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Apr 12, 2015

Pres. Obama at the Summit of the Americas April 2015 (Panama: Nov 3, 1903)

If you're curious here is a video of President Obama delivering his opening remarks at the Summit of the Americas.

Jupiter Through Pluto Transits for Panama

Panama became an independent state on November 3, 1903 at 6:00 pm LMT Panama City, the location of the 2015 Summit of the Americas. Transit Jupiter in Leo now traverses Panama's 4th house where Mr. Obama's Sun (12Leo) is placed; his natal Mercury @3Leo is in Panama's 3rd house of Communications. Generous Jupiter's Direct Station of April 8 conjoined the natal Sun of Barack Obama, the 'ramp it up or abandon' transit concerning projects begun about 12 years ago.

Tragically for the entire world, Washington has not abandoned war, invasion, or global government goals and Americans suffer lying neocons spouting their crusading rhetoric of aggression and conquest ad nauseum once again. You may disagree but there it is. Now back to Panama...

Transit Saturn now lumbers through Panama's natal 7th house of Partnerships which emphasizes how the country relates to authority figures; things may sour if goals are not aligned. Contract negotiations and other legal matters are in focus as well and responsibilities may increase along with loss through relationship a part of the picture.

Revolutionary Uranus now electrifies Panama's 12th cusp (13Ari42) and will hang out there for quite some time until it leaves the 12th house of Politics and Karma and crosses natal Ascendant @17Tau16. Meanwhile in 12th house, disruptive Uranus will conjoin natal Moon @24Ari54 denoting a nervous and emotional period of new relationships and/or broken alliances.

Later it will also oppose natal Mercury (29Ari37 in 6th house) a time of chaos and radical changes particularly in relation to communication, thinking, methods, and plans and turbulent events such as accidents or riots cannot be ruled out. Before Uranus leaves Panama's natal 12th house it will also oppose the natal 6th house Sun @10Sco22 indicating a time separation and bruised egos.

Nebulous Neptune in Pisces transiting the 10th house will cross the 11th cusp (10Pis05) where Groups Associations, Hopes, and Wishes will be affected--or infected. And transit Pluto in Capricorn has been creeping around Panama's 9th cusp (12Cap14) so 9th cusp and 12th cusp have been sensitized and linked together by the recent, restless Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square/s with their last exact square occurring on March 16, 2015. Perhaps for Panama, Pluto represents Washington DC and its wealthy, secretive directors!

Panama's natal Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries blend of Water and Fire (steamy! passionate!) is the "rushing in where angels fear to tread" fighting combo of energies indicating national pride, strong individualism, great zeal, and a potential for subterfuge. This 'natural problem-solver' blend is shared natally by a few notables such as France's Charles De Gaulle, Sarah Bernhardt, Bill Gates, Charles H. Dow, John Cleese, and nuclear physicist Lise Meitner. And here's an instructive quote from another Sun Sco-Moon Aries personality, Saint Augustine of Hippo:

"None save great men have been the authors of heresies." Well, yes.

Now let's close with the two 'Images for Integration' given for this blend in Sun Sign-Moon Sign (Charles and Suzi Harvey): "A crusader fights for her vision of truth...A dedicated scientist pioneers new frontiers of knowledge." Note that it's her vision of truth which is not necessarily truth itself.

And let's note that Sun Sco-Moon Aries is the operative blend of America's November 4, 2014 Midterm Elections which cosmically links Midterms 2014 and Summit of the Americas 2015 to President Obama and his second term in office.

Panama data source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion

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