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Feb 28, 2017

As Trump Pushes for Historic $54B Military Spending Hike, Which Programs Will He Cut to Pay for War?

Here's Democracy Now! reporting on Mr. Trump's address to Congress tonight (2/28/17) which begins at 9:00 pm ET with big fat Jupiter (the General; the Financier) retrograde and rising, opposed by combustible Mars and progressive Uranus in Aries, and squared by powerful gold-hoarding Pluto in Capricorn (as is Trump's natal Jupiter @17Lib27):



Will funds be forthcoming once moneybags Jupiter Stations Direct on June 9, 2017? Jupiter stations @13Lib12 conjunct America's natal Saturn (14Lib48) denoting a partial lifting of restrictions and/or responsibilities, and the potential for reward or recognition given for hard work and careful planning.

The current Cardinal T-Square's midpoint pictures with Pluto apex suggest potentials for: a sudden change in financial conditions, extreme efforts to produce change, people who tackle large projects or enterprises, and the really big picture (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl).

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