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Nov 30, 2016

Power Elite Strategies: the Reality of Voting Revealed

When Donald Trump complained about our 'rigged system' he wasn't referring to the bigger (crooked) picture:

Morally Deformed Power Elite Strategies Against the People (sans Democracy)

"By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished." - American Bankers Association, 1924

Is this a reference to the secretly planned and sneakily implemented central banking Federal Reserve System?

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. It's not the votes that count, it's WHO counts the votes. It doesn't matter who the people vote for; they always vote for us." - Joseph Stalin

Well, thanks, Joe, for that clarification. And though the phrase may be bandied about by US politicians and their backers of a certain autocratic persuasion, I cannot and will not believe that America's Founding Fathers considered democracy to be "mob rule."

Jun 6, 2015

BREAKING: Intense Brutal Clashes At The #G7 - video

When an astrology-tinged post concerning the secretive June 7-8, 2015 G7 Summit in Germany was published here a couple of days ago, I mentioned constellation Pleiades and one of its stars Alcyone but neglected mentioning Taurus' rage-filled stars denoting a tendency toward violence and brutality because I hoped it would not be necessary.

But here you see how things proceeded as heavy-handed policemen protect the power elite and their political shills and agents against peaceful protesters whose lives will be affected by the policies and programs the bigwig G7-ers plan to force into place as if they're gods on high:

#G7 #SchossElmau #Germany #AngelaMerkel #Pleiades #Alcyone #Protests #OlympianGods in their own minds!

Jun 3, 2015

Astrology and the G7 Summit June 7 and 8, 2015 Schloss Elmau, Gemany

June 2015: Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Japan, the US, Canada, and the European Commission Hunker Down

Details concerning the June 7 & 8, 2015 G7 Summit in Germany are available for the curious. Included are this year's motto ("Think Ahead. Act Together"), key topics, and what this year's symbols stand for though obviously symbols can represent a variety of levels of reality, all tucked neatly beneath their outer meanings. Let's consider this year's crop of 3 symbols mentioned on the website, above:

1. A mountain. Said to be chosen because of the G7 2015 venue in the Alpine location of Schloss Elmau, Germany in Upper Bavaria. (Note that Adam Weishaupt set up the May 1, 1776 Illuminati society--in Bavaria.)

A mountain symbolizes a pyramid and it's no stretch with these 'power elites' to assume that that would be a pyramid of power. The concept of a mountain pilgrimage also comes to mind and what a centuries-long pilgrimage it's been for generations of bossy power grabbers determined to march the world toward Global Government. Simultaneously they manage to squish all the fun out of life for those who get in their way with more mayhem in store if that's what the establishment of a new order takes " consent or by conquest," a new world order freak once threatened.

2. Seven lines. On the face of it, these allegedly symbolize for the 2015 Summit (another mountain reference!) the '7 routes that lead toward a common goal'--the pinnacle, one presumes. Note the emphasis on the number '7' as in, "The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh" in the Sabian Symbols. Many people recognize that it's late days for their global agenda and the ideas of a change and a turning point have been felt by you and me but have also continually promoted by the media and others as the New Millennium has careened along with higher (lower!) levels of primal violence, depopulation, and greed used a tactics against decent people. "Hope and Change" was a mighty handy if tiresomely deceptive campaign slogan, wasn't it?

Noting also that the 2015 begins on the 7th, perhaps you know that 7 is the number of the Universe as well as being found in the Bible (seven times seven), in Hebrew and Greek cultures, and in other places and systems such as references to the Japanese concept of the Seven Lucky Gods. Perhaps the summit attendees from Japan can share how lucky the seven of them feel to be 'in charge' while busily climbing the pyramid of power which also has the distinction of being a symbol for the original satanic corporation, the Tower of Babel.

Plus, who can forget the 7 days of the week, the 7 known planets prior to the discovery of Uranus, or the 7 weeping sisters of the Pleiades constellation with its difficult stars such as Alcyone? (You may remember that Alcyone was eclipsed in May 2012.)

3. Colors. The colors of the 2015 summit are said to 'reflect the countryside of the Wetterstein mountain range and the architecture of Schloss Elmau'. Since color symbolism depends on particular cultures and since I know little of German culture or know what colors Angela Merkel prefers, I'll let you figure out what the G7 2015 colors portend.

