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Dec 18, 2013

Direct and Rx Planetary Stations: late 2013 into 2014

Changes of Direction: December 2013 to July 2014

by Jude Cowell

Now that Uranus in Aries turned Direct yesterday, up next in the line-up of planetary stations is Venus, a money planet, which from Earth's vantage point occurs near enough to Christmas Day to affect shoppers' urges to buy gifts or to return them before or after the holidays. Plus, thanks to Venus' Rx status, there may be a more than the usual amount of re-gifting practiced this year!

Here is a list of Direct and Retrograde Planetary Stations beginning with Venus in Capricorn and ending with Uranus in Aries in 2014, in order of occurrence; times listed are ET; you'll note the closeness of the Mars and Saturn shifts with Jupiter's station four days later:

1. Venus Rx Station: December 21, 2013 @28Cap58 at 4:53 pm (Direct since June 27, 2013 @7Gem29);

2. Mercury Rx Station: February 6, 2014 @3Pis20 at 4:43 pm (Direct since November 10, 2013 @2Sco29);

3. Mars Rx Station: March 1, 2014 @27Lib31 (Direct since April 13, 2012 @3Vir40);

4. Saturn Rx Station: March 2, 2014 @23Sco19 at 11:18 am (Direct since July 8, 2013 @4Sco49);

5. Jupiter Direct Station: March 6, 2014 @10Can26 at 5:41 am (Rx since November 7, 2013 @20Can30, a critical degree--Jupiter will finally move forward and conjoin US natal Mercury in Cancer, then oppose US natal Pluto in late Capricorn);

6. Pluto Rx Station: April 14, 2014 @13Cap34 (opposite US natal Sun) at 7:47 pm (Direct since September 20, 2013 @8Cap59):

7. Neptune Rx Station: June 9, 2014 @7Pis35 at 3:49 pm (Direct since November 13, 2013 @2Pis34):

8. Uranus Rx Station: July 21, 2014 @16Ari30 at 10:53 pm (Direct since December 17, 2013 @8Ari35, the day of the Full Moon @25Gem36).

If this list is at all helpful to you then I'll be very pleased!

Info derived from SolarFire Gold v8 software.

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