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Jun 6, 2015

BREAKING: Intense Brutal Clashes At The #G7 - video

When an astrology-tinged post concerning the secretive June 7-8, 2015 G7 Summit in Germany was published here a couple of days ago, I mentioned constellation Pleiades and one of its stars Alcyone but neglected mentioning Taurus' rage-filled stars denoting a tendency toward violence and brutality because I hoped it would not be necessary.

But here you see how things proceeded as heavy-handed policemen protect the power elite and their political shills and agents against peaceful protesters whose lives will be affected by the policies and programs the bigwig G7-ers plan to force into place as if they're gods on high:

#G7 #SchossElmau #Germany #AngelaMerkel #Pleiades #Alcyone #Protests #OlympianGods in their own minds!

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