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Jul 2, 2017

Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the Weather: Truthstream Media

July 2, 2017: Here is an timely video from Truthstream Media concerning Antarctica, a continent that is mostly off limits to the general public. Now you may think this is only a 'conspiracy theory', however, it mixes Science (ex: pulse wave patterns feeding into the Jet Stream--how very Neptune in Pisces) with disastrous weather-related experiences of many of the 'general' public, plus, there are Flower Power generation Americans such as myself who remember how such things as weather modification and control (ex: cloud seeding) were openly and proudly touted decades ago in the press just as Truthstream Media notes here:

Follow the above link to visit the Truthstream Media website and you may wish to follow them on Twitter @TruthstreamNews.


Perhaps you remember a theory some folk pushed in 2016 that a mysterious pyramid had been discovered in Antarctica, a fanciful concept that Science debunked because it was a natural peak in the Ellsworth Mountains that an aviator (named Ellsworth) flew over in 1935.


Is Science Off Its Leash?

If you crave more scientific modification madness, please note that my cloning blog 'Woolly Mammoth Chronicles' is now updated concerning the topic of a confession that Gene Editing Causes Hundreds of Mutations. Who knew? Or, an even better question: Who should have had sense enough to know?

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