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Aug 5, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez OBLITERATES Fox News - TYT clip

From August 3, 2018 here is a don't-miss segment from The Young Turks with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez telling it, as my Flower Power Generation once liked to say, like it is:

Apr 14, 2018

Horoscopes: Syria w Trump Strikes Syria April 13, 2018

April 13 into 14, 2018: the following post is one I'd hoped never to type. Tragically, it must be done tonight thanks to Trump and the Pentagon Generals and their continual urge to topple the East. This is a rushed effort for studying, scanning, saving, and posting horoscopes takes time and time is fleeting. So first, here's a bi-wheel of what's going on as Washington and friends show their true and warring colors.

My Latin days are far behind me but I do remember that in olden times the Roman army had sense enough not to wage war when Jupiter the General was retrograde as it is now. Tonight, according to news reports, at 9:00 pm EDT, Donald Trump announced that the US, UK, and France had launched missile strikes on chemical facilities in Syria. You know the pretext and are aware that earlier, UK PM Teresa May and others trumped up the case for their warring actions as a 'deterrent' against further chemical attacks by Syrian leader Bashir Assad who took over the government at dawn on November 13, 1970. In the bi-wheel charts shown below, Syria's 1970 'coup chart' has tonight's Trump announcement (timed for 9:00 pm EDT) which is set for the White House though perhaps Mr. Trump was speaking from elsewhere. In that case, the 9:00 pm chart may be considered symbolic.

If you wish, please enlarge for reading:

Now I realize other locations or time zones may apply more accurately as far as the attacks themselves but these charts are the best I have at the moment. And yes, they are marked up in my usual scribbly fashion but I'm in mourning over the crusader mentality of the West and have had presentiments already due to the 70-year Fig Tree Prophecy related to the State of Israel and its potential fulfillment in mid-May 2018...soon. Suffice to say, that 2018 Jupiter Rx in this conflagration opposes 1970 Moon and Saturn in Taurus so, besides Jupiter being weak via retrogression, failure is very much an option (Trump was given multiple options, I heard, by the generals--which is the theme of the current Solar Eclipse of February 2018 @27Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon, We The People)...1 South: "flooded with options and ideas" (Brady). Plus, as you see, the 1 North Solar Eclipse @29Leo visible across America in August 2017 hit Syria's Midheaven in this chart, and activated the cautions of royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided)--and there's Donald trump's natal Ascendant in the middle of it all. (My suspicion is that attacking Syria is one of the things Trump agreed he would do if allowed to take over the Oval Office, but maybe that's only me.)

So with 2018 Jupiter opposing Syria's natal Saturn, bending or neglecting rules won't work and challenges to authority are not favored. Of course, Trump and General Mattis say that regime change is not the goal of these strikes. Well, I imagine they consider it a process for Syria has proven a hard nut to crack for the global corporatists who are animated by the satanic destructive force that's loose upon the Earth. We see this force within the brutal Saturn-Mars-Pluto trio of assault and violence along with the suffering, contamination, and poison (gas) used to justify the perpetration of more violence.

Yet transit Venus approaches Syria's natal Taurus Moon suggesting that Assad's popularity has increased or will increase in spite or because of the attacks from the West, and with natal Saturn receiving attention from Venus as well, we see that order and tradition are among the things valued by the people of Syria (yes, there are various groups across a large country so traditions vary as well). Then with transit Jupiter and Venus opposing one another across the intense Taurus-Scorpio axis as the strikes occur, we may expect this misadventure of Trump's to be disappointing with efforts falling flat or missing their mark. Excesses that everyone would prefer to forget may occur and promises of cooperation can soon evaporate unless other chart factors and conditions interpose with positive energies.

Yet how 'positive' can any war be? They're all racketeering along with the grasping of power and plundering of resources. Plus, Donald Trump wants the world to stop talking about Comey, Putin, Cohen, Manafort, and his own antics--and stop reading that bestselling book! (Tonight's announcement shows an Ascending degree of '11Scorpio' = "A Drowning Man Rescued"--hi there, Mr. Trump! Also note the midpoint picture penned on the right : Sun-Neptune = Mercury (Rx--same old, same old lies) = false logic and deceit (Munkasey adds 'ritual ceremony' which I say is sacrifice in war). Some say the chemical attack in Syria allegedly committed by Assad was a 'false flag op' to bilk Americans and others in the West into supporting--and fighting--a war in Syria with Iran in their sights as well. What do you think?

So! With Jupiter the General retrograde, war in Syria, along with the rest of the Middle East that America broke, continues to be a bottomless money pit just as it was when Dubya Bush, Cheney, and the Pentagon invaded Iraq in 2003 after Afghanistan in 2001. Flimsy pretexts are ginned up all around again! And of course, this is all part of a process, we know, for Syria is one of the 'dominoes' intended to fall--and religions are intended to fight each other to the death as planned by the zealots manipulating the world into catastrophic war. Fall, that is, if America doesn't fall first.

Apr 12, 2018

Tucker Carlson Tells Truth About Syria - Crosses Trump

April 12, 2018: here's an excellent needs-to-be-heard segment with Jimmy Dore. If you've never checked out The Jimmy Dore Show--his comedy, news segments, and political commentary before then this segment is a great place to start. And if you're against America blundering into another war (collateral damage, plunder, crime, primal violence, soul sickness, death cults and other evils)--note that this time we're being force fed by John Bolton and others (including media heads like Andrea Mitchell, wife of Ayn-Rander Alan Greenspan, her boyfriend) are guiding a toolish Trump into setting off the powder keg--this time in Syria--as per their long-range plan--watch this!

Good news! The Jimmy Dore Show is now Steeming It!


Now on an astrological note (for timing purposes), a difficult Solar Eclipse will perfect on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 in the 2 New North Saros Series with potential themes of towers and/or lifestyles collapsing, the necessary rebuilding once the dust has settled, and changes of direction (Brady). This causes me to think of 9/11 and false flag ops typically used by governments to emotionally scam a people into fighting and/or supporting a war even while the US Congress won't declare the 'conflict' as one. And actually, the West vs East conflagration is older than the hills and it's proven itself repeatedly to be at basis an endless round of revenge with machiavellian figures hiding behind dark curtains, clutching the reins--wealthy old men who somehow convince young men to fight proxy-style as crusaders and to fight to the death.

But really we felt forebodings, didn't we, when Donald Trump turned out to have royal Regulus rising with his warrior planet Mars in the last degrees of egotistical Leo, sign of the ruler. Yet only if the unforgivable can be forgiven can we prosper. How tragic to feel I must patiently wait for starry Regulus to fulfill its nature and grant its caution toward a man who takes revenge upon others (regularly and often--it's Mr. Trump's nature...Mars-Saturn = Pluto: the death of many people). For Regulus warns that if revenge is taken, all that has been previously achieved will be lost or suddenly taken away, a karmic situation where a man--or a government--must reap what's been sown.

Better the guilty varmint born with Regulus rising with a raging Mars than the innocent.

Midpoint picture of brutality: The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin.

Mar 23, 2018

March 23, 1919: Mussolini's Fascist Party (an Eclipse Timeline)

March 23, 2018: 99 years ago today, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini founded the ring-wing Fascist Party as 'Fasci di Combattimento' ('Fighting Bands') based on the struggles of 19th century Italian peasants. Advocates of Italian nationalism and wearing black shirts as uniforms, Mussolini began a campaign of terror and intimidation against his leftist opponents.

