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Feb 1, 2015

The Solar Eclipses of Valley Forge 1777

Solar Eclipses of 1777 Descriptive of General Washington at Valley Forge

by Jude Cowell

You know the tale of the Winter of 1777 and our defeated army of rebels encamped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania--the bloody trail of bootless soldiers' footprints in the snow, Washington's 'vision' (accounts of which never appeared during his lifetime), the hunger and illness until supplies and new troops reached their position, and Prussian officer Baron von Steuben's excellent 'art of war' training of Washington's rag tag army into a disciplined, fighting force.

Perhaps the "insurgent" army's strengthening and uplifted spirits by the time the troops left Valley Forge on June 18, 1778 may be noted within the themes of the two Solar Eclipses that I believe well describe the tenor of those difficult days. Descriptive of Washington's previous losses in battles and his retreat to Valley Forge is the eclipse of July 4, 1777 in the 14 North Saros Series (14N), the Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) of the Winter at Valley Forge which manifested @13Can10. As you see, this is an eclipse of US natal Sun (July 4, 1776) which may have negative or positive effects on America's leadership (Sun) of the day and identifies 1777 as a pivotal year for our nation.

*14N themes include possibilities for: peculiar turns of events, financial difficulties (Congress was cheap where it should be generous then as now), confusion, despair, illness, and delusion which interferes with clear judgement. General Washington is known to have been in despair along with his dispirited and ill soldiers.

(Note: 14N is the PE of Sequester 2011 and the so-called 'Super' Congress that finagled sequestration cuts---being cheap and austere in the wrong places...again).

In the 14N horoscope powerful Pluto acts as handle of a Bucket pattern--carrying the rest of the planets (actors) toward goals, uniting the hemispheres of the chart, and denoting that allegiances are adapted to where they do the most good (Jones). So can handle Pluto represent distant backers of the American cause such as anti-Britain France and possibly Baron von Steuben at Valley Forge? Well, the title Baron is often an inherited honor for mercenary soldiers, and distant archetype Pluto (which can signify the Pope and/or heads of state) possesses great wealth with which tides of events may be manipulated. And as you know, ships sent from France and Baron Steuben's training of the Continental Army combined to make all the difference in the outcome of the American Revolution.

And if we look for deeper esoteric causes of master Freemason George Washington's despair and determination toward military success, we find that he may have felt a weighty imperative to earn his 'Knight's spurs' as a member of a Star Family of Enochian priests (linked to the ideal of Atlantis, the vision of Utopia, and The Enlightenment) and thus by conquest show himself worthy of the Washington family's coat-of-arms with its 5-pointed star symbols of Venus--if we credit such ancient knightly things which my research implies have affected a hidden destiny for America as directed through the centuries by a hereditary lineage of power elites.

Note that The Enlightenment planets are Uranus (science) and Neptune (faith) which oppose one another in Washington's natal horoscope (February 22, 1732), a generational influence denoting social unrest, fanaticism, political-social-religious controversies, psychic abilities, and a sense of destined choices which must be made between partisan causes.

Additional info may be found in the sign of an eclipse---here, it's Moon-ruled Cancer, a shrewd sign denoting Washington's retreat (into a crab shell!) to reflect on security matters and strategy. Plus, Cancer eclipses contain a psychic flavor which may account on one level for Washington's alleged visionary experiences that winter. A focus on karmic family ties is indicated as well which spotlights his ancestral family imperative as noted.

In the Valley Forge horoscope of the July 4, 1777 Solar Eclipse appears a descriptive planetary pattern, a Thor's Hammer (aka, a Fist of God---quite a karmic imperative!) between a Cardinal Saturn-Pluto square (26 Libra to 29 Capricorn) aiming at rebellious Uranus @13Gem00 indicating sudden acts of violence and/or being unafraid of danger (Ebertin).

Yet as the cold hard days and morning-to-night military drills passed at Valley Forge and the sentiments of the populace waxed and waned toward independence vs loyalty to the British crown, the themes of another Saros Series replaced those of 14N for soon after Washington's arrival at Valley Forge on December 17, 1777, a Solar Eclipse manifested @8Cap39 on December 29, 1777 in the 14 South Series with potential for: success after a long period of hard work; a long awaited breakthrough. 14S also contains Mercury-Pluto content due to its initial eclipse in the series which manifested on August 29, 984 (OS) @10Vir59...Mercury ideas + Pluto obsession = an obsessive idea (or ideal) is finally accepted and Jupiterian success follows.

Plus, in the 14S eclipse horoscope, revolutionary rebel Uranus @12Gem61 Rx--America's 'totem planet' of revolution and independence--has become lead planet in a Locomotive pattern indicating executive ability and a drive toward success!

As for a Solar Eclipse in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, conscientiousness is rewarded when negative karmic energies are dealt with maturely and responsibly--and by karmic, I refer to reaping what was sown and depending on methods that no longer work. George Washington's famous reticence, restraint, and serious personality turned out to be perfect for cautiously guiding the Continental Army after much careful consideration during those dangerous days and his natal PE @6Cap54 in the 4 North Saros Series shows such personal traits which seemed to his jealous critics to be merely signs of indecision and weakness.

Participation in political groups and authority concerns are also denoted by an eclipse in Capricorn which often includes the question, who should be in charge? Yes, General Charles Lee and others in the Continental Congress undermined General Washington's command but to no avail, as we know, for fortune began to smile upon the American cause once Washington and the troops left Valley Forge and battled on.

Okay, this is my view of General Washington and the difficult Winter at Valley Forge through the lens of the Solar Eclipses of 1777. Hopefully you've derived some benefit from my effort if not agreement with my conclusions! jc


*Eclipse themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology.

For further reading see Eye Witness to History: Winter at Valley Forge.

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