Thing is, since Germany plays the role of G7 president this year, Merkel fronts for their stated (and hidden) goals which include "the upcoming UN conferences on international climate protection and the post-2015 agenda" and naturally the global economy is said to be a target, too.

Astrology Notes: Sun in Traveling Gemini and Moon in Two Signs

Now astrologically there are many hints and clues to be found nestled within the horoscopes of June 7 - 8, 2015 in Scloss Elmau, Germany. What I tend to do with summits and other group endeavors is to set up at least two horoscopes for the beginning and ending dates--the first for 12:00 am local time, the second for 11:59 pm even though the events probably wind up earlier and begin later in the day or the morning. This covers the Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious) degree positions and naturally provides the signs and any sign changes which may occur. Midpoint pictures, aspects, planetary significators, rulers, and other factors of course apply but I prefer not to type it all out in a blog due to my theory that no reader has patience or the interest in reading what would amount to a small book.

There's Venus Again

Yet for this summit I shall mention a few general chart factors such as the secretive meeting's beginning lunar phase of Dissemination (+234:01; spreading information) and the fact that 12:00 am on June 7 is an Hour of Mars @17Gem59. Instigator Mars is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and thus isolated from the rest of the actors (planets.) This degree conjures images of the June 2004 G-20 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia USA which was brazenly held precisely during the last (current) Transit of Venus (17Gemini), then the second Transit in 2012. Now many folks hoped the Transits would herald an increase of feminine leaders in top positions (such as Hillary for US president 2012) but with my usual Capricorn-tinted lenses, I had to lean toward an increase of paternalism (militarism, aggression, police state on the rise, GOP 'war on women', etc.) Of course, Angela Merkel leads the G-7 this year and as noted, Hillary still wants to be #POTUS -- both are females, yes, but rather Martian ones, imho. Neocons in skirts are not really an improvement toward the common good though you may disagree.

So the G7 Summit 2015 begins with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius. This is a Double Air combo of The Thinker who handles people with great insight and skill while weaving clever arguments. Detached and observant, such actors are under the faulty impression that complete objectivity is possible (the arch-objectivist Ayn Rand comes to mind with her frosty survival of the fittest selfishness, and the world certainly seems to be bedeviled by such depopulating speculators, brigands, and cheats who pretend to govern while breaching the public trust at every turn. Guess this summit is a meeting of the cream of the crop.

As for America, transit Pluto in mid-Capricorn remains within orb of its ongoing opposition to US natal Sun (POTUS), challenging the power of his office. Plus, US Sun happens to conjoin goddess star, Sirius, which implicates ancient secret societies and hints of the paternal-maternal blending of energies ('war on women' or worship of women as Madonna-esque child-bearers vs whorish sex symbols), and now in 2015 we see on a major magazine cover another sex-related issue of transgenderism more clearly than we could guess in 2004. After all, polarities must become one eventually--and no genders will be necessary in heaven.

Moral Deformity Behind Closed Doors?

Now the June 7th Sun @16Gemini has a Sabian Symbol of note: "A Woman Agitator Makes an Impassioned Plea to a Crowd"...Angela? Is that you? Curiously, the latest possible degree and symbol within our time frame is 18Gemini: "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese," a symbol relating to those having "specialized objectives" and a sense of exclusiveness (Jones.) And yes, a need for more isolation turns up in the two horoscopes along with "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" (Saturn @1Sag), Corporatism and The Syndicate (Cupido conjunct Venus in early Leo conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury), "dreams about agricultural policies" (Agenda 21? engineered famines? chemical and GMO contamination of food supplies? the latest Moon position reaches US natal Ceres which conjoins our nation's Pluto-Chiron midpoint of Plutocracy, oppression, and exploitation), fortunate decisions, manipulation viafalse flag ops, feverish haste toward realizing goals, the use of religion as a tactic or diversion, vacillation and quick tempers, the illusion that they are free of all traditions and societal conventions, and "delusions about popular support for current policies" once the Moon nears deceptive Neptune in Pisces and the luxurious spa empties of its pampered patrons.