Here is a list of the applicable Solar Eclipses and their themes which influenced the Fascist timeline of events:

Party Founded March 23, 1919: 11 North December 3, 1918 @11Sag = changing groups and making greater commitments; last manifestation of 11 North: 2009; next: 2027;

Fascists March on Rome October 1922: 15 North September 21, 1922 @27Virgo = joy through commitment; last 15 North: 2012; next: 2030;

Mussolini Proclaimed 'The Leader' (Il Duce) January 1925: 17 South January 24, 1925 @4Aquarius = good news and sudden success in group matters or projects. And oddly enough, 17 South is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series of Herr Adolf Hitler. Last 17 South: Spring Equinox 2015 @29Pisces (conjunct Cardinal World Point 00Aries00) and PE of Trump's POTUS bid announcement in June 2015; next 17 South: 2033.

Besides the disruptive actions and nationalist rhetoric of Donald Trump, it's no wonder that a 'history rhymes' time link between Trump, Mussolini, and Hitler has been effortlessly easy for most people to realize whether they wanted to or not.

And to me it seems that the one useful thing Mussolini provided the world is a clear equation which keeps on giving--in our day through the machinations of Donald J. Trump and his wealthy corporate backers and political operatives:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

And I suppose that since the above Solar Eclipses repeated during the tenure of the more popular and more like-able Barack Obama (2009, 2012, 2015) we must toss his presidential actions and rhetoric into the same barrel with Mussolini-Hitler-Trump. For after all, that's what America's much-touted 'pass the baton' really means--the same old empire-building regime and agenda merely with a new hand on the White House helm. And tragically for the entire world, that's how the 'death star' Pentagon's US war machine bombs on and pilfers all our money and resources.


Eclipse Notes: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Nov 19, 2017

Army Lifts Ban on Recruits with Histories of Self-Harm, Depression - TYT

In the annals of Bad Ideas, this particular military reform is one of the worst--but the Empire's war machine needs more fodder:

The Young Turks Network.

Once again America's natal Mars (males; the military, police officers; warriors, weaponry), which turned retrograde by progression in 2006, expresses himself rather wimpily in the realms of the inept, its energies and motivations perverted, misdirected, and weakened. Meanwhile in the Zodiac, Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter @17Lib27 Station Direct receives US SP Mars Rx dashing hopes for modest plans, or at best, delay or plans placed under review.

US employment numbers are up so it seems that this is the idea the Pentagon came up with for gaining higher recruitment levels.

Is someone in power revealing that they're eugenics-minded?

Feb 12, 2016

American Leaders Joke about Dead Veterans and Children - video

Is this video collection of clips too controversial for Google to allow here? Perhaps yet censorship of this video and topic would be extremely hypocritical since wars of conquest and the mass misery they bring to innocent people ought to be the real controversy. Such wars certainly are the real crime of global proportions. Maybe the 2016 presidential candidates should be more forthcoming concerning their White House war plans--and who advises or will advise them--though I suspect most Americans can winnow the anti-societal psychopaths from the very few decent:

Please note that the following presentation is for Adults Only:

For more videos check out the Realist Report channel.

Oct 18, 2015

Obama Told You We Were Training ISIL Forces - clip (Orwell Edition)

As a formerly idealistic American, the following montage of War Is Peace clips form a heartbreaking revelation similar to the recent tragic news that one Nobel Peace Prize winner (Mr. Obama) had bombed a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners (Doctors Without Borders) even if the hospital was being used as cover for 'militants':

For further reading you may wish to try Orwell explains mass-media deception which includes astro-notes on the writer whose pen name was 'George Orwell'.

And it still seems like an insider joke to me that the barbaric group of the hour is nicknamed ISIL or, as most folk call them, ISIS, same as the Egyptian goddess whose star is SIRIUS--and, as the Founding Fathers expected, America's natal Sun (POTUS) at 13/14 Cancer is now conjoined by Sirius due to the star's precession. On one level this stellar-solar link indicates a closer relationship between Washington DC and Egypt than is openly admitted and it's hidden in plain sight.

Then is the American public being punked (again)?

For as I have related before, the possibility of such foolery reminds me of September 11, 2001 when I took a break at 1:00 pm from a sad morning filled with astrology charts to ask a Tarot deck, Who is responsible for the attacks? The quixotic answer: Ask the Sphinx.


For research purposes on topics such as the Secrets of the Sphinx the Order of the White Lion site is a place to begin the riddle.

May 14, 2015

A Southerner Ponders American Progress and Mercury-Neptune

On April 12, 2011, the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, I published a few astrological details and my thoughts on America's Civil War horoscope and included links to a few articles and sources which may interest you. Information on the reasons for the waging of the horrific war (1861--1865) are mentioned in the post for those who agree that "war is a racket" (said General Smedley Butler) and who know, or wish to know, something about the 19th-century fight against the establishment of an American central bank which we now call the "Federal Reserve Bank" or System.

In hindsight, reasons for and results of the "Civil" War (or, War Between the States) may be considered quite differently in 2015 than they were at the time for those who were emotionally, ideologically, socially, physically, and economically involved in the proceedings of the era. The thrill, excitement, 'glamour', rapturous imaginings, and Mercurial-Neptunian irrationality of the idealistic fellows who eagerly enlisted in a major effort meant to protect the Southern way of life and its regressive, cruel economic model--primarily Southerners, I'm thinking of here being one myself and typing at you from the 13th Colony of Georgia--well, it was all a tragic exercise in self-deception and a case of being masterfully manipulated, duped, exploited, harmed, and used as rich men's pawns. A clue is found in the Civil War natal horoscope via the planetary midpoint which was precisely rising when the First Shot Was Fired at Fort Sumter Charleston, SC, on April 12, 1861 at 4:30 am LMT (according to historic record).

It was the Mercury-Neptune pair conjoining a Pisces Ascendant at that particular location and moment in time. And naturally, the Virgo-Pisces polarity is the victim-savior axis of martyrdom with Pisces one of the signs of war. Perhaps the implied confusion and potential for deception of the Two Fishes swimming up to the heights or down to the depths relate in part to military generals who are born under the sign of Pisces--Jupiter the General with Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces, Neptune the higher octave planet.

Mercury-Neptune = Ascendant: mistaken perceptions...

Now Mercury-Neptune combines energies of the planet of thinking, planning, communication, travel, tricksterism, commerce, and trade (the South's ability to trade its wares such as cotton with other countries was also at stake) with gaseous Neptune, planet of high inspiration (from a Divine Source--or Mystical Realms), delirium, fraud, deceit, falsehood, slander, scandal...well, you know the list of negatives for the archetypal king of oceans. Unconscious motivations, gut reactions, deluded ideals, confusion, hypnosis, the masses, and the media also come under the province of nebulous Neptune. To me, 'laying oneself open to the influence of others' (Ebertin) denotes the almost hypnotic persuasion practiced during the lead up to a war that caused brother to fight brother to the death and cousins to meet on battlefields too bloody to describe. Suggestible are those who believe what they want to believe for we must first deceive ourselves before others can fool us.

Astrological Mercury also rules youths as were many of the combatants with Neptune bringing the infections and diseases that account for most of the soldiers' deaths. This includes some of my kith and kin with "died from disease" being a somewhat typical description of a soldier's demise (2 out of 3), on both the maternal if not the paternal side of my family. Yet no, yours truly is not a secessionist! My preference is for our nation to progress, not regress into the past, to unify with a spirit of democracy, not split or be forced to join a totalitarian clump of misery and serfdom that threatens to regress populations across the globe into a system of slavery under military boot.

