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Jun 1, 2014

Charlemagne Prize 2014 to EU President Van Rompuy

It's official: the 2014 Charlemagne Prize goes to EU President Herman Van Rompuy so we can all stop sitting by the phone for the news of our victory.

And since members of the power elite drag this bloodline emperor's name up every year from the Collective Unconscious to remind us of such fabled empire builders as he--the "King of the Franks", Charles I--here are Charlemagne's natal specs and you're welcome to them:

Charlemagne April 2, 0742 Herstal, Belgium hour unknown (12:00 noon LMT used):

Sun 15Ari39, Moon 8Cap04 (Luna's is the most changeable position depending on the birth time during the 24-hour period), Mercury 25Pis57 Stationary (cosmic!), Venus 16Ari12 (conjunct natal Sun--quite self-pleased and able to fashion himself into what's required--also possibly a goddess worshiper--who wasn't back then?), Mars 6Gem07 (the warrior; a biting critic; ready for action; versatile gifts; quarrelsome), Jupiter 9Ari15 (trailblazer; conqueror; a frank and vigorous leader; noble), Saturn 22Leo54 Rx (Leo, sign of the natural leader; Saturn, a royal portent; shy; reliable; dutiful; diplomatic skills), Uranus 12AQ14 (its natural sign--genius; making changes; knowledge of human nature), Neptune 28Tau10 (tactful, creative, moody, good or bad taste), Pluto 3Lib46 Rx (extraordinary assertion within one's environment and in public; a genius; strange celebrities who benefit or harm humanity); North Node 2Pis28 Stationary (future direction; destiny; qualities to develop--philosophical interests with others; a community of people who hold the same beliefs; associations that harm the community at large. (paraphrasing, 'The Combination of Stellar Influences' by Reinhold Ebertin.)

You'll find profile info such as there is and his natal chart here. (Marc Penfield speculated a birth time of 12:30 pm LMT (OS).)

742 was many moons ago, 'tis true but if you happen to know where the planets are at the moment you read the above list of Charlemagne's natal planets, you can see a few catalysts at work. If you don't know current planetary positions, perhaps you might scroll down the sidebar of this blog to the widget which shows their current positions!As far as Charlemagne Prize 2014, it seems that electric Uranus, a catalyzing genius of newness and of new order vs old order, hitting Charlemagne's natal Sun and Venus is the most tellingly of transits, or at lease the most obvious. Slow-moving Pluto has crossed natal Moon (publicity) recently or will soon and a Chiron Return (28Pis20) denotes an active Collective Unconscious involving something mystical that relates to The Quest. Grail or not, take that as you will if you're interested in such hidden matters.

His Sun Aries/Moon Capricorn ('Mars-Saturn'/Fire-Earth = 'scorched earth'): 'iron and blood' (Otto Von Bismarck's anti-majority votes' stance--possibly a descendant?) provided Charlemagne with potentials for: unstoppability; skilled in Politics; opportunistic; aggressive; abrasive; a magnetic and overwhelming personality; a constant need for more control; charge!; matter-of-fact; 'lonely at the top'; leaving a stamp upon posterity.

Below is what seems to me to be the more revealing of the two 'Images for Integration' for his natal Sun Ari-Moon Cap personality blend and may refer to another of Charlemagne's kin--for they are both major cogs in the wheel of 'the great plan' that still bedevils mankind today:

"Columbus discovers America and a new world order is born." ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign', Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

For Legends in Their Own Minds, Ridicule the Best Antidote!

Yeah. Entities are hard at work implementing that 'new order' now and have been for a long time. You noticed, yes? The faces of the actors change but the plan remains intact though possibly perverted from the original, here and there. But let's not feed the jackals power by protesting their draconian policies as if they're real and deserve to believed--as if public officials and 'leaders' have control of us when in reality they're in breach of the public trust and needn't be taken seriously!

Here you see one of our cats, Roxie, not taking worldly prizes seriously in the least!

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