With the Moon leaving Aquarius and floating into Pisces during the summit, we note that a Sun Aquarius-Moon Pisces blend is a more emotional Air-Water mix of energies which gives the attendees a sea-change toward communication, dreaminess, and cunning. Journalism is spotlighted as summit intentions and goings-on are touted as being quite different than they actually are--and much of the world mistrusts these jokers. This is a chameleon blend that 'blows with the wind' and may be truth-challenged as shown in a famous quote by an English writer who was born under the Sun AQ-Moon Pisces combination, Arnold Bennett, so let's close with a few of his words of wisdom spoken from experience which perfectly describe conditions in 2015:

"Journalists say a thing that they know is not true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

Agreed, in most cases. So if you hear of any results or policies issuing out of G-7 Summit 2015, get ready for flights of fancy, well-worn propaganda, and facile assurances of the good intentions of 'world leaders' who must meet in secret far away from the public's prying eyes in order to speak freely and make their draconian plans.


Recommended for more details: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

May 18, 2015

'The Nightmare of every Government on Earth' (Terence McKenna)

TerenceMcKenna #Government #PeacefulPeople #StrengthInNumbers #Organize #WeThePeople #99%

Terence McKenna is right, you know. 99% of us is a lot more people than the piddly little 1% of them, many if not all of whom are morally deformed and decrepit.

Mar 25, 2015

"Why the 99 Percent Keeps Losing" - Common Dreams

In modern politics, moral deformity is the order of the day for it's 'success at any cost' and "the Big Picture becomes clear and must be followed--very little option to do otherwise." (paraphrasing Tyl). The 'cost' is always levied against We the People, of course, as required by the power elite's win-win agenda.

Beware politicians who claim to see The Big Picture for you can be certain the needs they address are not ours.

Don't miss this revealing analysis of current US politics from Common Dreams: Why the 99% Keeps Losing.

#PowerElite #Plutocrats #Politics #CommonDreams

Dec 31, 2014

Video: "How The Elite Stay In Power" - A Message for The People of the World

A New Year's Message for The People in only 5 minutes 29 seconds...

My thanks and regards to Alexandra Bruce at Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending along a heads-up about this video! Jude

Feb 2, 2013

Groundhog Day 2013: Now with More Hog

Groundhog Day 2013: Now with More Hog

by Jude Cowell

By now you've heard that Up North Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early Spring, something Hurricane Sandy victims can well appreciate after being left out in the cold by financially obsessed Republicans scoring what they hope are political points.

Meanwhile, in an about-face that may signify a sleepy nod of fuzziness toward global climate change, today's prediction Down South by our own rodent, General Beauregard Lee (Phil's less famous cousin once removed) is for 6 more weeks of winter bluster to assail us 'down yonder'. As you might imagine, General Lee's burrow is located near Atlanta, GA.

And since February 2nd each year is when groundhogs are brought up for consideration from the depths of America's Collective Unconscious, I always review the Sabian Symbol for 15 Sagittarius: "The Groundhog Looking for Its Shadow...REASSURANCE."

In the Marc Edmund Jones version of the Sabian Symbols, positive and negative expressions are given for '15Sag' which are active in the environment at the moment due to real world events of fuzzy proportions with hopes for an early Spring:

'15Sag' positive: a natural talent for determining the proper course of action or reaction;

Negative (unconscious or shadow side--jc): lack of self-stability and ingrained timidity.

Dr. Jones adds to his interpretation that, "Implicit in the symbolism is a consistent sensitiveness to straws in the wind, and a willingness to make any amount of self-adjustment in order to capitalize on the situation of the moment."

In relation to Politics, my usual realm of fussiness, I'd say that straws in the wind reminds me of polls taken to ascertain which way the American people are 'blowing' at a moment in time, and of approval ratings for the president (good) and for Congress (in the crapper--but if we're feeling manipulated into thinking that our government no longer 'works', there's a good reason--we are.)

"Straws in the wind" also reminds me of a previously posted video you may have missed, Meet Your Straw Man, and of the pretzel shapes of 'adjustment' the Republican Party has been twisting itself into recently in an attempt to retain their core 'values' (of intolerance, bigotry, and disdain for the non-rich) while keeping their true sentiments squirrelled away by the use of new and improved rhetoric. Lipstick meets know how they do.

Astro-notes for February 2 and 3, 2013:

Once the Moon sailed into Scorpio this morning at 7:01 am est, Groundhog Day 2013 became one of Sun Aquarius-Moon Scorpio energies, an ethereal, misty Air-Water blend, perfect for the theatrics involved in Groundhog Day predictions, North and South.