So, dear reader, you may as well know that this is why recent thoughts of the Civil War inspired this post tonight: the genealogy research I'm doing now along with what has become America's tragic condition of Perpetual War at the purposeful direction of international financiers, depraved pocket-lining politicians, and other satanic psychopaths who enable and engineer the ruination of the country my (and perhaps your) ancestors gave their lives for, confused as they may have been under the influence of war propaganda.

For no matter which side our Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers fought on, I have the definite feeling that they never saw their extreme sacrifices and those of their family members ending up trashed and all but forgotten underneath the high-flying and immoral Pentagon's 'Death Star' war plans for world conquest; nor did they envision subsequent US presidents selling out the American people as they have done like robots parroting their overlords' commands.

#CivilWar #InternationalFinanciers #GlobalGovernance #Astrology

Dec 28, 2014

Jan 20, 2015: The President's SOTU Address under Uranus-SN vibes

SOTU 2015 as the Tail of the Dragon (SN) Swipes Radical Uranus in Aries

by Jude Cowell

Today (12.28.14) in Kabul, the official NATO-US combat mission in Afghanistan ended with an hour's ceremony to mark the 13-year war of tragedy and loss. And though such a ceremony makes for a good public relations image (propaganda) there are those of us who think of the 'ending' more as stagecraft meant to deceive than reality--Neptune rather than Saturn. Perhaps the Pentagon and the CIA have simply lied to the American public too often and fought too many secret wars to expect to be believed now.

Be that as it may, America's 'totem planet', Uranus, meets the Saturnian South Node (SN) of the Moon (aka, the 'tail of the dragon') on January 20, 2015, the same day that President Obama delivers the 2015 State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress that evening. You'll find a few Astro-Notes on the pair's cosmic encounter here. And of course, their conjunction at a critical Cardinal degree (12) means that zealous anarchist Uranus will also be in Nodal Degree which adds to the karmic, fated reaping-what-was-sown quality of their problematic meeting.

Yes, the ongoing, dynamic, challenging Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square of rebellion and generational clashes just keeps on giving, doesn't it? And now the Nodal axis of The Dragon joins in bringing with it an indication of public contact. Is separation from the public indicated for the president? How about the threatened time and money wasting impeachment efforts by the GOP?

Well, hopefully my frets are unfounded yet something tells me the US government's past behavior (SN) of secretly committing and then lying (Neptune) us into wars (Mars-Uranus with a huge dose of the US natal Mars-Neptune square of foggy deception and misguided motivation), betrayals, coups, government topplings, assassinations, and other underhanded mayhem will be part of the January 20th cosmic picture so it will be interesting to hear what the president includes in his remarks concerning wars in the Middle East (Saturn-Uranus), and in other regions of the world including Russia, China, and the proxy kingdom of North Korea.

Recent technology (Uranus) disruptions such as hacking may well be mentioned by POTUS in SOTU 2015 and it's certainly possible that a new internet attack or two will have been perpetrated by then. The Uranus-SN duo is a marker for wars and revolution along with changing, unsettling social conditions that can very well include financial loss. Perhaps the current Republican coup of Congress with its GOP agenda of drastic cuts to social safety net programs is indicated here with Uranus-SN imprinted upon the whole of 2015 and beyond. Will it be soup lines across America? Depopulation certainly will be the outcome of such politically based stinginess toward what Ayn Randers may term 'useless eaters'--as if all life isn't sacred!

Complicating things during SOTU 2015, we may find the president under a spiteful 'rudeness siege' imposed by the separatists of Congress during his speech though interrupting him with "You lie!" has lost its original sheen of Republican glory. Well, astrological Uranus does represent things new, novel, and original and sudden events are right up the electrical planet's alley. Even a bad storm or a power outage cannot be discounted for whenever Uranus is active, sudden, unexpected conditions often appear unannounced in a disruptive fashion. Transit Saturn, the practical container for the ideals of Uranus, has recently left Scorpio for a while so it will be quite a while (late 2016 and affecting the 2016 Election) before radical Uranus in fiery Aries and status quo Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius trine one another from within Fire the element of creativity and vision.

And on another level, the Uranus-SN planetary energies of January 20th may relate to an announcement by President Obama which will come as a big surprise or even a shock to his audience and will lead to some sort of upheaval. It's even possible that something involving Uranian people is on the Uranus-SN calendar for January 2015 and beyond--and one such example is the one and only Senator Elizabeth Warren born under a Sun-Uranus conjunction!

Sep 28, 2014

Horoscopes: October 2014 Lunar and Solar Eclipses Washington DC

October 2014 Eclipses: Aries Lunar/Scorpio Solar

by Jude Cowell

Image 1: Lunar Eclipse @15Ari05 conjunct Uranus Rx October 8, 2014 6:50:35 am EDT in 7th house of Partnerships/Open Enemies; Washington DC; Hour of Mars (out-of-bounds):

Whether or not an outer planet can be said to be 'Lord' of an eclipse, the 'wild card' component of all eclipses is here intensified by its nearness to quirky Uranus so the typical 'expect the unexpected' caution is advised. Additionally unexpected and/or surprising events (negative and positive) occur early or later on into 2015 as spurred by this Uranian eclipse. Plus, as you know, planet Uranus, planetary emblem of freedom, independence, and revolt tends to be activated whenever America engages in war.

Besides the presence of Uranus intensifying worldwide implications of the Oct 8th Lunar Eclipse (with Moon ruling 10th house of Public Status and Wider World--and US natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun snugged around the MC, The Goal Point), Uranus's Aquarian association with humanitarianism is another of its facets and the need for philanthropy becomes more dire as warring nations create millions more refugees and cause other forms of loss for their populations (Moon) such as for those considered by governments to be merely some of the statistical 'unintended consequences' of bombing and airstrikes, thanks to the folly of war and the depravity and corruption of governments.

We don't need Astrology to tell us that this is a no-win situation with Americans seeing brutality in her foreign enemies while they see brutality in ours. It's a major psychological projection with innocent people paying the price for psychotic behavior (the Moon's SN of 'past behavior that no longer applies to current conditions' will be conjoined soon by Uranus and sooner by the eclipse Moon @19Ari14.)

To see how things proceed, we consider the applying aspects (if any) of the horoscope's chart-ruler--here, Venus (ASC 10Lib10 with a double emphasis on degree (10 and 10) and ruler with Venus @10Lib42 rising.) That's goddess Venus of Beauty and Valuables, yes, but also of revenge and retaliation. 'She' makes two applications--one to Pluto and one to Uranus. In other words, the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto (next exact square on Dec 15, 2015--#6 of 7) is triggered and a T-Square between the Venus-Uranus opposition forms a midpoint word picture with apex Pluto @11Cap03 conjunct the IC (The Drain; Endings; Separation.) The potentials are for exhibitionism (like videos of brutality), notoriety (Tyl), attacks, accusations, disruptions, and unusual obsessions (Munkasey.)

First, Venus squares Pluto (0A20) indicating that actions will receive more serious responses than expected; plans backfire and make matters even worse as rage, resentment, and passions from the past are aroused. (Whoever thought that stirring up the powder keg that is the Middle East was a good idea? 'Just say No' to ancient passions. Or, nyet, if you prefer.) And it isn't as if modern national boundaries weren't arbitrarily set up by the West, is it? It's galling is what it is--for decades.

