Jan 17, 2013

Horoscopes: Inauguration 2013 (Private and Public)

Inauguration 2013: a Private Oath on Sunday, Public Oath on Monday

by Jude Cowell

Update 1.19.13: Monday's time of Oath-taking now reported as 11:55 am which makes Asc/Desc 13Tau/Sco45 and Mc/Ic 25Cap/Can58; the US natal Pluto/Mercury opposition remains at Mc/Ic respectively and all house cusps are earlier by one degree. The noon chart you see below times President Obama's Inaugural Address, if all proceeds according to schedule. No planets change houses from what you see below though Mars in 10th house barely bursts over the earlier 11th H cusp now @21AQ38.

At 11:55 am: Asc '14 Tau': "Shellfish Groping And Children Playing." Children.

Original post begins here:

Here you see the horoscope of the Private Oath-Taking on Sunday January 20, 2013 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC, made necessary by the inauguration date falling on a Sunday. This circumstance rarely occurs for US Inaugurations but did for Presidents Monroe and Reagan, and now for Barack Obama. Chart-ruler Venus; Hour of Mercury (planet of oaths) with Mercury @2AQ21 directly opposing the president's natal Mercury in Leo--more closely than in 2009 with this transit's potential for conflicting opinions, disagreements, and 'cat herding'. Though in the case of Mr. Obama, make that right-wing 'elephant herding' of the nutzoid kind.

Moon (We the People) in Taurus (comfort mode, greed, intolerance) with the presidential Sun @00AQ48 nearing Midheaven as usual (MC = the Goal); hemispheric emphasis is the same in both charts (7/3) and the South Node of the Moon (SN) rises indicating separation, restrictions, and loss--not a good portent in a Horary chart. Of course this may describe the staff and cabinet members who are leaving the Obama administration and being replaced, plus, the 'bad timing' circumstance of the inauguration falling on a Sunday. Past behaviors and old matters tally with the fact that this inaguraiton marks the continuing of the Obama administration rather than a completely new start.

Yet as you see, Moon and Jupiter Rx are rising in 1st house and we look ahead to the Jupiter Direct Station of January 30, 2013 @6Gem19 after which financial matters may begin to move forward--at least by June when Jupiter passes his Rx shadow degree. Jupiter rules the 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Corporations, Transformation, etc, and as usual, America's natal Ascendant is upon the Inaugurual 8th cusp which always makes 8th H matters of primary concern for any administration.

Another area of Jupiterian concern is the house with Pisces on its cusp. In US inauguration charts that would be the karmic 12th H of the Unconscious, Large Institutions, Self-Undoing, and Politics. This year radical Uranus @5Ari13 is posited in the 12th H so apparently secrets plans are being made for more disruption of the president's agenda. Uranus at '6Ari' = A Square Brightly Lighted on One Side" which I believe refers mainly to the ongoing and restless Cardinal Square between electric Uranus and intense Pluto.

And with US natal placements penned around the outside of the January 20th chart, you see that America's Chiron is there as well. Its '21Ari' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" and the symbol's negative expression tells much about the current extremists bullying their way through Congress along with America's obsession for conquest: blind rebellion and a willingness to squander every resource on pseudo values. Government shutdown, anyone? Let's hope cooler heads prevail over that Very Bad Idea:

Horoscope: Second Inauguration of Barack Obama January 21, 2013 *noon est Capitol Building Washington DC; Hour of Venus

which has recently met with powerful, wealthy Pluto @9Cap53 on January 16th so the Sabian Symbol for '10Cap' may be notable as the president enters his 2nd term: "An Albatross Feeding from the Hand of a Sailor" with its negative expression: overconcern with side issues. (Jones.)

January 16th marked a new one-year cycle of Venus-Pluto energies which when combined indicate potentials for:

'Thesis: extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places; transforming the natural beauty of a country; genetic alterations; model waste processing or disposal systems'.

'Antithesis: deep volcanic activity causes destruction of agricultural activities or financial centers; attracting elements of organized crime' (DC politicians accomplished that years ago! jc); 'a breakdown in the fabric of society'. (Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Speaking of Jupiterian 'financial centers', planet Jupiter's Direct Station of January 30, 2013 is of significance for you see here Inauguration 2013 Jupiter Rx in 1st house. Once Jupiter passes its shadow degree at which Mr. Moneybags turned Rx, financial matters should be moving forward as well as the anarchists in Congress will allow. Perhaps a direct Jupiter won't give them as many opportunities to obstruct legislation that might actually improve the US economy and increase the investments which Jupiter's natural disposition prefers to make.

(Note: in the horoscope of Jupiter's Direct Station on 1/30/13, US natal Pluto in Capricorn rises in Washington DC so Pentagon adventurism and/or its budget may be in some way 'rising'. Plus, America's Jupiter Return occurs in July 2013 after which tr Jupiter @10Can02 will oppose 9th H Inauguration 2013 Pluto in August, a time of potential mismanagement and yet more contests of wills; this transit may also bring a tendency to overrate situations or people. When tr Jupiter opposes Inauguration 2013 Venus @15Cap42 in the 9th H of Foreign Lands, we may expect problems in joint alliances, diplomacy, and a general lack of cooperation.) And of course, tr Jupiter to World Point of Manifestation 00Can00 is significant as well--this occurs on or about June 27, 2012.

