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Jul 3, 2015

July 4, 2015: America's 1776 Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius repeats!

Although there is 'no credible terrorist threat', for the US Independence Day 2015 weekend, headlines are appearing everywhere such as America on high alert this July 4th holiday due to Isis-inspired terror threats suggested particularly during the period of Ramadan which began June 18, 2015 and ends July 17th (some sources say June 17th).

On July 1st the cosmos provided the world with a lovely Venus-Jupiter conjunction @22Leo which descriptively had an asteroid lurking behind the happy duo in the form of Isis (22Leo). The Venus-Jupiter encounter became exact at 3:51 am edt on July 1, 2015, an interesting event since transiting Jupiter passes his shadow degree (where he turned Rx December 8, 2014) on late July 6 to early July 7, 2015 which denotes forward motion in Jupiterian areas of investment, growth, expansion, exploration, and development with Politics, Business, Education, Religion, and other realms of Jupiter will be affected and possibly benefited.

In the US, a Jupiterian plethora of 2016 candidates have been lining up in varied array as America prepares for our nation's 239th birthday which actually arrives this year on July 5th at 11:57:18 am edt when the Sun reaches natal degree (13Can19) and the Moon (We the People) floats past her natal sign (July 4, 1776) of freedom-loving Aquarius and enters Pisces (00:56).

But on the day we traditionally celebrate, July 4th, our national Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius is again in effect and extends into the next day with a US Moon Return occurring at 5:39 am edt on July 5th (@27AQ09 Washington DC, based on the horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA: Independence declared).

Considering our July 2015 Lunar and Solar Returns, both manifesting on July 5th, we see natal Moon (the public) opposed by the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (including asteroid Isis) but separating, and static coming from the direction of Saturn square to our Moon (1A43). The position of Saturn @28Sco53 is interesting since it now has a sobering effect upon We the People's Inauguration 2009 Moon (29Sco45) with '30Sco' being the degree of "A Halloween Jester" in Sabian Symbols. Also of note is that during the current retrograde period of transiting Saturn, the natal Midheaven of President Obama is being crossed and re-crossed and times his recent achievements during what's been called the Best Week Ever of his presidency (see video below). And though Saturn can bring loss due to past errors, unreliability, or neglect of duties, the old man of authority can also gift long-term efforts with long-lasting rewards as in the case of President Obama as Saturn (natural ruler of the 10th house) expresses at natal MC, the Career and Public Standing point of any horoscope.

The dampening effect of inhibiting Saturn squaring the public's Moon while it conjoins the Inauguration 2009 Moon (a double whammy) describes our ongoing difficulties in the US economy but also the terror threats that are restricting or limiting our July 4th celebrations. Note that Saturn is the planet ruling Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business--Isis and its recruits in the US may not have to do anything against us on US soil for we have the US government to harsh our celebratory buzz with terror alerts! Of course, Saturnian authorities must warn us to be cautious or we'd been extremely accusatory if they should have but didn't.

Meanwhile, natal Sun (leadership) in the Solar Return 2015 chart remains opposed by manipulative Pluto (14Cap17 Rx) indicating ongoing titanic challenges to US power and control though the disruptive Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square energy has somewhat waned with Uranus, the zealous fanatic when in Mars-ruled Aries, @20Ari19 and no longer squaring US natal Sun, a period when leadership and control are tested and are difficult to maintain due to unpredictable conditions and events.

As for natal Sun and transiting Saturn, a complex sesquisquare (135 degrees) is in effect denoting the complexity of conditions the president is dealing with this Independence Day 2015 (a square within a square! rock and a hard place?) and since a Solar Return horoscope lasts for one year, these complex issues and obstacles are in effect until July 2016. However, the nearness to the Sun of Mars, planet of police and military troops, aids leadership in the enforcement of control and protection with the July 1, 2015 Full Moon @9Cap55 having powerful Pluto nearby. Cautiously we feel the Full Moon's Mars-Pluto opposition alerting the public (Moon) to dangers and hostile forces within the environment as Isis attempts to inspire young Americans and other discontents to act--especially during Ramadan 2015.

In closing, let's consider America's natal and Independence Day Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend, an ethereal and insightful Water-Air combo that supplies America with potentials for humanitarianism, concern for the public welfare, sociability, and a generous spirit. Our fondness and talent for poetry, music, and literature are evident as well along with a romanticized view of the past--which we liberally indulge during every July 4th celebration!

The 'Images for Integration' for Sun Can-Moon AQ include "A mother and child skip down the street, arm in arm, to attend the Vision for World Peace charity fete at the park...The world as family."

(Unfortunately for the American people and the world population, these charming, hopeful humanitarian pictures have been darkened through the years by the threat of Global Government though you are welcome to disagree that a usurpation has occurred).

Our actual Sun Can-Moon Pisces Solar Return blend of July 5th, a double Water concoction of sentiment and nostalgia, denotes the caginess of Cancer mixed with the secretive tendencies of Pisces. This blend gives insight, compassion, and a sense of whimsy to the proceedings along with shrewdness, adaptability, diplomacy, suspicion of other peoples' motives, and a fear of being hurt or fooled.

The blend's "Images for Integration" include "A lone sailboat offshore at sunset...Ol' man river, he keeps rollin' along" (and other Rogers and Hammerstein musicals) which naturally brings up an image of the Mississippi River in particular.

And so, my fellow Americans, please stay safe and have fun this Fourth of July holiday and with this post, this American sends out fervent hopes and wishes for safety to all the world!


Barack Obama natal data as seen on a Birth Certificate online: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.

For more Sun-Moon blend info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey. You'll be glad you did.

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