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Jul 6, 2011

Global Austerity and Weather Conditions July 2011

7.6.11 From the SO'W You'll Know As Soon As I Know Department, this just in:

Theodore White has published a fresh July 2011 edition of Global Astrology covering current conditions and austerity issues in the US and across the planet in relation to the Cardinal Cross of difficult, critical energies which everyone is feeling sorely.


The transits of the outer planets relative to the Earth continue to show mundane astrologers that there's much more to come. In my July 2011 edition of Global Astrology we explore the impacts of climate to the economic struggles of nations to the shifting geopolitical situations worldwide - all in an effort to make some sense of a nonsensical era.

Read Cardinal Crisis: Austerity or Revolution? which ends with Theo's Mundane advice, solutions, and warnings.

As you know, Theodore White is the only mundane astrologer to predict the Fukushima Japan earthquake....that's pre-dict, before it occurred, using the ancient principles of Mundane Astrology as he is wont to do.

For the times, they really are a-changin'.

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