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Dec 16, 2011

'Your Moment of Zen': End of Iraq War flag ceremony (Jon Stewart video)

So many mixed feelings sweep over me as I watch the flag ceremony. You know? Never wanted either war, Afghanistan or Iraq, knew they'd be Vietnam-esque and they are of the quagmire variety of collective experiences...brutal and soul-shattering.

And so our national soul is soiled once again and the stains are deep. 'Old men start wars for young men to fight' is as true a maxim today as it was whenever someone first strung the words together and said, Hmmph!

Happily, it is with this post that I again have a chance to say,

Welcome Home, US Soldiers! I'm very glad you've come ashore and I wish you all safe passages to calmer waters! Bless you and your families, Jude

Now that things are shifting like the desert sands of Iraq, it is my personal opinion that George Bush, Dick Cheney, and other crony war profiteers of a globalist persuasion owe the American people a very large amount of money for starting two wars and to somewhat make amends for their vast mismanagement of our public funds.

Accounts must be settled so the American people can learn and move on, don't you think? IDing our demons--forces within our shadow government, actually--is necessary in order to vanquish them! One ancient myth associated with this plutonian kind of topic is the Head of Hydra which guarded the cave to Pluto's Underworld.

Which reminds me of how Earth is due to align with Galactic Center in 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years, so it is said. Now that's gotta be worth waiting for, right?

Except that astronomers say, Nyet! Instead, Earth will cross the Galactic Equator in 2012 which is a bi-annual event happening in a cosmos nearest you, and there's nothing particularly remarkable about it, if all goes well as before. And before.

Now here's Jon Stewart presenting 'Your Moment of Zen'--a moment that most Americans have been praying for for over eight years thanks to government-usurping war criminals and their embezzling colleagues and pawns:

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