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Jan 31, 2018

2018 Trump SOTU aftermath

During last evening's Trump SOTU Address, the PolitiFact server crashed as Americans fact checked Mr. Trump's remarks. His SOTU wasn't as depressing a speech as his Inaugural Address of January 20, 2017 but a 69% 'mostly false or pants-on-fire' rating in the truth department gives a majority of us little to crow over concerning last night's SOTU, the policies Trump touted, or the credit he erroneously assumed as his own (better economic and jobs numbers belong to Barack Obama).

Of course in Astrology, falsehoods (aka, lies) are the province of nebulous Neptune and with America's natal Neptune @23Virgo rising last evening at 9:00 pm est, a 69% rating for lack of accuracy can be no surprise. Even the US natal Mars, which problematically squares US Neptune, at Midheaven is in the dual and duplicity sign of Gemini and is conjoined by Donald Trump's natal Sun, also at SOTU Midheaven as he began his address. This put Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction at the IC of the SOTU chart along with starry Ras Alhague as you can see here. Note that the 29-degree chart-and-speech ruler Mercury applies to no other planets so Trump's 2018 SOTU address is likely to have little if any substantial impact. Perhaps the Neptune rising effect has something to do with it for the nebulous speech had no details, only wishful touting and, of course, the usual Trump boasting (propaganda).

All in all, last evening's SOTU with US Neptune rising square US Mars at MC served to place on the world stage Washington's warmongering and our national tendencies toward self-delusion, unreliability, and misdirected action. Am I crowing yet?

Nope I am not. And in retrospect, it seems that America's natal Neptune square Trump's Sun-Moon opposition was always going to be an unstable, illusory connection full of deception and unreliability. In Mundane Astrology, the Sun-Moon duo can represent such concepts as: pessimism flowing through the population, reading the attitude of the people while making public policy, national will forcefully imposed by leadership, and/or a loss of face in international politics. Well, Mr. Trump has not been shy about achieving that last one for it seems to be one of his primary goals.

So let's close by turning to Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets for information on this planetary picture of America + Trump:

Trump natal Sun-Moon = US natal Neptune: delusions about what you can do or how hard you will work to do it. To which Noel Tyl adds: deception and discontent--and Ebertin's potentials: misunderstandings, illusions, deceptions, becoming easily upset, shared suffering, self-torment, the undermining of associations, and mistakes.

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