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Oct 22, 2012

Oct 22 2012 Debate: "hovering hawk" v "exotic moth"

This evening's final presidential debate on Foreign Policy between President Obama and Mitt Romney in Boca Raton, Florida (at 9:00 pm edt with US natal Uranus rising) has interesting 'Images for Integration' to describe it when we consider its Sun-Moon blend of Sun Scorpio-Moon Aquarius:

On display will be powerful intellect, intense determination, and a sharp sense of humor with this Water-Air combo of energies; a tendency toward cynicism may also be in evidence as well as 'freedom-closeness' issues.

"Images for Integration: A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

As for which Image describes which candidate better is for you to decide!

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