Sun AQ-Moon Sco denotes keen insights (of groundhogs?!), strong wills, and ambitious reforms. It's a stubborn combo which may exhibit haughtiness and contempt especially when egos have been wounded. Emotionally possessive, this blend contains primitive needs which lead to manipulative tactics when needs are ignored or unmet.

At the foundation of these primal tendencies may lie a mind/feeling split not unlike the Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde archetype...rational scientist (AQ) v passionate sensualist (Sco)! Traits such as brooding, blowing hot then cold, and an all-or-nothing attitude may characterize today and Sunday (Super Bowl!) until the Moon enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on Monday February 4th at 10:45 am est. Monday the Moon will be void from 7:31 am until 10:45 am est so you may as well sleep late if you can! Actually this is good advice for Super Bowl hang-over celebrants, isn't it?

The Sun AQ-Moon Sco combo is shared natally by Henry Brook Adams who is well known for his instructive analysis of the practicing scoundrels and varmints who infest American Politics, in his day and in ours (see this blog's description above, under the title!)

"Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds." Now he may have been a bigot concerning certain people, but it seems to me he got that right.

Plus, his definition fits perfectly into the 'divide and conquer' tactics used by a morally deformed power elite/ruling class against We the People in order to guard their exalted privileges, illusory social status, and massive wealth while keeping The Masses down, poor, and hungrier by the minute.

For populations to be disenfranchised by a hoggish elite bodes not well for our republic!

To close, so I can go enjoy the rest of Groundhog Day 2013 while forgetting about Politics, here's economics Professor Robert Reich on The Jobs Report, and Why the Recovery Has Stalled. He's another analyst who gets it right.

For more info on Sun-Moon blends, try 'Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

Oct 18, 2011

When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

Perhaps the calendar of when Earth's Moon is out of bounds of the earthly plane (a condition which some assert has astrological significance) is more of a schedule than a calendar. Or even a formula. Either way, I shall herein attempt to decipher old notes penned soon after I began my Astrology apprenticeship (a novice condition which I expect never to move beyond) in 1996, and let me tell ya: my handwriting isn't always perfectly legible when I'm in a hurry.

In fact, the folder I scribbled the notes on is rather dusty but I'll give it my best try just for you.

Now you may feel that the Moon's schedule is a smidgen on the circuitous side though really it isn't so much...well, see what you think (Mercury) and how it makes you feel (Moon); Mercury/Moon = mind/body connection. And please pardon that I neglected to make note of author, researcher, article, and/or book by or in which most of the following information was discovered by yours truly, a reluctant astrologer at your service, if there ever was one. It was years ago and I'd give credit if I knew where it belonged!

But first, some general on-topic considerations:

Luna's Basic Tenor in Astrology

Astrological Moon = feelings, emotions, intuition, the spiritual plane; physical body, sensitivities, presentiments, psychism, Mother and the nurturing function, home and domestic scene, environmentalism, the past, the unconscious mind, The People, the public, the populace, publicity, daily rounds, mood of the people, or, popular mood relating also to fads and trends--you can probably think of a few more...

Wafting Out of Bounds and Totawwy Awone...

To describe a parameter, when the Moon is the only celestial body OOBs in a horoscope, there is faultiness within the nurturing function through an incomplete or disappointing relationship with the mother--feelings of insecurity and inferiority are key themes; loss of the mother (ex: orphaning) is an extreme potential. When other planets in a horoscope are OOBs of the earthly plane as well it can make such emotional difficulties and lacks somewhat easier to manage for there's less of a sense of isolation, of being emotionally 'alone against the world.'

Blah blah blah, so...When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

For a few days every 2 weeks during a period of ten years, Earth's Moon is OOBs. In collective life we may notice a deep sense of insecurity in the air during out of bounds stints which will then show up in natal horoscopes and psyches of those born during a particular OOBs period.

In Mundane Astrology, I've noted a correlation between Moon OOBs and the public being kept 'out of the loop' in some way on some topic or issue/s, or simply being apathetic, disengaged from events, or otherwise 'out there'--even locked out or 'kept in the dark'. Current topics or events may not get the publicity they deserve, or are ignored by the public--and/or much whining may ensue!

For after all, everyone knows that when the people's cat is away, the politicians will play, steal, take bribes, and stir up trouble as some of them so often will.

And then? Then for nine years the Moon is not OOBs which is precisely where we float now.

