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Dec 19, 2011

Mary Plumb's list of Winter Solstice 2011 blogs

How fabulous when astrologer and writer Mary Plumb publishes a yearly round-up of Solstice Week blogs over at Mountain Astrologer Magazine!

Along with the many amazing blogs on Mary's list, it makes me happy as a puppy with two tails that Stars Over Washington is included this year even though my Winter Solstice 2011 column is about as lousy and depressing as the politicians and other miscreants I attempt to describe while squinting through the excellent and venerable lens of Astrology.

(My Jupiter/Saturn trine is really much jollier than that, I promise!)

So when you have a chance, do check out Mary Plumb's list of astrologers blogging on Thursday's Winter Solstice 2011 if you dare for some of us take a mundane or political peek while other writers concentrate more on the esoteric or personal levels of existence.

Macro or micro viewpoints are available--all published for you!

And so is this detail from one of my favorite winter scene drawings: Blue Winter's Path--brrr-r-r-r...

Wishing Happy Holidays to All!

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