The second applying aspect of Venus in diplomatic Libra (I wish!) is an opposition to Uranus, an aspect of break-ups and quarrels in most anyone's horoscope. On the mundane level we may expect such things as a clash of values along with prejudice and judgmental attitudes on all sides as an atmosphere of unfairness under girds the action, violence, and retaliation. The Venus-Uranus opposition is why I title this Lunar Eclipse as one of 'Clash of Values/Scapegoating' for misguided or misdirected actions are mainly what are taken and are part of the projection tendency mentioned above.

Should I mention that these planetary portents are also influencing Washington DC politicians right now? Will the American people vote the anti-government, anti-democratic usurpers and Uranian anarchists and zealots (Uranus in Aries) out of office on November 4, 2014? I hope we will. With astrological Moon ruling We the People, the Lunar Eclipse's separative, disruptive Venus-Uranus opposition may indicate such an outcome especially if women (Venus), young people, and minorities show up and vote on behalf of their best interests.

No, Democrats are far from perfect but we know what austerity and breach-of-trust behavior to expect in 2015 and beyond if Republicans gain the upper hand.

So a cosmic spotlight is here places upon an Hour of an OOBs Mars in religious quest-seeker Sagittarius so he's off on his own, away from the earthly plane--not cooperating with the other actors (planets), and 'doing his own thing'. That this may well include guns, bombs, executions, arson, destruction, and more is unfortunately expected by yours truly who would dearly love to be over-reading the situation. However, warrior Mars sits at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto denoting violence, brutality, assaults, fanatical adherence to principles, and a need to fight for one's existence--and this describes the existential threat that Washington says the American people face as do the good people of the Middle East in our dead-end psychosis of West v East conflict.

Planetary Patterns October 8, 2014

We partially mentioned above the Sun-Moon-Pluto-MC configuration which becomes a Cardinal Grand Cross in the chart if MC is counted. But we don't have to count the MC (not a planet but a place for expression of energies) because we can replace this MC with US natal Sun (13:19) in Cancer if we dare. Then we have natal Sun (the leader)-Pluto = Moon, a picture of basic changes that effect the flow of events, fluctuations when appearing strong-willed, and/or efforts to bring aid to those in need. Pluto-MC = Moon also applies here and denotes a determination to overcomes decisiveness and to forge ahead with objectives though these may be subject to change (Uranus-ASC = MC.) Naturally, the ongoing opposition and its challenges to the President from powerful, super-wealthy Pluto is a major part of everyone's problems.

Additionally in the Lunar Eclipse chart is a Kite pattern (a modified Grand Trine) with its nose the Sun, its wings Leonine Jupiter (lead planet in a Locomotive pattern...our commander-in-chief?) and activist and soldier Mars 16Sag56, and its tail the intense, excitable Moon-Uranus conjunction. Kites add two sextiles of opportunity to the Trine along with an opposition--here, its the Full Moon Eclipse itself--though Uranus chimes in as discussed. The additional aspects within the Kite suggests that errors in judgment can be corrected since special skills are indicated. Note that the Cardinal Grand Trine is between Moon-Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter; the Sun (#POTUS) has the special skills to 'fly' this Kite of success. Unfortunately, the American public can no longer be certain just what the US government actually considers to be 'success'.

Image 2: Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 conjunct Venus October 23, 2014 5:56:39 pm EDT Washington DC; Hour of Mercury (Rx in 6th house):

Approximately two weeks later a Solar Eclipse occurs and hits the natal Suns of the UN and of the modern New World Order--both charts are for October 24th, the UN in 1945, the NWO in 1993, year of the 'Age of Reason' planets' Great Conjunction/s at or near '18Cap': POLITICAL POWER in the Sabian Symbols. Word Picture: "The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer." Take from that what you may for the symbol stands for SUPERVISION in the Marc Edmund Jones version with its negative (shadow side) expression: "smug or strong-armed paternalism." And this is what Britain and other Western nations used when forming arbitrary boundaries across the Middle East and now bomb it to smithereens, and also describes the draconian surveillance and oppression they use against their own people now.

It's a Mercury Hour with Mercury Rx in the 6th house of Military-Police Service as our troops return to duty and transport and communications may perhaps be somehow disrupted or delayed (Mercury Rx.) Yes, someone is being facile with facts and numbers yet there are glitches and possible discrepancies involved as well. At least the previous Cardinal Grand Cross of titanic struggles has somewhat lifted since October 8th but I wouldn't suggest celebrating just yet!

In closing, let's briefly consider a few factors such as Jupiter the General's condition and the applying aspects of chart-ruler Mars (ASC 23Ari35)--still OOBs and with rebel Uranus and SN rising which denotes conflict, quarrels, disruptions (including the technical kind), revolution, and war as noted above. Pluto in controlling, managing Capricorn sits at MC and I doubt this picture needs any explanation since power and control are obvious desires of Mr. Hades. And the Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse in Scorpio makes his creepy opportunism only more visible in the world (MC) even though eclipses in Scorpio provide mankind with chances to advance evolutionary karma--yet Pluto is an ancient foe of anyone who doesn't knuckle under his fist. What to expect once Mars 'catches up' with Pluto? We must consider that in another post (and of course searching the topic online will yield much info for you if needed.)

So what's the karmic potential of this eclipse? Forgiveness is the key to progress!

Jupiter in Nodal Degree: a Karmic or Fated Quality (Reaping What Was Sown in the Past)

Now Jupiter @19Leo26 in 5th house of Risk-Taking continues to lead the whole group of actors in a Locomotive pattern suggesting a high-powered executive with great leadership skills. "Get on board or get left behind" is his motto and a certain ruthlessness may be in evidence especially if you see the situation as I do--a world government struggling to be implemented by global operatives which include US officials, the Pentagon, and Eastern officials, too! With our guys, their oaths of allegiance have been secretly made to what they consider a much higher authority--not the US Constitution. In America this applies to both Republicans and Democrats--you know, the corporate sell-outs and infiltrators among us. Yes, NWO engineers want us to feel that this 'order out of chaos' is fated and cannot be avoided but I don't believe it is--at least, not yet.

So! The 9th house (Foreign Lands) chart-ruler Mars makes no applying major aspects to other planets in the eclipse chart of October 23rd which makes Mars' degree, sign, house position, and houses ruled important factors as we go forward. This spotlights the 8th house with 27Sco47 on its cusp (Pres. Obama's natal MC degree) and 8th house matters including transformation, death, Corporatism, Big Business, and the occult. These potential focuses are emphasized even more since the 8th house is Scorpio's natural house in Western Astrology. In fact, when the Oct 23rd chart is set for DC, all the eclipse houses have their natural signs on its cusps and the 1st-8th house possibilities include not just death but health implications as well.

Note that one of the power asteroids, Hidalgo, conjoins this non-applying, out-of-bounds Mars which may denote fortune-hunter and social climber vibes to the archetypal warrior's quest/s, plus a little company during his sojourn of isolation.

A full 7th house of Partnerships and Open enemies seems problematic for the US--is Washington depending too heavily on what other nations will do against ISIS-ISIL? We already know that Congress gave up its power to the White House and Pentagon (war declaring power), and to international bankers (money-printing power) years ago.

Now a Solar Eclipse in the Angular 7th house highlights compromise, cooperation, teamwork, and giving one's fair share as the prominent lessons for making progress and though we all think of global alliances formed in the fight against ISIS, it's not made easy with retaliation and revenge for old wounds in the picture. That's where forgiveness should come in but what are the chances of that especially with US political conflicts ruining all that can be ruined of a president's reputation in self-interested, chest-thumping attempts to win elections and influence people?