Ten Years = 2001 -- 2011

Earth's Moon completed the most recent OOBs period of approximately ten years in mid-February 2011 and had begun her wandering far afield in or about September 2001. Yes! That September 2001.

This may describe a paradigm shift of the public mood, emotion, and sentiment which occurs gradually, don't you feel? The multi-nation Arab Spring Movement comes to mind as well as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, aka, We Are The 99%-ers, all of which are providing the world with amazing expressions of generational conflicts (Uranus square Pluto = progress v power) by more balanced individuals among us--or by those demanding more balance within societal institutions--who don't feel emotionally threatened by shysters, banksters, fraudsters--in a phrase, by the criminal network surrounding the globe like a NYPD police net meant to capture human sardines who dissent against societal ills--and believe me, they are ills.

The "fed up" quality of the current social movements and campaigns of 2011 have an OOBs-back-in-bounds tinge to them with the sustainability of the Moon's nurturing-feeding function as the motive for demanding improvements between haves v have-nots. Food shortages and starvation have become critical issues for more and more people across the globe as children go to bed hungry with their lives, health, and futures blighted and stunted by risk-taking chaos-creators usually known as the 'power elite'.

Morally deformed as the majority of plutocrats are. (Many are inbred, you know.)

And prisoners being released back into society today, the 'one for one thousand' swap between Palestine and Israel?

Welcome back into the fold for all! For you're back in bounds.

Uranus Square Pluto: Cycles of Revolution

It's very refreshing for this Flower Power genner who attended a Beatles concert beneath the rays of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto Conjunction of the mid-1960s (plus, a Mystic Rectangle of planets like a magic wand!) to observe the steadied emotional natures of most of the Occupy Wall Street (and other streets, cities, and nations now occupied!) participants who are Reflections (Moon) upon humanity's Screen (Neptune) of Awareness (Uranus) spotlighting a better way of envisioning The Future of Mankind than that of a quixotic, totalitarianism brand of neoliberalism (where Corporatism is all), a vicious plan long-desired by a bunch of self-exalted psychopaths of a Rand-esque persuasion who gravitate to Uranian-Neptunian illuminism and purport to use 'reason', a thinly veiled excuse for selfish, hard-hearted cruelty toward all of mankind.

Is this the old survival of the fittest/eugenics crowd of powerful white men intent upon using any means of seizing power and retaining control over the 99%? As you know, Rule by the Few mimics monarchy, hence the Occupy Movement's mention of feudalism being forced upon the 99%. Talk about gray around the muzzle! This is a mighty ancient paradigm the plutocrats are pushing while trying to disguise it as a "new" order. Puh!

It's an old and decrepit system full of shriveled minds and missing hearts.

Yes, throughout human history we have experienced men and women imbued with this devouring spirit--through many cycles, in fact. And we don't have to dog paddle ourselves haplessly into the waters of a deep, murky plutonian cave to find out where the monster lies.

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerant?

People of the Earth are down to a stalemate between those who prefer Life and harmony v those who prefer Death and destruction. It's up to each of us to choose an ultimate direction within the old Piscean paradox: up or down. Plus, there is the question inherent within Gemini's eternal dilemma: light v dark.

As Luna sails within bounds of the earthly plane and connects off and on with the other planetary energies in any chart in a more engaged way, her monthly cycle by sign and aspect relates directly to the collective's personal, earthly, and cosmic environments, and to our feelings about society's present conditions which affect us personally and those we love.

So! Now we've now begun a period of nine years with no OOBs Moon which stretches from February 2011 to some time in 2021.

After that? You tell me.


Speaking of our silvery Moon, did you know there's something called The Moon Society? It's not my cuppa tea but you may wish a sip...


Apr 5, 2011

Paul Ryan's Roadmap to America's Future (of Serfdom)

With Mercury's current retrograde condition in Mars-ruled Aries, a review of Paul Ryan, poster boy for austerity cuts, and his "Roadmap to America's Future" may be in order.

It amazes me that any self-interested American can believe the austerity plans of the GOP as touted by Paul Ryan will lead to anything but complete government take-over by fascist elements - their goal perhaps, but not the goal of average Americans who'd like to raise their families in peace and freedom - as other families in other nations also want.

