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Jun 15, 2017

Jimmy Carter Explains Why Trump Won and Hints at What We Can Do to Stop It

As it turns out, America has stepped in a big pile o'mess. Here's a June 12, 2017 segment from the Thom Hartmann program featuring former president Jimmy Carter explaining stuff such as Donald Trump, neoliberalism, and "unresponsive" politicians:

A related horoscope: Rule by Corporate Democrats Timed by Carter Inauguration 1977. Note that the Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 @15Aquarius hits the 1977 Inaugural Moon which may or may not be significant for the American people.

And here's an excerpt that was excerpted in a previous SO'W post:

“Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Administration is the role played in it by the Trilateral Commission. The mass media had little to say about this matter during the Presidential campaign -- in fact, the connection of the Carter group to the Commission was recently selected as "the best censored news story of 1976" -- and it has not received the attention that it might have since the Administration took office. All of the top positions in the government -- the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury -- are held by members of the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Advisor was its director. Many lesser officials also came from this group. It is rare for such an easily identified private group to play such a prominent role in an American Administration.”

The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality, Excerpted from Radical Priorities, 1981 Noam Chomsky [4] (my bold - jc)

Recommended: the latest from Noam Chomsky - Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power (paperback 192 pp, March 28, 2017).

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