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Oct 28, 2012

Taurus Full Moon Oct 29, 2012 and a "Frankenstorm"

Rising Tides as Full Moon in Taurus perfects Monday Oct 29, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Already there's been a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in British Columbia, Canada and of course most folks know that Full Moons (and New) are times of high tides, a fact that provides no comfort for those on the East Coast of the US and in Sandy's path.

Originally I planned to post here a bit on the Oct 29th Full Moon as a "Halloween Moon" since it occurs near October 31st but since this "Frankenstorm" is being described as a "monster", it isn't necessary, is it?


In DC, a 2nd house Full Moon @6Tau47 perfects at 3:49:27 pm edt; Sun 6Sco47 near Saturn 2Sco52 in 8th H; Hour of Jupiter 15Gem19 Rx; ASC 11Pis33, a Water sign ruled and co-ruled by expansive Jupiter and oceanic Neptune which are, in the Full Moon horoscope, in a so-called hidden square aspect of 256 degrees indicating "castles" built upon sand and showing that much caution is needed for safety's sake.

In Washington DC, Jupiter has just crossed the IC 19Gem45 opposite Mars 16Sag22 which has just crossed MC so both are Angular denoting a potential for loss of life; watery Neptune 00Pis24 Rx and Chiron 5Pis06 Rx have just risen and are in the karmic 12th house of Hospitals--large buildings may be "undone" or flooded; transformative Pluto @7Cap23 (10th H) is apex of a T-Square formed by an opposition between Venus 1Lib33 (conjunct US natal MC in the 5:10 pm Sibly chart) and disruptive Uranus Rx rising (1st house) @5Ari24 which relates to power outages and to unexpected, upsetting events.

Actually, with transiting Mars in mid-Sagittarius, it's almost time for a Mars-opposite-natal-Mars transit for America's Geminian Mars, a period when physical challenges abound, and opponents exhibit an equal and determined show of strength--a time for routine tasks to be attended to with as much efficiency and as little waste as possible.

So if you, dear reader, are in Sandy's path--or inland where snowfall, winds, and heavy rain may be major problems--I hope you keep safe as possible and twice as warm and dry!

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