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May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018: A Notice to Stars Over Washington Readers!

Once again, Google is giving grief to bloggers like yours truly concerning EU cookie notice requirements and the message that should display to readers abroad about data collection which Google says is my responsibility. Although I am non-tech savvy I have dealt with this intrusion in the past but cannot seem to make headway this go-round and there is some sort of deadline this very day, May 25, 2018. Funny how WordPress takes care of such requirements all on its own yet Google is apparently incapable of it or is cussedly unwilling to do the same for its customers.

Also concerning EU requirements: I have recently dealt with what Google AdSense says are two instances of page-level 'violations' which turned out to be a shady inclusion on SO'W of a 'feedspot' page and/or ad, totally unsolicited by yours truly. So far that shenanigans seems to be vanquished but I have no idea when it might return to again bedevil me unbidden. A number of such violations are said to result in deletion of this and any of my other blogs most of which have been written and published since 2005. Yes, it feels as if Google is discouraging my continuance here and if so, or if I must give up, I will attempt to continue Stars Over Washington and Jude Cowell Astrology on another platform so if you subscribe or are a frequent reader, please note that if SO'W 'disappears' in the coming months, be advised that my Political Astrology writings may turn up elsewhere, probably on WordPress, and will hopefully retain the title, Stars Over Washington or some form of it.

Given all this annoying turmoil, please note that you may reach me via judecowell at gmail dot com if you have questions on these or other topics (but Not article solicitation)!

Writing and Posting on behalf of the Common Good,

Jude Cowell

May 25, 2018 1:45 pm edt

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