Perhaps you disagree. If so, please leave a courteous comment here for I'd like to know how placing budget problems on the backs of the little man makes any sense at all - unless complete collapse of a society is the ultimate aim - while it's the rich 1% - 2% who have the funds that could keep America in business! Obviously, the plan is to break the little man's back and thereby exercise population control upon the weaker and weakest while creating a nation of serfs begging for crumbs from the totalitarian table of a morally deformed power elite.

2008 Brought Major Change to America's Prospects

Guess America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon (@ 4Vir10 opposite US Sec Sun 4Pis10) of December 24, 2008 did signal something important after all: that we as a nation had expanded as far as we could in the world and the time to retract financially had come - which includes the Pentagon's quixotic notions about world domination, aka, the new world order.

And of course, Financial Collapse 2008 was in its full regalia by the time of our nation's Sec Full Moon (or, SP Full Moon, if you prefer; I use 'Sec' to distinguish between Minor and Tertiary Progressions)...synchronicity in action.

Click the link above to read my older post on the US Sec Full Moon, chart image included, but I shall post the horoscope here as well (as is, no edits):

As you see, there is a Hard Rectangle pattern formed between the opposing Moon and Sun and opposing Venus and Mars. The Hard Rectangle was given its name by Charles Jayne and it suggests that the oppositions are more pressured to activate reconciliation because of the subtle, indirect pressures of the semi-squares and sesqui-squares involved.

A greater application of will to accomplish balance and harmony is indicated yet the stand-offs can spark further antagonism (Washington's stock in trade) and a lack of compromise (now a dirty word on Capitol Hill: President Obama has invited certain vipers to the White House this morning to talk of ways to keep the US government open and running past April 8th - or, to rehearse the script they will all be following.) The antagonism and lack of compromise between our alleged 'two' parties act as handy diversionary tactics to keep the people divided and conquered.

However, the dynamic tension within a Hard Rectangle pattern can add a dose of strength and purpose when its planetary energies are well-managed. Venus here is ruled by Mars and Mars is ruled by Venus in a mutual reception which may not have been enough to counter the victim/savior conditions of the Moon (we-the-people) in critical, hard-working Virgo while the Sun (the leader; leadership) remains in elusive, often deceptive, Pisces, sign of many a military general.

Further reading: a natal chart astro-peek at Paul Ryan.

Jan 12, 2011

Rhetoric targets Palin w Mars to her natal Moon

Is Sarah Palin the Victim?

Sarah Palin on Wednesday leveled a charge of "blood libel" against those who've blamed the January 8, 2011 tragedy in Tucson on her violent rhetoric against her party's Democratic opponents.

Now I prefer not to blog much about Palin's natal chart but it may be time for SO'W to record a current look at transits to the former Alaska governor's natal placements. As you know, her favorite network, Fox, has seen fit to cancel the Sarah Palin's Alaska show where she preens over the killing of animals.

The natal horoscope I use is for February 11, 1964 4:40 pm pst Sandpoint Idaho; based on this chart (which is in common usage online), here are Mrs. Palin's natal positions:

ASC 19Leo34; Mc 6Tau54; chart-ruler Sun 22AQ20 7th house; Moon 4AQ14 6th h; Mercury 1AQ37 6th h; Venus 1Ari22 8th h; Mars 23AQ27 7th h; Jupiter 16Ari43 9th h; Saturn 25AQ12 7th h; Uranus 8Vir42 1st h conj 2nd cusp; Neptune 17Sco49 4th h; Pluto 13Vir27 2nd h; Chiron 13Pis06 8th h; NN 10Can40 11th h.

You see her 7th house line-up in AQ: Sun, Mars, and Saturn; the pair of revolution and rebellion, Uranus and Pluto, are conjoined in the sign of the critic, Virgo; Moon (feelings) and Mercury (thinking) are conjoined in AQ, a conjunction making her sympathetic to those she cares for, yet emotions can alter clarity of thought, and there's a tendency to accept whatever happens as a chance for enlarging her total worth.

Her ambitious Sun/Saturn conjunction has activist, gun-toting Mars between them (Palin fanatics won't care for this): Sun/Saturn = Mars: abrupt and abrasive mannerisms within an already stern demeanor; a desire to be in charge; fights through rigidity and structure; enhanced ability to endure in competitions; energies feel confined; running hot and cold.

January 2011 Transits to Sarah Palin's Natal Horoscope

Mars approaches natal Mercury which greatly increases mental activity; there are urges to turn thoughts into action; much information flows in and out to the point of chaos due to the high volume of communications, and an aggressive atmosphere is noted; much energy is brought to meetings and discussions which can easily become combative; business activities are more vigorous and competitive, even fierce, and speedy travel may be on the menu.