And this self-defeating tendency in US politics is regularly and profitably used against the American people by enemies open and hidden!

Okay, I'll hush for now and add this:

Update on the Autumn Equinox 2014 Horoscope: Uranus eclipsed on October 8, 2014

Below is the Autumn Equinox 2014 horoscope for purposes of comparison. As you see, the October 8th lunation 'eclipses' Equinox 2014 Uranus in Aries adding 'sudden events and unpredictable outcomes' to the Autumn picture; my scribbled notes have been added (click or tap image to enlarge.) Look for the house where 00Sco24 falls for the Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse influence to be strongest:

Sep 24, 2014

US ally Bahrain: August 14, 1971 with September 2014 influences

Now that Bahrain is reported to be one of five Arab nations partnering with the US in the fight against ISIS-ISIL-Islamic State (known in France as, Daesh) in Syria and Iraq, I shall post here the natal details for Bahrain (26N13 50E35) which was granted independence from Britain on August 14, 1971 at 10:00 am GMT Manama, Bahrain. The proclamation was broadcast over the radio by Shaykh Isa Bin Salmon Al Khalifeh.

On that date Iran radio reported that the proclamation was published during the afternoon while Kuwait radio broadcast the news at 10:00 am GMT, 2:00 pm Local Time. The chart details above uses the 10:00 am time of the Kuwaiti broadcast though I intend to set up two horoscopes for Bahrain including the 2:00 pm Local Time chart.

A glance at the 10:00 am GMT shows an out-of-sign conjunction between Jupiter (27Sco14) and Neptune (00Sag16), the planetary pair of speculators, spendthrifts, and inflation. Of course, religion or religious fanaticism may also be part of the Jupiter-Neptune archetype along with an oil and/or gas component. Considering current war alliances, perhaps I might mention that nebulous Neptune's rounded-up degree in Sabian Symbols is: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" (1Sag; Jones).

Opposite the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (rising at 10:00 am GMT) is a depressive Moon-Saturn conjunction in early Gemini (3--6)--and curiously Bahrain's natal Moon @3Gem20 precisely conjoins President Obama's natal Moon @3:19! The energies of Moon-Saturn combined may denote ambition, direction, and strategy though Saturn's habits of control and restriction dampen the Mutable Moon (the people) and the lighter-hearted Jupiter opposite in the money sign of Scorpio. Neptune opposed by Saturn as well hints at difficult social conditions for the good people of Bahrain.

At Midheaven in the 10:00 am chart is Mercury @10Vir26, strong in one its two signs yet Rx which may indicate some lack of attention to detail within the wording of the proclamation. (You know the trickster Mercury deal: never sign agreements or contracts of any kind when glitchy Mercury is retrograde--or take Oaths of Office as in 2009.)

Leadership's Sun @20Leo56 conjoins Venus (17Leo18) so Bahrain has had a Venus Return not so long ago (Venus now approaching 24Vir) plus, a Jupiter Return (the 'reward cycle' as Noel Tyl calls it) is upcoming with generous Jupiter now just under 15Leo, the Lion Point. Is their war alliance expected by the Bahrain government to bring great gains as timed by a Jupiter Return? A Jupiter to natal Venus transit certainly adds a potential for benefits with a tendency toward overindulgence and luxury (as usual, I imagine!) yet since Venus can be vengeful, perhaps there's an expectation that a rival or two will be vanquished in the US-led fray.

Now as you know, sunny Leo is the sign of the natural leader and of monarchy and a Sun-Venus conjunction often indicates a chameleon-like ability to say or be what others want (on cue--a thespian), and/or an attractive yet self-satisfied attitude.

And since we're talking war--or more specifically, perpetual war--rebellious Uranus @10Lib50 is approximately 11 degrees from powerful Pluto @28Vir08, both in 10th house of Public Status in the 10:00 am horoscope (MC 11Vir18.) As you see, Bahrain's 'midlife crisis' has occurred when transiting Uranus in Aries (now @15Aries Rx) opposes natal Uranus, a time when something out of character may be done. Is participating in US airstrikes and military action in Syria that something? After all, the midpoint picture formed now is natal Uranus-Pluto = transiting Sun: great tension; revolution (Tyl.) Reinhold Ebertin adds: catastrophe and any war is definitely that.

So is this alliance of death from the air 'plutocrats united' in a 'march of the imperialists'? Well, Bahrain's late Virgo Pluto trines US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) and the just-stationed-direct @10Cap59 Pluto (September 22) will slowly creep toward a trine with Bahrain's natal Pluto which to me indicates easy opportunities to cooperate with global string pullers who are intent on forcing a 'new world order' upon the Middle East, a desired 'world domination' by the West which ignores the reality of the natural cycles of rise and fall that every civilization inherently expresses.

The US government insists that our nation remains in an expansion phase though reality might beg to differ with Washington especially on financial and societal levels. But such conditions are made more complex and cloudy by the massive amounts of undisclosed foreign funds that #SCOTUS allowed into our election cycles as of January 2010 with their faulty Citizens United decision.

A final Bahrain note is warrior Mars @15AQ55 opposing the Sun-Venus conjunction in Leo. When Mars opposes the Sun we expect aggressiveness with quarrels and conflict easily aroused, even attracted. Partisan causes tend to be accessed only in black and white terms, and jealousy of rivals may be a prominent feature as well. A Venus-Mars opposition indicates great sensitivity in relationships, difficulties between the sexes (with Mars aggression and abuse problematic); plus, financial disagreements occur in personal and business partnerships.

Well, that's a brief view of Bahrain from where I type and you may certainly disagree as you may! However, my main purpose is accomplished: to place Bahrain's natal data conveniently within reach as the folly-of-war military conflict now in progress--which is now openly admitted by Washington to last years (for it's been planned for a long time, Syria being one of the West's dominoes to fall)--becomes out of control as it almost assuredly will.

Data source: historical record from The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion.

Sep 11, 2014

Leuren Moret: "Roots of the New World Order and Its Permanent War Economy"

"It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied with this fact than I am." -- First President and the 'Father of Our Country', George Washington, Freemason.

The above quote is cited in an article by Leuren Moret which covers several topics the results of which we see more clearly now. As last evening's presidential address detailed, more years of war in the Middle East will now be waged in a not-so-veiled fashion. That a consequence for the American people will involve the old 'guns'n'butter' issues seems to me a given.

Neocons Say, Bombs Away!

So I ask you, dear reader: do you support the military efforts partially discussed by President Obama last night? Approval polls are said to indicate that the US public is now swayed by the recent brutal beheadings of two American journalists by ISIS-ISIL-IS militants. Will you support providing more US funds for waging costly wars if it means that more American children go to bed hungry at night? Well, you know how austerely Republicans behave when it comes to marching off to fight the enemy out there vs feeding the hungry, extending unemployment benefits, and repairing our infrastructure at home. We the People pay and languish while they and their cronies fatten stock portfolios and simper around on cushy salaries and pensions.

So if you wish to read or re-read Leuren Moret's article Planet Earth as Weapon and Target I do recommend it considering that the certainty of Permanent War can no longer be denied nor can our 'war economy'. Professor Moret includes such topics as: Samuel Russell and the China Opium War (which fattened the fortunes of several top American families and funded wars and revolutions), the Illuminati (a Uranus-Neptune Age of Reason pair full of so-called Enlightenment, a code word for Luciferianism--jc), Weather Modification, and more concerning many of their tactics to attain World Domination (NWO.) Just look at what they're doing and are about to do again to the Middle East!

