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Aug 3, 2011

Pres. Obama turns 50: Chiron Returns but is it a Jubilee Year?

If you've never heard of the tradition of a declaring every 50 years a "Jubilee Year" for the sake of society, I'll direct you to Ray McGovern's article Obama On the Backs of the Poor of August 3, 2011.

'50' is a 5th harmonic number (multiple of 10 x 5 = 50) and has significance to numerologists and astrologers alike, most of whom immediately think of the Chiron Return because Chiron's orbit is approximately of 50 years' duration. This repeats its position by sign, degree, and house in the natal chart, and also reinforces its aspects to other natal planets, both the positive and the negative.

Virgo/Pisces = Victim/Savior Axis; in Pisces, Chiron is in Fall

Even though I've mentioned President Obama's Chiron Return here before, I want to do so again because of what's been going on in Washington DC politics and the victimization issues relating to cutting aid to the poor, elderly, veterans' benefits, education and school lunch programs, and slashing what Republicans call "entitlement programs" which ignores the fact that the programs are paid into for years through taxes--guess we shouldn't have trusted the US government to hold on to our money and dribble it back to us when needed. (Much of recent political rhetoric and actions reminds me of gangs of thieves trying to hide the fact that they've been guilty of stealing our money for years!)

What will happen when the Republicans selected for the 'Super Congress' turn cold shoulders to those in need is anyone's guess (as Rs seem wont to do: what's that oft-used 'Christian Right' political tactic again? Brother's keeper much?) But we know it won't be good and will interfere with our s l o w economic recovery, such as it is, for benefits checks tend to be spent and put back into the economy, as most reasonable people agree.

All six of the GOPers who will 'serve' on the 'Super Committee' (formed so that Congress once again can neglect its sworn duties along with the constitutional oversight function abandoned years ago)--all they have to do to collapse America into chaos is to refuse to compromise by November on the 'cuts' they must choose for the cleaver, and of course, they've already made it plain that tax increases on those who wouldn't miss the money is 'off the table.' So if the 12 of them can't agree in November 2011 on 'cuts', there's our nation's collapse in the making--unless the automatically 'triggered' cuts to the defense budget--said to be significant--holds their little war-mongering hearts in check.

Now I pray it doesn't play out this way for the common good of the American people but really now--given how the Republican--Tea Party operatives have played BHO like a fiddle so far, it's difficult for me to believe that Mr. Obama can possess even a mustard seed of faith that the un-rich among us will be able to celebrate a Jubilee Year by November. A sale on canned cat food may be more what corporate Republicans and their greedy billionaire backers have on the menu for many Americans whom they consider to be beneath them. (In the universal scheme of things, the poor are above the rich but Rs like to ignore Biblical precepts when it's convenient for their massive egos and political agenda.)

News Note: today it is reported that President Obama will take a "listening" tour of the Midwest by bus from August 15--17, 2011. Maybe he'll be soon be renaming it his Earful Tour. Tell 'im like it is, American Midwesterners!

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; Sun Leo/Moon Gemini; Aquarius rising; Scorpio @ Midheaven

As you know, a birthday always brings along a Solar Return horoscope because the Sun returns to the zodiacal position it held at birth, and a personal year begins. Mr. Obama's Solar Return 2011 isn't very impressive to me as far as reaching goals or attaining ego-warming successes but the lunar condition in the chart is a bit lighter and may indicate that he's handling things emotionally (coolly, with SR Moon in Libra) and that his life day-to-day is well cushioned by the White House bubble of affluence and isolation from harsher realities--his Earful Tour notwithstanding.

A well-aspected SR Moon may also indicate that a majority of the American people remain on his side since in Mundane Astrology, Moon = the public and the people--but also publicity.

If you haven't, you may wish to take a peek at the president's Solar Return 2011 chart along with his Secondary Full Moon of November 6, 2011 (both horoscopes shown.)

A Progressed Full Moon (which I abbreviate to 'Sec Full Moon' though many use 'SP'--it's a habit developed to distinguish between Minor and Tertiary Progressions) is a clear sign that a 28-to-30-year cycle of expansion into the world has come to a close and it's time for retraction of one's goals because a pinnacle has been reached. Life goes on, of course, but you know what the US has experienced since its own Sec Full Moon of December 24, 2008 @ 4Vir10...Number One is becoming Number Two, or Three as our nation necessarily retracts. And that Sec Full Moon was across the Victim/Savior axis of Virgo/Pisces, too.

Plus, if you're interested, here's what I wrote a while back about Mr. Obama's natal Chiron and his Chiron Return which includes the 5 dates (yes! his is a five-fer--thankfully, mine was only once) of his Chiron-to-Chiron conjunctions, the first two of which have already occurred. Chiron continues to be front and center for him (and by extension, for the US) into 2012 due to Chiron's penchant for retrogradation.

Water Grand Trines Seek Peace, Safety, and Privacy

Here's a post written on the occasion of Pres. Obama's 49th birthday last year. It focused on his Chiron in mystical Pisces, too, and included the Water Grand Trine of which his questing Chiron is an integral part.

Now in spite of how this post may sound, I'm wishing a Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama. He (and our nation) got a raw deal from his predecessor and his presidency now suffers (Pisces!) from opponents who consider him their enemy, cussedly call him un-American and foreign every chance they get, will do anything it takes to undermine his presidency, and accuse him of being a 'secret Muslim'. Plus--perhaps worst of all--he's a Democrat.

So after all that, plus the debt-deal fight just semi-completed without a US default, I think our 50-year-old President Obama deserves the largest slice of birthday cake his health-conscious wife will allow!


Further reading: who is Pete Peterson? He's a conservative who wants to redirect Social Security funds! No word yet whose offshore accounts he wants to "redirect" we-the-people's money into...

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