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Jan 5, 2019

Nancy Pelosi: Speaker of the House 2007-2019

Below is a bi-wheel of Nancy Pelosi's two stints as Speaker of the House of Representatives circa 2007 (January 4) and 2019 (January 3). Charts are set for noon, the symbolic opening of a new Congress--the 110th in 2007 and the 116th in 2019. Notes are penned on if you care to enlarge the image, and midpoint pictures in force for both stints are listed, below, along with prominent 2019 conjunctions to the 2007 planets although your eagle eye may spot more:

As always with midpoint pictures, any, all, or none may apply and are subject to activation by transit and progression. The following is a comparison of midpoint pictures between Speaker Pelosi 2007 and Speaker Pelosi 2019:

Midpoint Pictures January 4, 2007 noon est Capitol Hill

Sun 13Cap57 = Jupiter-Neptune (speculation; deceiving or being deceived); = Venus-Pluto (acts of elimination); = Mercury-MC (achieving prominence and recognition through hard work and determination. Note that the first two planetary pairs relate to finance, investment, and extravagance or waste.

Pluto 27Sag09 = Sun-Jupiter (great success or complete failure; great good luck; pursuit of fortune; an inheritance).

Mercury 12Cap25 conjunct MC = Sun-MC (communicating intentions; gaining experience; seeing one's way to achieving goals).

North Node 18Pis09 of public contact = Neptune-ASC (goals involve persuading groups to your points of view; suffering from falsehood, fraud, or malice via disharmonious people; rumors.

Venus 00AQ42 conjunct US Inaugural Sun = Sun-Neptune (a value system based on dreams of an easy life; disappointments; a weak constitution); = Mars-Uranus (strong passions; dogmatism).

Midpoint Pictures January 3, 2019 noon est Capitol Hill

MC 10Cap07 = Mercury-Pluto (good coping ability; keen powers of observation, judgment, discernment; prudence; foresight; ability to arrange matters well; leadership; great perception of any situation; resourcefulness -- 'Mercury-Pluto' = success as a speaker.

Mercury 27Sag50 conjunct 2007 Pluto: 'gaining power, gathering valuable information'; = Sun-Jupiter (getting ideas across; successful thinking; good news; success via speaking and acting; recognition; = Jupiter-Saturn (desire to make changes; effective communication; using media to publicize ideas and plans).

Jupiter 12Sag conjunct US natal ASC = Mercury-Venus (successfully expressing values; an advantageous union); = US natal ASC (appreciation for proper behavior).

Pluto 20Cap 41, a critical-crisis degree = Venus-Neptune (suspicions about deceptive practices; criminals using elaborate cover-ups for fraud or deceit; disguising waste); a painful renunciation.

Saturn 11Cap41 = Sun-MC (better planning toward implementation; necessity to make difficult decisions; reserve.)

As you see, 2019 Mercury conjoins 2007 Pluto (notated in the text, above, and on the chart, upper middle; 2019 Saturn conjoins 2007 Mercury denoting serious training, instructions, and broadening of skills; responsibilities increase, and delays are involved with Mercurial things such as communications, planning, commerce, trade, and travel (Trump Shutdown?).

2019 Neptune @14Pis08 nestles between the 2007 Uranus-North-Node midpoint and pair of radical, anarchistic, progressive politics in the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions such as Congress, and Karma which forms a picture of potentials including: meetings with unusual people (new congress members?), undermining of associations, being suddenly deceived by others, and/or people who are easily impressed by others. Note that this position of nebulous Neptune is the natal degree of the Republican Party (1854) which had its final exact Neptune Return on December 29, 2018. Plus, 2019 Neptune conjuncts 2007 Uranus which suggests changes in society are due but with confusion and disorientation involved as technology conflicts with ideals.

This looks to me like a cosmic picture of Republicans undermining House Democrats (old news!), in particular the progressive wing of the party and - tiresomely - the pro-people policies they and Nancy Pelosi support (to the extent that she does).

And finally, 2019 North Node conjoins 2007 Moon 27Can42 suggesting major publicity, emotional and/or spiritual ties between the congressional ladies, families and children in attendance at both events, and Speaker Pelosi's expression on January 3, 2019 of this being the 100-year anniversary of Women gaining the Right to Vote!


Midpoint sources: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; Solar Arcs, Tyl.

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