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Jan 20, 2016

Flint Residents Are Getting Past Due Notices For Poisoned Water Bills - video (w Astrology)

Flint's overdue water bills are a sick joke in this situation. Can child poisoner Governor Snyder be any more criminal toward the people of Flint, Michigan? He and his cronies act more like a criminal syndicate than an elected government. Oh wait. Too often they're the same thing:

Flint Michigan Water Contaminated with Poisonous Lead Since April 2014

In April 2014 the water supply of Flint became contaminated with lead, Saturn's metal. The corrosive water that 'city management' switched to corroded the linings of old water pipes--meanwhile, overhead, Jupiter and Pluto opposed one another. This pair of planets is one of the plutocrat indicators and when they are in opposition we can deduce a few tendencies and conditions in effect in April 2014.

Both Jupiter and Pluto relate to large amounts of money and the switch to a substandard water source for Flint was done to 'save costs'. Lead-lover Saturn was in Scorpio at that time, sign of betrayal and secrets. Saturn was also in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn with Pluto planet of the Underworld and Criminal Elements, and Capricorn the sign of government, law, business...and loss. And of course, Pluto rules pipes, tunnels, caves, and hidden places. The people of Flint were betrayed by a criminal element in order to save money though in my estimation, pocket lining was more the objective.

Now here are some traits to expect from Jupiter-Pluto when their energies are combined according to Reinhold Ebertin:

Desire for power (plutocracy); pursuit of fanatical aims; desire to exploit the masses; organizers handling large projects; squanderers; speculators; teachers or professors of economics or law.

At the time, Pluto and anarchist Uranus were more closely embroiled in their ongoing Cardinal Square than they are at the moment and rebellious Uranus was apex planet of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition. This created a T-Square which Ebertin says has these potentials: quick exploitation of every situation, fanatical striving for improvement, sudden reform, quick development, adjustment to new circumstances.

A Jupiter-Pluto opposition identifies those who force their own dogma upon others and who seek positions of power in order to more effectively manage the lives of other people. Arrogance, pomposity, and illegalities of those in power demonstrate that their 'social values' (assuming they have them at all) are out of tune with the rest of society (who prefer healthy, un-poisoned children). These Jupiter-Pluto types work to gain financial control over others as an 'additional pressure on their destinies' (R. Pelletier).

Apparently, the facts of the case and the Astrology of it indicate that committing illegal enterprises offered the governor "better returns" (RP). And yet--the society he and his cronies have betrayed and poisoned can also take action against them through restriction, impeachment, arrest and imprisonment if it comes to that. There were big risks involved in this sneaky Jupiter-Pluto endeavor but the risks were all on the side of the people and children of Flint as long as Snyder's actions could remain unaddressed and out of the mainstream press. As can be expected from the culpable, in Snyder's remarks this week he has attempted to spread the blame upon local officials--who had been replaced by unelected 'managers'. And some citizens have said Snyder has much to do to regain the people's respect. Personally, I think that's much too generous toward the men who poisoned thousands of innocent people and seized power like fascists and anarchists will do -- all for the sake of money and some weird ideology of power over the masses that they know better than to speak honestly about in public.

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