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Apr 21, 2014

Natal Horoscope/s of Venezuela hit by Uranus-Pluto Square

According to Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes there are two sets of birth data for Venezuela, a country now experiencing political and social upheaval, protests, and police action which may be ascribed to the ongoing Cardinal Square between radical Uranus and powerful transformer Pluto. The square (90 degrees; obstacles, blockages, frustration) issues from their last conjunction/s in mid-Virgo which occurred in the mid-1960s as Civil Rights and other concerns were protested and subsequently legislated in the US and elsewhere. The planetary duo tends, of course, to bring revolutionary vibes to The Collective and generational conflicts arise.

The first birth horoscope for Venezuela (Independence Proclaimed) is the July 5, 1811 Caracas 'noon' (no exact hour known) chart with 12Lib51 rising and 11Can45 at Midheaven with the Sun (leadership) @12Can40. Libra ascending makes the 9th house Venus @16Gem40 potentially the chart-ruler which conjoins Jupiter @20Gem45 and Mercury @23Gem51. Moon (the people) is in 3rd house of the noon chart @4Cap08 so we know that transit Pluto (today @13Cap--the Uranus-Pluto Square perfects today at 3:21 pm edt) has been powerfully affecting this natal Moon. This horoscope's IC (homeland) is @11Cap45 so tr Pluto has crossed the IC into 4th house though without knowing a precise hour for the chart this is speculative timing. Yet a plutonian totalitarian government is apparently on someone's agenda for Venezuela.

Naturally with the 1811 natal Sun @12Can40, tr Pluto in Capricorn has also been in opposition to the leadership of the country much as in the US with our own natal Sun @13Cap19--and you know how that is playing out for President Obama--Pluto isn't playing and signifies several entities such as The Fed, the World Bank, the IMF--all the power brokers and controllers of the world. The Cardinal Square puts tr Uranus @13Aries on the Descendant of the 1811 chart and tr Jupiter (opposite tr Pluto, square Uranus) conjunct n Sun and MC.

The second horoscope for Venezuela also relates to independence and is set for September 22, 1830 'noon' Caracas with 26Sag43 rising and 1Lib07 at MC (Sun on 9th house side @critical degree of 29Vir08.) Moon @00Sag15 conjoins 12th cusp of Politics and Karma and at noon LMT has just entered into 11th house from the 12th. In 1st house are Jupiter @8Cap28 (recently hit by tr Pluto) and Neptune @20Cap02 Rx (20Can/Cap are critical degrees.) So tr Pluto will eventually hit natal Neptune, a time of conflict within moral, political, financial, and religious realms with issues such as genetic engineering, Civil Rights, abortion, mercy killing, executions, fraud, and more.

At this particular time in the 1830 horoscope, tr Pluto plods between natal Jupiter and Neptune (the grand spirit, wastrel, speculator pair) which helps describe difficult conditions in Venezuela with midpoint picture potentials for unreasonable plans that spiral out of control, political conflicts, scandals, speculation, and loss.

And of course the transiting Cardinal Square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter--now a Grand Cross thanks to tr Mars in Libra--catalyzes not only the 1st house Jupiter but also the 4th house (Domestic Scene; Endings) Pluto Rx @8Ari46. That protests, riots, and police action now occur in Venezuela is understandable for even tr Uranus conjunct n Pluto has a revolutionary signature all its own--and tr Uranus' opposition to n Sun during the last few years has added an unpredictable quality to the country's government as the will and authority of its leadership (Sun) has been challenged on many levels by separatist Uranus.

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