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Jun 11, 2012

Summer Solstice 2012: Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer

On June 20, 2012 the Sun reaches 00Can00:00 and summer begins in our hemisphere. The Moon at that precise moment will position at 15Can so we have a Sun Can-Moon Can flavor for the season with the Moon ruling over all from its own sign of Cancer--home, domestic scene, family, security needs, real estate, shrewdness in business, protection, and a range of every emotion. And since the astrological Moon relates to the physical body, our natural mind-body connection is of the utmost importance along with the gut-immunity link. As Brenda Watson says, "The road to perfect health is paved with good intestines."

Here's a brief video of Brenda Watson lecturing on Probiotics. Perhaps you've seen her lectures on PBS:

Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer (Water-Water = imagination, feelings, nostalgia for the past, going misty with emotions, an ocean of subjectivity, leaks) is a cagey and defensive blend of energies indicating huge mood swings along with brooding or sulking. Yet on its best days there's a talent for inspiring others through art, literature, music, and poetry.

Ordinarily this is a kindly, emotionally intelligent combination yet over-sensitivity is problematic and will affect our gut-immunity connections which can lead to 'leaky gut' syndrome where toxins enter the blood stream causing itchy skin rashes, tummy aches, and dis-ease. Adding to our Cancerian picture is oceanic Neptune now in its own sign of Pisces indicating that leaks, contagion, flooding, tears, and other water-related concerns are on our collective menu for Summer 2012. And of course, the Moon in Mundane Astrology signifies The People and the public--plus, US natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury Rx are in Cancer within the 3--24 degree range of the sign of The Crab making protectionism a constant and traditional issue in public discourse.

Leaky Boats Afloat?

Ask the denizens of the White House because they know something about leaks already and it isn't even Summer Solstice yet! Apparently Summer 2012 may bring more allegations and emotionally disturbing investigations into who leaked what to which journalists with every actor struggling to protect his or her own position and turf as Cancerian-Piscean undercurrents threaten to spiral them down into the depths of ruin and despair. Such is the practice of Politics but who will be tossed under the bus?

Rocks, Stones, and Gardens

Interestingly, the creative Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer blend is natally shared by Tom Cruise, now appearing in the film Rock of Ages (a Saturnian romp of musicality which is very Capricornian for putting lyrics and notes into Saturnian form--even rock music's drug connotation is Saturnian, as in 'stoned', an attempt to lift one's heavy Saturnian mood of depression), Woody Guthrie (This Land Is My Land--very Cancerian and once what we believed as Americans--We the People need to get back that lovin' feeling!), and George Orwell, born during the Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase of The Prophet.

Now let's see what the Harveys have to provide us in the way of their Images for Integration which refer to the balancing of Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious) minds, the left brain-right brain duality:

"A gosling peeks out of its shell as mother goose chases away the farm cat...A theatrical family performs Midsummer Night's Dream in their own garden."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Arghh! Not Politics Again...

You may wish to view the Horoscope for Summer Solstice 2012 set for Washington DC where you'll see that the Solstice Moon 15Can06 in 7th house conjoins 8th cusp of Big Business, Corporations, Shared Resources, Transformation, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies and the Occult indicating fluctuations in markets, a potential for changes in America's financial condition, and possible moodiness over the economy. Will this relate to the Republican threat to cause another credit downgrade just to make their ideological point? Let's hope not because the Supreme Court is due to release their decision on President Obama's health care act later in June which is liable to cause all sorts of ill feelings to begin Summer 2012.

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