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Jan 16, 2013

Another reason for the US culture of violence?

President Obama made major moves today toward gun sales reforms and other laudable proposals, some by executive order and others which Congress must muster up whatever consciences assemble under the Dome and bravely act upon.

Yet as I have followed news reports concerning the Newtown CT tragedy, it seems that our collective soul-searching has waned without addressing one issue that lurks within the core of our longstanding culture of violence: the continued acts of violence committed in our name by the Pentagon and the US government under the label of war.

Naturally you may disagree with me yet is it not logical to expect that younger Americans since the New Millennium in particular are not only desensitized to the pain of violence by repetitious use of violent video games but by a constant awareness of US invasions, occupations, and bombing of women and children which runs like a default program in the background of their lives?

A culture of violence? It seems that those who export it must expect its soon return and with an extra helping of vengeance added. Those who appreciate viewing societal concerns and events through the lens of Mundane Astrology are now watching the planet of responsibility and accountability, Saturn, moving through Mars-Pluto ruled Scorpio, sign of vengeance, death--and regeneration.

And the current Solar Eclipse that manifested on November 13, 2012 @21Sco56 conjoined America's natal 12th house cusp with its Karma, Self-Undoing, Politics, Secret Deals, Hidden Enemies, and Hospitals implications--and all of these have certainly been stimulated by the eclipse.

My personal prayer is that America will be wise enough to allow Scorpio's regenerative ability to do its healing work so that all souls may be uplifted to a higher path than any culture of violence can possibly allow--for the sake of our children and for the health of our nation and planet Earth.

May pandering to the lowest common denominator to seek fame and fortune be seen for the deep harm it does.

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