Mars, god of war and instigator of violence, then approaches her natal Moon, a time when pulses quicken and anger or frustrations lead to temper tantrums for feelings lie close to the surface. Life's pace picks up during this transit and feelings are easily turned into physical actions; danger may become part of the environment. Quarrels (especially with males) are possible along with health issues such as insect bites, cuts, bruises, fever, insomnia, or tummy aches.

As testy Mars nears her Moon/Mercury pair, he then will insinuate himself between them, then move slightly beyond so there are three midpoint pictures which may yield details:

Moon/Mars = Mercury: premature criticism; easy irritability; nervousness.

Moon/Mercury = Mars: keen and sharp judgment; thinking directed upon an objective; primitive, instinctive thinking; a passionate woman.

Mercury/Mars = Moon: 'clearing the air' by means of argument or talking it out; thinking and acting are strongly influenced by feelings; a quarrelsome or nagging woman; quarreling because of a woman.

Now if you follow Astrology and Politics at all, you know that Neptune has been lumbering through Palin's Aquarian planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn) since she burst upon the national scene and consciousness. Her Moon/Mercury conjunction in AQ had already been sprinkled with Neptunian fairy dust when magical Neptune was in early Aquarius prior to the 2008 presidential campaign.

On January 8, 2011, the morning that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot point blank and others were killed or injured, Neptune 28AQ58 was still within orb (5 degrees either side) of Palin's natal Sun. Now I had blurbed about this transit in 2008 on my WordPress blog and I held out little hope for Palin's prospects in the honesty and stability departments. To me it seemed that Neptune's association with Mass Media, fame, and deception were the more important issues based on what I observed of her early on.

So perhaps a recap is in order: Neptune to natal Sun is a time when confusion affects one's ego and self-image (as the media so generously applied lipstick to a pig?); ego-driven goals may have no solid purpose when inspired by unrealistic or misguided notions (like becoming VP, then president); ideals, leadership ability, and integrity are eroded or brought into question (as now); fanaticism is possible (you betcha!) as illusions encourage fanciful expectations; imagination and inspiration may be of the highest order (yet the 'highest order' in Politics is seldom of the spiritual kind.)

Jan 2011's Neptune is well within orb of its dissolving effects upon natal Mars, a period when one may run up against others who misunderstand one's methods or goals which may be considered questionable; physical enterprises and relationships with males are adversely affected (or positively affected depending on circumstances.) Failure to receive recognition is common under this transit and unrealistic enterprises may be engaged in.

Neptune to natal Saturn brings a new approach to how authority is handled yet tradition and structure may disintegrate within current circumstances as the ideals of authority figures are affected positively or negatively - which then affects the individual.

There is a double transit of sorts and both are applying: Uranus conjoining natal Venus and tr Venus squaring natal Uranus. The first transit is a time of instability in partnerships, friendships, and associations of all types, and joint/cooperative ventures encounter unanticipated problems; actions of others cause obstacles in one's pursuits. Unusual social conditions arise, unorthodox alliances are offered, and one is surprised at the unpleasant reactions to what one says, does, tweets - or to the blame-deflecting video one puts out.

Tr Venus SQ natal Uranus indicates awkwardness in social interactions, difficulty when coordinating group activities, and circumstances that feel quite uncomfortable (though they may end up being just dandy fine.)

Now I know that stressful Venus/Uranus contacts are known for their 'divorce' flavor but that's between Todd and Sarah (no comment!)

Another factor of interest is that Palin has recently experienced her Half-Nodal Return (tr NN to n SN, tr SN to n NN), a time when relationships are irreparably broken if they're not strong enough to take the strain, but if strong, they may become even stronger.

Also, transiting Saturn in mid-Libra opposes Palin's natal Jupiter in Aries so bad timing, past failures, and those in authority tend to frustrate one's ambitions; one may be expected to give back what has been generously given (ex: a TV show?) which may strain the budget; one should not defy odds at this time or invite situations which may threaten one's authority, success, or prosperity.

(Perhaps it's a good time for Palin to establish an ixnay on the eetstway for a while? Perhaps she has. I don't Follow her on Twitter so I don't know unless I read it somewhere. Her new video seems to be the primary tool of the day.)