Plus, you'll find a handy dandy definition of the NWO's political philosophy: Zionism + Fascism = neo-conservatism That's our tiresomely psychopathic 'neo-cons' such as Dick Cheney and the gang of robbers. Shh-h! Don't look now but I think President Obama is in on the Great Plan, whether willingly or not for it may have involved 'an offer he couldn't refuse'...for 'the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise'.

Sep 9, 2014

Sep 10, 2014 POTUS on ISIS threat: Moon conjunct Uranus

Oh, Masonic Washington, What Are You Brewing?

by Jude Cowell

Update 8:12 pm EDT: the following post fails to mention that at 8:57 pm Wednesday evening the Moon becomes void-of-course (until Sept 11 at 9:16 pm EDT when Luna enters Taurus) and the usual implication for the beginning of an enterprise under such an influence is to expect no results. However, a VOC Moon period can also indicate that when a difficult or risky undertaking is about to start and there are others who might create problems or interruptions to it, they can do nothing against you. Ex: the 9/11/01 Moon.

Original post starts here:

At 8:57 pm EDT this evening a Moon-Uranus conjunction at 15 Aries manifests with 'excited people-states of fear and anxiety' vibes supported by warrior Mars through its rulership of Aries. Nine pm is often the hour a president takes to the TV airwaves (Uranus) to address the American public (Moon) so that's the horoscope I'm considering until I know a definite hour for the beginning of President Obama's speech.

As noted today in a Washington Post blog written by Katie Zezima, this evening marks exactly one year since POTUS attempted to rev up the American people to support military airstrikes in Syria which failed to get us riled as the ISIS threat seems to be doing. A new WaPo poll cites public support for airstrikes at 65% while MSNBC this morning cited a poll with our support at 71%. Well, perhaps it depends on how is polled and how questions are framed. In 2013 the threat to the US didn't seem imminent or worrisome enough but as we see it has been considerably ramped up by beheadings and other vileness along with outright threats made by the militants against America and Mr. Obama himself.

(Perhaps you remember Osama bin Laden's nickname for our country: 'The Great Satan.' But with war being what it is, I assert that we're watching Satan fighting Satan in the West v East struggle for dominance, ancient as it is. Recently I heard an ISIS reference to the Ottoman Empire which adds much to the conflagration of long-held grievances--including Turkey and old Constantinople--but such interesting topics are way beyond the scope of this post.)

Folks, What We Have Here Is an "ISIS Crisis"

It may interest you to know that in Washington DC at 9:00 pm EDT tonight transit Mars (weaponry, war and warmongering) sits upon President Obama's natal Midheaven, his Goal, Aspiration, and Career Point, so the 'caution' he is said to have shown thus far seems to me to be all about timing not reluctance to enter the fray more directly. For the Global Government script calls for its actors and agents to listen to their masters' voices when it comes to mounting World War III which I sincerely think is being engineered right under our "supportive" noses. And curiously 29Sco45, a critical-crisis degree, is the position of the people's Moon in Obama's first Inauguration horoscope of 2009 as he 'reluctantly' touts war to The People tonight and we are made to feel we must join in with his Mars-MC aims as the will to war is forced upon us through deception and persuasion.

Now when we add the 'L' to ISIL, we add the Levant which includes, of course, Israel, the underlying motivator for this military action Mr. Obama is calling for in the Great Plan to establish a World Capital at Jerusalem. Do I digress from the president's effort tonight to persuade us? I only wish it were so. The threat to the Germanic-sounding "homeland" may be real as can be (false flag ops included) but on another level it is a pretext, a tactic the US government has used to lie us into military action before, as we know. (USS Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9/11/01, and now this. World Wars I, II, and...

So where are other chart factors of certain actors (planets) found in tonight's 9:00 pm horoscope?

Rising is 29Ari09, a critical-crisis 29th degree in the sign of Mars-ruled Aries. Naturally this places 29Lib09 on the Partnership cusp (Descendant) with Aries-Libra one of the military-diplomacy polarities. (Pisces is also a military sign.) "National Security" will be said to be the basis of public support or at least it will be asked to be. The Moon-Uranus pair are in 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals, Large Institutions, Karma, and Self-Undoing--take from that what you will.

The Security axis (MC-IC) shows the same with 16Cancer33 on IC (Foundation, Basis, Endings, the Drain) and Saturn-ruled Capricorn at Midheaven and keying up the enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune on and near that degree of Capricorn during their three great Conjunctions all through 1993. ('18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER.)

Now at the IC we find two interesting chart factors: the Pentagon's natal Ascendant (not a surprise) and US natal Jupiter's current retrograde degree by Progression, the Station of which occurred in November 1905--just in time to propagandize the American public into entering World War I when the time was considered 'right'. A false flag op had to be mounted as well to stir our emotions and President Wilson had secretly pledged the US to war--on orders from international bankers--before the public ever knew about it. Wilson' famous address to a Joint Session of Congress basically sealed the deal and off we marched.

As you know, one of adventurous, expansive Jupiter's many roles in Mundane Astrology is The General so this paints a rather curious picture, don't you think? It was almost amusing (if not so tragic) how the mainstream media took our minds off important details with their "POTUS has no strategy" ridiculousness when clearly such massive plans for global dominance and the subjugation of anyone in the Middle East who disagrees with the establishment of a 'new world order' cannot be the responsibility of just one man, even one wearing a 'leader of the free world' mantle.

Yes, Globalism marches on, apparently with the American public in tow and powerful puppet master Pluto @11Cap01 Rx near an Angle, the only malefic planet to be so at 9:00 pm tonight in DC, so we may expect the Great Plan to proceed much as global operatives and secret cabals direct the action from afar (Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands.) Of course, a 9th house Pluto on another level signifies the Morbid One in his assassin role so ISIS-ISIL comes to mind.

And what of the 6th house of Military Service? North Node (a karmic point of future direction) @20Lib52 is posited there along with the Sun (leadership) @18Vir14 near its degree on 9/11/01. To me this shows that tonight's script is part of a piece, a progression from the WTC attacks which continue to look to many people like a false flag op. Warrign Mars as noted above @28Sco05 has just left the 8th house of Transformation and Corporatism with its 1Sag45 cusp and perhaps you know that in the Sabian Symbols, '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Transit Mars reaches the zone of 00-1Sag beginning on September 14, 2014 so we'll see if 'he' triggers military action--or, I should say, a more visible military action--and definitely attacks, airstrikes, etc.

Or will the Pentagon become more active after the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse influence fades in October with its themes of 'wasted energy especially when dealing with groups--take no action as it is potentially unfulfilling' (Brady)? Perhaps but there are many other astrological timings going on including the 6th of 7 exact squares of Uranus and Pluto on December 15, 2014 (#7 on March 17, 2015.) Upheavals, war, protests, uprisings--you know the score on Uranus-Pluto and their titanic Cardinal Square which shouts impetuously for action on a global scale.

US natal Neptune in the 6th house of tonight's speech chart shows the propaganda at work as it continues to mask the deeper motivations and actions of President Obama for our national Neptune covers his natal Mars in Virgo. And as always, America's problematic Mars-Neptune square ('fog of war', misdirected or misguided energy, deceptive actions, confused motivations) is in play with our natal Mars in the speech's 2nd house of the National Treasury. The US Congress will be asked for more funds for war and when have they ever failed to provide them--openly and/or surreptitiously?

