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May 25, 2018

Betsey DeVos: Sun in Capricorn unaspected

Here are some planetary details concerning Trump's Education Secretary Betsey DeVos using a 'noon' time for her birth on January 8, 1958 in Holland, Michigan (nee Elisabeth Prince, Erik's sister). Since taking over her post, DeVos has done little but stir up controversy and anger at her unfitness for the position she has been gifted with in spite of her inexperience. From here it seems that her tenure is little more than an assault on our public education system although certainly much criticism can be leveled against it prior to her installment. In fact, privatization of our schools and the resulting profit for the exalted few seem to be her mission yet our public school teachers need more funding and support than they get in recent years--part of the plan to undermine the entire education system, one must suppose, and with a streak of religious proselytizing tossed in for 'good' measure by this silver-spoon billionaire whose husband heads pyramid scheme, Amway. America's tradition of separation of church and state means nothing to such people.

Never a teacher or in the education field before, DeVos can't seem to put a non-controversial foot forward as our know-nothing Secretary of Education and 'school choice hawk'. Check out the latest of her controversial statements I found just this evening saying that schools can report undocumented students. What a tool!

As for her astrology chart, I don't care to discuss its merits but I will add to the analysis linked, above, a few factors--that her Prenatal Solar Eclipse perfected on October 23, 1957 @30Libra (conjunct her natal Jupiter--and her Venus in Aquarius is Station Rx) in the 14 North Saros Series. We've met this series in a significant way before, as the Sequestration Eclipse of November 25, 2011 (2Sag) when shadowy figures thought it a 'good' idea to form a 'Super Congress' to deal with the financial impasse of the day. Notably, the primary theme of 14 North is: 'a peculiar turn of events' and 'too much delusion to make clear judgments' (Brady) so if I had to critique Betsey DeVos as she plays the role of Education Secretary, I'd say Trump's choice of her was and is a peculiar turn of events for America--one of many on his well-populated list of know-nothing saboteurs.

Now if Elisabeth Prince DeVos was born at 5:58:49 pm est or after, her Moon is in Virgo but if before, she's a Sun Cap-Moon Leo personality. Not seeming brash enough to me, I'd guess a double Earth Sun Cap-Moon Virgo (the critic!) or maybe that's too practical for her odd views! Well, let's compare the Harveys' Images for Integration for both blends and you see what you think:

Sun Cap-Moon Leo: "After a lone, silent climb up your mountain you greet the spotlights and television cameras with flair and aplomb." Hmm, sounds plausible. This has actually happened for her, hasn't it?

Sun Cap-Moon Virgo: "A famous, prize-winning scientist takes up the humble position of chemistry teacher in a quiet village school." No scientist or teacher she! Yet there is the school reference. So which blend do you think is closer to her personality? Guess I must go with the Leo Moon of one who cannot get enough praise and applause to ever fill the emotional void.

The last thing I hope to ever type about Betsey Devos is that her natal Sun is unaspected in her chart. This condition suggests a person whose Sun, here in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, is placed in a conspicuous position in her chart and receives no moderation from other components of her psyche. Focused on her self-importance, she appears detached and aloof from others and this may in part account for her ability to seem unfazed by any criticism since her sense of authority comes only from within. As with Mr. Trump, DeVos lives in her own self-absorbed world which completely diminishes her ability to respond to others in any meaningful way--including the millions of American students who are now (unfortunately, imho) her responsibility.

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