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Apr 19, 2014

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard

An interesting explanation of US intelligence in the 1980s into 2001 and currently and how the US government thinks more of its imagined infallibility than of doing the right thing and admitting its mistakes, dark secrets though they may be. Plus, there always seemed to me to be something fishy about Caspar Weinberger and Allen Dulles and here, John Loftus tells of their perfidies involving Jonathan Pollard which details their true characters rather well.

Speaking of US government secrets, if you happen to be reading this post today (April 19, 2014) you may wish to catch History2's new presentation of 'America's Book of Secrets' concerning the super-secretive Federal Reserve Banking System titled, "The Gold Conspiracy" at 10:00 pm edt (or a repeat of the broadcast when you can.)

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