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Jun 5, 2019

Trump's Second Wife Marla Maples

Again in the news is Donald Trump's second wife, Tiffany's mother Marla Maples. If you're not in the mood for Marla, perhaps a nostalgic video on the gossip-y side can help: Did Marla Maples Cheat on Donald Trump?. Rumor was that her stint with singer Michael Bolton allegedly spurred Trump to propose marriage! Yet theirs was a tempestuous relationship through the years via several difficult planetary squares and oppositions, very off-and-on. Marrying with a huge splash of ritzy grandiosity in the Grand Ballroom of the NY Plaza Hotel (which Trump owned at the time) on December 20, 1993, they careened through marriage for a while, then the couple's divorce became final on June 6, 1999. Their lovely daughter Tiffany was born October 13, 1993 and her parents married in December, as you see by the dates.

Check out Marla's natal horoscope here (October 27, 1963 11:49 am est Dalton, Georgia RR: A; Sun 3Sco33 Moon 27AQ18 opposing Trump's natal Mars 26Leo = emotionally upsetting quarrels; her ASC 4Cap44) and Trump's chart here (RR: AA).

Now in case you missed her, here's Marla Maples on The Today Show in December 2018 giving a public accounting of herself. Plus, The Daily Beast published a piece about the couple in 2016 which you may find interesting.

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