Since chart-ruler Venus makes no applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects to any planet in this horoscope we can't use the 'how things will proceed' method though there is a semi-square to Neptune (0A59) and a trine to the ASC 15Tau28 (0A14.) This makes the condition of Venus discussed above more important for the entire 4 years of the second term of President Barack Obama. My suspicion is that the jealousy and envy contained within the Venus-Pluto pair will manifest even more viciously than in his first term--and any horoscope with SN rising always has difficulties ahead, including such Saturnian themes as separation. Supporting this theme is dissolving Neptune in the house of Groups and Associations with wounded-wounding Chiron still nearby.

Yet We The People Are Happy as Washington Celebrates!

With Inugural Moon in 1st house nearing happy Jupiter (he'll be cheerier once he enters Moon-ruled Cancer), the mood of the people is certainly lighter than on Inauguration Day 2009 when Luna was at a critical-crisis 29th degree in moody Scorpio. Our mood is described as well by the applying trine between Moon (the people; the public; women) and Sun (the leader; the president), both at karmic 'one degrees' and indicating harmony, refinement, and growth of enterprises. Plus, the Moon rules both the 2nd H of the National Treasury, Values, and Earning Ability, and the 4th H of Domestic Scene, Security, and...Real Estate!

Now if we can only get contentious Mars @21AQ00 in 10th H of Career and Public Status to quit bailing water into the US eceonomy's still-leaky boat we may see more investments in America and thus in the future during the second term of Barack Obama.

Well, these astro-notes are incomplete and I'm sure you can see many more factors which could and should be discussed. If so, feel free to leave an on-topic comment or three. A link to this post will be added near the top of the SO'W sidebar for quick chart reference as the president's term simmers along and events occur. Plus, I may even have a chance once in a while to update it at some point as planets conjoin chart Angles and points, and trigger Inauguration Day 2013 planets denoting the Obama administration. Thanks for reading! Jude.


As of this writing, the exact time of President Obama's public Oath-taking on Monday is not forthcoming so 'noon' is used here as a method of Traditional Astrology to use the time of the best representative of the event, and/or as a symbolic chart if noon turns out to be a few minutes off. The Sunday (Jan 20) chart is the actual 2nd term chart.

Chart-Note: you easily spied that 12th H Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries (radicals, 'Utopians' and anarchists, says Ebertin.) That more behind-the-scenes disruptions are being planned is pretty much a given with the re-election of this president. And staid, status quo, end-bringer Saturn @10Sco50 ('11Sco' = "A Drowning Man Rescued") probably relates to the US military (6th H) and the withdrawal of US troops from sacred sands. I hope!


marcella giordano said...

I suspect based on your interpretation of the chart for the 20th deep partisanship that has colored your judgement. Perhaps you need to re-read Bill Moyer's quote and try to be more objective. I suspect this is the reason you tout the 21 st as the inauguration date rather than the 20th. Also, you use 11:55am when the true time is noon. I'm sure that Obama was advised by astrologers to be worn in a second time the way he did during his first term. Imagine the media reporting this? It would never happen!

Jude Cowell said...

marcella, you are correct to fuss about my use of both the technically legal Noon horoscope of Jan 20th (the "true date" and hour, as you say) and the public Inauguration on Jan 21st. Actually I thought I had been clear in this and other posts (some of which you may not have read such as one on my Jude's Threshold blog) about the differences between the two dates/charts and why I posted two intead of one. The Jan 21st chart describes the public ceremony and celebrations in DC (which I think is significant due to its Gemini Moon--the mood of the people, as stated), and Jan 20th falling on a Sunday is the reason for posting both charts--though I appreciate your 'suspecting' me of partisanship and deeply colored judgement (as I mention in various posts and in this blog's Welcome message--I'm a populist or some would say, liberal, and am not hiding it!), I wouldn't say I "TOUT the 21st as the inauguration date", merely provide it for those who wish to compare both horoscopes. And I assure you that any partisanship I feel didn't cause Jan 20th to fall on a Sunday!

As for both days' swearing-in times, media reports changed from day to day for several days prior to Jan 20th ("11:55 am" was given which is why I used it) so yes, it was very frustrating for setting up charts ahead of the day (when my schedule allowed), as you must know. Even the White House website said the time of the Oath was, "To be announced" so I ran with what I had while I had time--yet knowing that the end of his first term was officially at Noon on Jan 20th. Naturally, anyone who follows US politics knows that this is the legal beginning of the next term. If this wasn't clear, please pardon!

As for "I'm sure that Obama was advised by astrologers to be worn (sworn, of course, though 'worn' might be more accurate!) in a second time the way he did during his first term"--do you mean Justice Roberts' flub of the Oath on Jan 20 2009 was done on purpose? Because Mercury was Rx? Maybe so. It had occurred to me then but whether Mercury Rx compelled or inspired them to do it a second time the next day, I cannot not say.

marcella, you realize that personal weblogs are generally full of personal viewpoints, right? You're certainly free to think of me as partisan, but I assure you I've blogged here and elsewhere for years against both parties and see them as factions of a ruling elite playing ego games for power over our lives and fortunes. This makes me grumpy as can be and so I blog!

Well, thanks for commenting, Jude