(You may notice that I have held back from mention of Armageddon for that would send us on a major tangent of Biblical proportions, again beyond the scope of this post.)

Well, there are more chart factors to discuss but my time is limited so I'll only mention again what I've blogged rather loudly about previously--that transit Jupiter @12Leo12 tonight again conjoins Mr. Obama's natal Sun, a period when something begun about 12 years ago must either be raised to the next level or be ended entirely. Now #POTUS has made much of a desire that US troops leave the Middle East and he has seemingly done such yet he'll appear on TV this evening in a rhetorical attempt to persuade the US public to support a new level of war in the Middle East.

Will the justifications President Obama puts forward be enough to sway you?

Further reading: Sept 7, 2014 an Atlanta Journal blog's thoughts with a list of potential topics.

Astro-Note: an exact time for tonight's address has so far remained elusive yet if 9:00 pm isn't the correct hour the Moon-Uranus conjunction retains its implications as do most of the interpretations mentioned above though house positions may vary. Maybe White House astrologers are being careful to study the portents for best results!

Update 1:38 pm EDT: 9:00 pm EDT is indeed the confirmed time for the president's ISIS address.

May 30, 2014

An Astro-Peek at the Solar Eclipse of Oct 23, 2014 (updated 9.27.14)

Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014 @1Scorpio in the 17 New North Saros Series

by Jude Cowell

Update Sept 27, 2014: unfortunately the Mars-Pluto influences via Scorpio of this eclipse have included the forceful pair's weapons-of-war implication along with its forcing one's will on others tendencies as we now see by US airstrikes in Syria and more military action in Iraq. Congress has negated its constitutional duties once again by absconding from Capitol Hill without tending to the business of war and will slink back into the District around November 12th--after the midterms of course. Speaker Boehner has remarked that he will not call for any votes on the war until 2015--the next Congress. You may notice that I purposefully neglected to mention such warrior topics in the post below for I was praying it would not be necessary.

I now turn you over to my original post though I expect alliance (coalition) and financial issues to arise as 2014 careens on--not everyone will experience the predicted 'fun' and parties from this karmic Scorpio eclipse especially since its karmic vibes are due to the evolutionary progress that can be made under a Scorpio eclipse but waging more war does not fall under the category of 'progress':

With its forceful Mars-Pluto vibes, the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse in the 17 New North Saros Series contains a passionate, exciting, impulsive, and possibly 'fun' flavor with issues that emerge concerning financial matters and/or relationships. This is a "it's party time!" eclipse! Since the beginning of the 20th century, 17NN has manifested in the years 1906, 1924, 1942, 1960, 1978, 1996, (2014), and next: 2032.

Hmmm...sounds like a few amazing Halloween parties will be thrown this year!

17NN is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of a few people I can think of such as: VP Joe Biden, former President Jimmy Carter, current FBI Director James Comey, former Senator and Monsanto lobbyist Blanche Lincoln, astrologer-author Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, and artist Edgar Degas. 17NN is a fairly new Series with its initial eclipse manifesting on July 28, 1870 @5Leo05 (conjunct US natal North Node.)

Here is a non-chronological list of events that occurred under the rays of 17NN:

The First Atom Split, JFK's Inauguration, Bill Clinton's 2nd Inauguration, the Jonestown Massacre of 1978, Nikolo Tesla's death, and the wedding of President Obama's parents.

This post may be my sign-off for the weekend. Have a happy! jc

And if you're curious, here are a few notes on the Solar Eclipse that will influence both Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017.

Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Nov 20, 2013

Horoscope: LBJ Sworn In on November 22, 1963

Horoscope: Lyndon B. Johnson Sworn In On Board Air Force One

by Jude Cowell

With this Friday, November 22, 2013, being the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, much of media is devoted to bringing the public all manner of programs concerning the Day America Died and the conspiracy theories which continue to swirl about. For one, Friday evening beginning at 7:00 pm EST, MSNBC airs topical programs which crescendo at 9:00 pm est with Rev. Al Sharpton hosting 50 Years of Guns.

Here's a round up of TV coverage concerning the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

Yes, wallowing in the eternal mystery of JFK's murder seems to be required for the 50th anniversary and it's certainly understandable considering The Coup's subsequent effects upon our nation including Johnson's escalation of the Vietnam War and the lucrative expansion of the US military. But how about a view of the horoscope of Lyndon Johnson's presidential swearing-in on board Air Force One prior to its take-off from Dallas on November 22, 1963? The record shows the ceremony occurred at 2:38 pm.

Naturally, the planets remain in their zodiacal positions from 12:30 pm, the time of the shooting with the Aquarian Moon moving one degree closer to depressive Saturn, and the cusps changing signs--Ascending in the swearing-in chart you see below is 5Aries45 (ASC was in Aquarius with Saturn and the Aquarian Moon barely risen at 12:30 pm.) This makes Mars the LBJ presidency and oath-taking chart-ruler with the sign and house position of Mars @20Sag35 (Sagittarius being the natural sign of the 9th house of Foreign Lands and Philosophies) all important. And perhaps a chart-ruler applying to no other planets is similar to the out-of-bounds (OOBs) condition: no one can interfere with what's intended to be done, and/or things will not turn out as expected.

You also notice that LBJ is in process of a Jupiter-to-natal-Saturn transit, a time when one may rid oneself of a restriction (as noted in my scribbles, upper right of the chart.) Well, he is credited by some researchers as the executor of the JFK assassination, or at least, may have had a part in the charade. LBJ, did, after all, benefit greatly from Kennedy's death. Or he assumed he would as 'leader of the free world'!

Hour: Sun; Mercury, Venus, and Mars are OOBs; LBJ's natal Saturn is his first natal planet to rise along with transit Jupiter @9Ari48 Rx, and LBJ's natal Uranus-NN midpoint of radical politics is caught up, too...Ura-NN = n Saturn: encountering difficulties with others; accepting control by group vote; Ura-NN = tr Jupiter: the big opportunity comes to those who demand it (Tyl.) The Sun (leader) remains at a critical crisis 29th degree but rounding up we have: '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester." Sun is also involved with the cruel Saturn-Pluto midpoint which denotes much toil and sparing no pains in one's work. (Tyl.) This must apply to JFK and then to LBJ.

Two YOD patterns with crisis and 'special task' implications, are seen (please click image to enlarge) with NN @11Can55 the apex of one YOD, and the Uranus-Pluto conjunction at apex of the other (though this YOD was tighter at 12:30 pm.) Uranus-Pluto on one level denotes 'overturning the status quo' and this somebody or some group obviously did in the showiest way imaginable. As far as the Grassy Knoll theory of at least two shooters, it's always seemed interesting to me that the Sabian Symbol for '10Virgo' (the position of anarchistic Uranus) is: "Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows." And of course, vengeful Pluto is the assassin and the saboteur--or, the wealthy patron of such criminal actions.

You'll also note that oath-taking Mercury @9Sag53 conjoins Antares whose keywords show an obsession with success and leanings toward war.

Let's close with the Water-Air Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend's 'Images for Integration' to describe that sad day in Dallas: "A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature" which reminds me of the book depository window in Masonic Dealey Plaza, and "An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence." (Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Can you see the newly emerging President Johnson in the horoscope and in the Image!

For your further consideration, here are three previous posts, one concerning the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, one that contains a video presentation on the mysterious death of JFK Jr, and the third post on the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend of the JFK assassination. May all three Kennedys rest in peace.

Sep 9, 2013

Will Autumn 2013 bring a US strike on Syria?

