures created by this pattern will provide further clues; any, all, or none may apply; in no particular order they are:

Uranus/ASC = Venus: taking the line of least resistance; softening the impact one's harsher, disruptive side; appreciating the inivduality of others.

(Note: we see financial instability and spending issues with Venus/Uranus; Venus/Pluto has a bankruptcy undertone, or of working with large amounts of money; as you know, the SAturn/Pluto square brings hardship, hard work, and brutality, while the Uranus/Pluto square relates to protests, revolts, and revolutions now affecting the world.)

Uranus/ASC = MC: fulfillment of aims even though unexpected changes occur; experience prevails over disruption (on Capitol Hill? that would be good - jc.)

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: unconventionality lowers others' opinions; extreme behavioral peculiarities; changes with morbid outcomes (austerity measures for those who can ill afford them? Thanks, Pluto, planet of the criminal underworld jc); a desire for success even under the most difficult circumstances; the use of force.

Venus/Pluto = Uranus: fanatic attachments; indifference to the destructive powers available for political uses; compromises involving extreme uses of power.

Venus/Pluto = ASC: a polite response to those with a punishing intent; wielding a great influence upon others (if America falls under the bankruptcy bus, is the whole world next? NWO freaks would love to 'build anew upon ruins' - jc)

Pluto/MC = Uranus: organizing talent; prudence and endurance; sudden attainment of aims with irresistable power; sudden occupational changes; sudden or drastic changes affect stature or reputation; coping with the unusual; publicity; using Astrology.

Pluto/MC = ASC: seeking practical ways of meeting with success; persuasion ability; intensity and power when addressing others; personal power; procuring an important position; a famous person.

Plus, Sun/NN = ASC: seeking contacts; establishing ties to helpful groups; rituals which occur at meetings.

Also of note is a Kite pattern which is a Grand Trine with a 'tail' and the tail here is the SR Moon in Virgo which is the focal planet of the serious-minded Mercury/Saturn midpoint:

Mercury/Saturn = Moon: intuition about released data; sensitive communications; inconstancy; retarded development; the opportunity to gain experience; absorbing mnay different impressions; a love of variety; emotional indecision due to a fear of losing; a taxing learning process.

A Solar Return Moon in Virgo shows that fore the next year we-the-people are involved primarily with the intricate details of our lives, hygiene and health matters, the running of our households, the performance of services, and possibly with volunteer work.

Virgo's Mutable quality gives a sense of preparation to the atmosphere and taking on extra duties at work is possible; this SR Moon is trined by Pluto (public relations; propaganda), trined by Jupiter (grand imaginings; fortunate associations), yet is squared by Mars in 9th house of Foreign Lands which conjoins tr MIDA$ and Pan, two bodies with financial implications (anger, quarrels - over money? - and a potential for violence or accidents.

The good news is that US natal Moon and Mars are trine which will lessen the difficulties of this SR Moon/Mars square and aid us in dealing with its blocking, frustrating, grumpy energies over the solar year.

SR Moon in 12th house (Karma; Self-Undoing; Hospitals; Politics; Behind-the-Scenes) adds to our preparatory sense and indicates deep levels of self-reflection; seclusion brings productivity and feelings of obscurity or inferiority may abound. Taking time over the next year to emotionally recharge is the best way to counter a 12th house SR Moon, along with judiciously meted out volunteerism which brings spiritual rewards through aiding the collective.

The house of the Sun in a Solar Return is naturally prominent and here our SR 2011 Sun is in 10th house of Public Standing so there's not much hidden from the world concerning our natal Sun's qualities of leadership and our government's objectives. Yes, our sorry trajectory of overreach is 'out there' for all the world to see so big changes to America's reputation are on the agenda, positively, negatively, or a little of both.

Aspects to SR Sun are important as well and include a sesqui-square (135 degr; interlaced squares; can be positive or negative energy) from nebulous Neptune its favorite sign @ 00Pis39 Rx in 5th H of Risk-taking, Gambling, and Creativity ('1Pis' = "A Public Market"), and a pesky, limiting, conflict-riddled square from the 1st house SR Saturn 10Lib52.

This solar condition echoes America's natal Sun/Saturn square and its restrictive energy will again be emphasized strongly on August 28, 2011, when the 3rd of 3 hits occur in our ongoing Saturn Return which marks the start of a new cycle of responsibility, accountability, authority, and lessons that need to be learned relating to our nation's Saturn exalted-in-Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice which have so currently become unbalanced by excessive greed and a lusting quest for global power.


Midpoint pictures from Ebertin, Munkasey, and Tyl; no midpoint pictures or aspects were harmed in the typing of this post; the title of Betty Lundsted's excellent book is Astrological Insights Into Personality. jc


Alex said...

Quote ~ GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell

"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

This is the GOP/Tea imperative - not the deficit!

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed, Alex! As announced early on by Limbaugh. On the air. jc