Well, you can find other interesting transits, I know, so leave a comment here if you wish. Of course, there are planetary factors which are simultaneously and currently lending support to her ambitions and progress with more on the way, for the Universe seldom leaves anyone without resources to counter life's negative events and influences, if one will make the effort.

So that's my take on what's affecting the natal chart of Sarah Palin in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson and subsequent criticism of NRA-adoring Palin's colorful way of targeting those she deems to be her opponents. It's a vigorous way to go about things when at least half the population of one's nation falls under a non-neocon, non-lock-and-load label and one just can't seem to tolerate any opposition at all within the win-at-any-cost Machiavellian model of dirty Politics.

In retrospect, one thing seems clear to me about the entire incident: higher powers have engineered financial collapse for just this sort of embroilment in order to further undermine this nation and rent apart our social fabric. The violent actions of a mentally ill young man and the loose rhetoric of Palin and others are but some of the symptoms of a society completely disintegrating after decades of being sold down the river by its own government in league with foreign entities.

That a moderate lady such as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her family are forced to suffer so grievously as 'casualties' toward the ambitious ends of a power elite hungry for world domination only underscores the total lack of human feeling these morally deformed monsters have toward all humankind.


Prayers go out from my direction this day for the victims of the violence in Tucson, the good people of Haiti with today being the 1st anniversary of the horrendous Haiti earthquake, and the good people of Australia now being flooded from their homes. In fact, the entire world could use the power of prayer from any direction it can be garnered. jc

Midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.

Further reading: The Wrath of Fools and my book review of Cosmic Conflict.

Jun 3, 2010

The Obama Deception (film)

Is this almost-two-hour film worth watching? You decide. I'd stick with it, if I were you.

But if you tend to wear your political partisanhip on your sleeve you may prefer to skip this film for it contains a different perspective on the Presidency of Barack Obama and on his relationship with a morally deformed power elite intent on global domination.

Sep 13, 2009

Poverty in US way up, Power Elite doing just fine

On September 10, 2009, the US Census Bureau released the latest figures for poverty rates in America which now affect one in eight Americans.

Our plutocrats-in-charge, the grossly wealthy and morally deformed power elite, remain unmoved as their NWO plans steamroll along.

And it continues to amaze me that so few people in this country see a connection!

On Jan 1, 2006, with Astrology as a lens and intuition my guide, I was blogging like the dissenting gnat I am here on SO'W and fussing about upcoming Soup Lines Across America. Was I wrong? Well, I wanted to be, yet felt a sinking feeling that I was not.

Please check out a bit of (Freemason) President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Jan 20, 1937 Inaugural Address where he defines the test of our progress, the dynamics of which I assert were of no concern to George Bush or to other US oligarchs.

So Bush's financial crisis of 2007/2008 expectably occurred, ostensibly giving states and the federal government many excuses for cutting back on public services just when they're needed most; now we see where Republican policies have led - to lukewarm bowls of Sole of Shoe Soup for many Americans, if they can get them.

Posted with the Fondest Affection for...


Update 9.13.09 6:22 pm edt: please check out the On America list in sidebar for a link to a new article concerning the US-Israeli relationship's role in the attacks of 9/11.

May 1, 2009

Unveil the New World Order - vanquish the demon

If you've visited this blog before you're perhaps aware of my many complaints against the ongoing take-over of nations and economies by the 'New World Order' which is a grab for world domination through the establishment of a fascist global government by a few morally deformed, wealthy individuals who style themselves 'the power elite.'

Having discovered a site devoted to peacefully fighting the fear tactics, propaganda campaigns, and economic machinations of this greedy, jaded power cartel, I want to make a link available here in case you'd care to check out a resistance movement on behalf of we-the-people and for people all over the planet.

It's called the New World Order Resistance if you'd like to read an explanation of what the NWO is and how it can be recognized and fought by taking back financial systems and our (once-representative) government.

Demons can only be successfully vanquished by first identifying them and calling them by their right names, so educate yourself - and speak out against the NWO so that others will become aware and activated!


Uh-oh: with apologies, here's my groanful New World Order Lament written Nov 9, 2007.

You know, a 'mockery of the NWO' site could be most useful because sometimes laughing at those who take their precious selves so seriously 'gets' their (Mendes) goats better than most anything else can. And they so royally and richly deserve constant mocking and full exposure.