Well, it seems that American aggression doesn't know when to quit as the president goes into high gear this week in an attempt to 'sell' another war to the American public and gain support in Congress (which he says he doesn't need anyway) for 'a strike' on Syria, a country long considered a target for US Global Cop intervention.

Soon I will post here with details the Autumn Equinox 2013 horoscope but for now you may wish to check out the potential cosmic influences for Autumn 2013 by visiting Jude's Threshold where you'll find a few astro-notes concerning the season's double Venusian Sun Libra-Moon Taurus blend of energies.

Sep 8, 2013

"Syria and the Terrorist Governments of the Western World" (Max Igan video)

Rogue Nation: Rationalizing Terrorism and Sacrificing Innocent Children

by Jude Cowell

Having tech issues of late, friends, but want to post in spite of it because I think the following Max Igan presentation is timely and enlightening especially considering next week's potential vote in Congress to oppress yet another region of the Middle East and that, via acting and pretending in a dizzy attempt to rile the American public up and distract us long enough to make another preemptive strike seem somehow 'permissible' on some weird and sinister level.

And, we have another Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming on November 3, 2013 when karma can be spiritually mitigated by upright actions--or cravenly made even worse.

Congressional okay for a strike on Syria or not, the president will bomb Syria as his masters direct unless something unusual happens to derail their long term plan toward usury interest rates for the Middle East just as the rest of us now slave beneath--debt which can never be paid off. And charging interest is, as you know, against the Islamic religion--and was once considered to be against ours.

Now western politicians ought to be ashamed of what they do in order to establish global government but I suppose any sense of empathy with their victims was *ceremonially cremated a long time ago...

*Note: my understanding of the Bohemian Grove 'cremation of care' ceremony attended for two weeks annually by world leaders, millionaires, and billionaires is not for them to 'forget their worldly troubles and woes' while tarrying and cavorting in drag, but to lose any sense of empathy with the human race. You may of course disagree as you wish but there it is: that murderous line of Cain is crossed into eternal darkness--and that's the real 'red line', isn't it?

Now considering Skull'n'Boner John Kerry's recent repetition on Capitol Hill of 'dead children' gassed in Syria, I find it chilling to think of the Grovian (Druidic) ritual which ceremoniously burns what is clearly a small body--aka, a child--based on the original ceremonies of ancient owl worshipers (such as the Canaanites and Phoenicians) in which children were sacrificed--by their parents to Moloch, in one form, the owl god. At 'best', current day Bohemian Grovers mimic that ancient depravity. At worst, they're actually committing ritual murder for the sake of a senseless stone owl.

Well, what else but human sacrifice would you call the gassing of children in Syria by grown-ups who obviously feel no empathy whatsoever for their innocent victims?

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." -- Rabindranath Tagore, poet-author of Stray Birds.

More on John Kerry though it's quite on the scandalous, controversial side and intended for the perusal of those who suspect Mr. Kerry of being much more than he pretends to be (and I can only guess why his right eye has become noticeably smaller than his left eye--perhaps it facilitates speaking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously?)

Aug 27, 2013

With Pluto in Capricorn US to wage war against Syria

Syria in the Cross Hairs of Pluto's New World Order

by Jude Cowell

With the media echo chamber resounding across the airwaves of America once again, few of the American people agree that waging war in Syria is what it's touted to be--or for what reason. Okay, I hate the fact that chemical weapons were heinously used, but by whom? What country's name appears on the canisters? Who manufactured and sold the chemical weapons? The US, or perhaps our comrades in arms, the UK?

Was the gas deployed by the Assad regime? Really, Washington? If Assad is winning, why resort to killing his people in such a way that is sure to result in worldwide condemnation and attention? Well, Washington's record is smudged from previous lies so it's difficult to believe the Pentagon Vulcans now. I suppose having a Nobel Prize winning president (who dithered--I mean, really thought this situation through) is meant to make the bitter medicine go down easier than with oilmen Bush and Cheney but for this dissenting American, Washington's warmongering ploy isn't working. And as always, my maternal heart and prayers go out to the good people of Syria, a nation that has drawn the raptor's eye of the 'new world order' global government operatives just as General Wesley Clark said it would (see video below.)

In fact, as noted in Politico, Obama is dealing with the scoffing of a war-weary public. Poor him. Poor us, the taxpayers who have no say in how our billions are spent. Guess the 'savings' from sequester cuts to domestic programs are precisely to be used as I fussed about previously: cut money for domestic programs in order to wage more war. Is it time to bomb already? Then poor countries across the globe that international banking houses are determined to control.

Even Colin Powell is doing his part in the war propaganda against Syria though he has some nerve, considering his performance at the UN of his pre-invasion of Iraq presentation. Yes, all our politicians are nervy, aren't they? Almost as if they're in on 'the game'--privy to some larger secret agenda to topple governments and dominate the world. And naturally, all astrologers know that purging Pluto traversing the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn is about just that. Saturn is structure, status quo, and established government but Pluto cares not because Mr. Underworld (or, Mr. Hades, if you prefer) wants to create his own design, no matter who gets hurt...

Just below is a brief excerpt from remarks given a few years ago by General Wesley Clark on toppling governments. You may have viewed or heard before, however, I believe this information regarding their 'no option to do otherwise' sort of plan to alter the course of history is relevant to Washington's 'drums of war' stance against Syria right now, don't you? With a small dash of reluctance lightly tossed into the brew, they let it simmer on the hob within the bowels of the White House, as we tend to call the residence of the president. A Lodge, really.

America is in crouched and ready to spring against a perceived enemy or enemies. The Generals are ecstatic and astrologically I shall blame much of the energy on America's recent Jupiter Return 2013 (on July 22, 2013 @5Can56)--Jupiter in his role as the General. For clues we'd look to the sign the US natal Jupiter is in on July 4, 1776 which is Moon-ruled Cancer (Moon-Jupiter energies resonate quite well together). And of course US natal Moon is in Aquarius, sign of mental acuity, Science, a streak or more of futurism, and/or humanitarianism in some cases, on some levels, and lack of emotional depth.

Crock of Merde!

8.28.13 Update: neglected to mention that America's last Jupiter Return was a three-fer--in 2001 and 2002 when Jupiter the General got his long-planned way and Washington invaded Afghanistan, then Iraq in 2003. Will the current Jupiter Return of July 22nd result in another war? Looks as if it will. And what is the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter (5Can56) at '6Can'? "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

The negative (shadow side/unconscious) expression of the symbol = 'unnecessary concern over everyday security.' The symbol and negative expression for the karmic degree (just prior) of '5Can' = "An Automobile Wrecked by a Train"...'an insensitive recklessness.'

And what reckless birds might be included here? How about the symbol for US natal Pluto at '28Cap' which relates in many mundane horoscopes to the Pentagon's military industrial complex which so many of our politicians hold lucrative shares in? "A Large Aviary"...neg: loss of all character in sheer officiousness.' (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.) Wonder if the US government realizes that no populations in the world believe that 'spreading democracy' is our national aim? For they have plenty of experiential evidence for disbelieving that particular crock of merde.

And I wonder if Colin Powell has dusted off his, "You break it you bought it" slogan for the Obama administration?

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Two links? Syria June 2013: Knuckle Under for Global Government...or Else and this post contains an image with notes of the 1970 Assad coup horoscope (natal) where hard Saturn of authoritarian fame has been treading...

They're screwing over the whole world again, folks. Do you, dear reader, have a word to say about it?

Jun 3, 2013

Has World War III begun? (video)

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