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Feb 25, 2024

The Antichrist Has Been Identified

Tragically, A False Prophet Deceives the Very Elect

by Jude Cowell, a partisan for the common good

The following video presentation is intended for those with ears to hear, and perhaps not for the ultra-skeptical. But even they might profit by listening to the evidence - evidence that Trump provides himself through his words and actions which perfectly fulfill requirements for playing the role of the antichrist:

Check out 15 Bible Verses That Identify Donald J. Trump as the Antichrist:

And here's a link to the video in case it disappears from SO'W.

Plus, from the same source, there are 12 More Verses on Trump if you care to check out what is quite a large collection of evidence.

Astrologically, it's significant that 'sun god' Apollo is mentioned in the video presentation because Donald was born with asteroid Apollo rising @29Leo45 - and with royal Regulus, no less. And in an apparent flurry of self-worship, Donald's NY apartment sports a painting of Apollo added to the fact that his love of gold and money is well known, a love which everyone knows is the root of all evil. Also mentioned in the video is Trump's identification with King Cyrus the Great, a topic we've discussed here on SO'W in a previous post, if you'd care for a look.

(Full Disclosure: geni dot com informs me that Cyrus and I have in-law connections with 83 relatives between us; but don't judge--because you probably do, too).

So in closing, if I can mention two points they would be that false prophets have and will arise during the end times, and, significantly, scriptural prophecy suggests the appearance of not one but at least three antichrists for which some scholars nominate Napoleon Bonaparte and Herr Adolf as numbers one and two - death-bringers all, and Trump's models for his global take-over behavior.

Feb 19, 2024

WOW Those Gold Sneakers!

The Orange Hawker Strikes Again

by Jude Cowell

Just a brief post today showing a horoscope of the Venus-Pluto Conjunction @00AQ51:02 which perfected on Saturday February 17, 2024, the day that Mr. Trump hawked gold sneakers at sneakercon in Philadelphia, PA. Promoter Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square identifies his sneaky mind so he's quite the sneaker himself. And as everyone must agree, Donald does worship gold: real, fool's, or gilded and this makes him something of a wide-girthed King Midas wanna-be - and with Venus-ruled Tauru$, sign of The Bull (golden calf) at his Career and Public Status Point ('MC'). That's the 'public status' that took a major slapping last week in NY from Judge Engoron, smacking Donald where it hurts - his pocketbook and his overblown ego. After Friday's court session, no rolled up copy of Forbes Magazine was found at the scene, last I heard.

What Is He - Made of Money?

Then notably, the Venus-Pluto duo relates to money and to a potential for bankruptcy which some pundits say Trump will be filing for. If so, it will be the first personal bankruptcy filing for the King of Debt, says David Cay Johnson, whose book, The Big Cheat is about you-know-who. #ad

So you've marveled at the shiny tenny pumps, now shown below is the Venus-Pluto Conjunction Horoscope of February 17, 2024 which also happens to spotlight the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle (began December 21, 2020 @00AQ29) where transit Pluto continues to trod off and on. Pluto hit Jupiter-Saturn again on February 4, 2024, then will stomp twice more on August 8, 2024 and December 11, 2024, with Election 2024 sandwiched between. And of course, 00AQ+ is the position of US Inaugural Sun, the office of the presidency:

Check out my study notes penned on the image for more details.

Feb 15, 2024

March 2024 Trump Trial: a Lunar Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

Today NY Judge Juan Marchan confirmed that the criminal trial of Donald Trump will indeed go forward on March 25, 2024, the day of the Libra Lunar Eclipse displayed, below. Yes, it's difficult to keep all the 'Trump trials' straight, but this the one that concerns Trump's $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels in order to keep her quiet about their hook-up just a couple of weeks prior to Election 2016, because such a sex scandal might've "looked bad" to Trump voters - and perhaps keeping the illicit night of amour from Melania might have mattered to him.

So above is the Lunar Eclipse Horoscope of March 25, 2024 surrounded by a few of Trump's natal placements highlighted in blue. Primarily, this revealing eclipse lands directly upon agent orange's natal 2nd hou$e Neptune Rx (6Lib55), planet of secrets, fraudulent schemes, disguises, deception, ideals, and more. Of course, "disguising" his actions is what he tried to do, but testimonies from Stormy and others should hopefully remove the mask from his underhanded machinations. Naturally, Trump's natal Chiron and stationary Jupiter in Libra (the boundary-breaker, always whining it's not fair! when he's in a jam) are part of the action via the Lunar Eclipse and this will add additional energies to the complexity of the situation.

Of course, as with all Full Moons, relationships are major components of the Lunar Eclipse and the trial itself, particularly since it's in Venus-ruled Libra, sign of Partnerships and the Scales of Justice. Plus, full awareness and perhaps a culmination phase will be reached issuing from the planning/seeding stage at the New Moon of March 10, 2024 @20Pis17: that's Pisces, sign of secrets and confusion - unless the Piscean fish swims upward toward the higher realms.

So! My study notes are messily penned on the Lunar Eclipse Horoscope in case you want them. Examples include: Moon conjuncts the defendant's natal Neptune, Sun opposes his natal Neptune, Eclipse Mercury (testimony) squares Trump's natal Saturn, planet of realism, facts, karma, limits, accountability, authority, and the law. And as usual with this defendant, delays may occur or be attempted, and/or communications might be limited in some way. A gag order comes to mind.

Then squished into the aspect grid area are a few notes concerning the Eclipse's unaspected Saturn, plus, listed are cosmic links to the natal Sun, Moon, and Mars of Stormy Daniels. Additionally, a dear reader such as yourself will spy more planetary contacts, I'm quite certain.

Now to close, here's a famous quote from a fellow who shares the Sun Aries-Moon Libra combo of energies of this Lunar Eclipse, journalist-essayist-critic William Hazlitt:

"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves."

To me, this describes the tiresome, anti-societal Democrat v Republican stalemate used by US politicians against us with one party believing that taxpayer monies are for We the People's needs, while the other finagles all monies toward the wealthy class, while embezzling the rest.

Note: Hazlitt's natal chart has no accurate time but if you glance at it, you'll see multiple contacts from the Libra Lunar Eclipse of March 25, 2024, including the fact that the brilliant fellow is in the midst of a posthumous Pluto Return!

Above image: Pisces: Two Fishes, a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell.

Feb 13, 2024

Putin Threatens Poland and the World

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As most folks know, Ronald Reagan once described the Soviet Union in a 1983 speech as "the evil empire," a label which now, more than ever, conjures images of the Saturn-Pluto planetary pair. At least it does for most astrologers. A few details are available here: Ukraine Crisis, Putin, and Saturn-Pluto. We should note that 22/23Capricorn is considered a degree of governmental authority (N. DeVore) and is the spot in the Zodiac that the current Saturn-Pluto Cycle began on January 12, 2020 (@22:46) - conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters.

Saturn-Pluto potentials include, but are not limited to:

Reactionaries; violent people (R. Ebertin); upsets in checks and balances; use of secret or military police; turmoil in older structures; secret preparation for future restrictions (Project 2025?); consideration of ways to remove or destroy (paraphrasing M. Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets #ad). Obviously, sinister motives are implied and bode ill for civilization, just as another world war would do.

Putin: World War III If US Sends Troops to Ukraine

Feeling his oats, Russian dictator, Putin, has made a not-so-veiled threat against Poland during his recent interview with his toady Mr. Carlson (and Effer's Sun-Taurus-Moon Taurus personality), so I'm sharing here the Poland--Democratic Horoscope found in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes (#ad) in case a reader might wish to check it out, or keep an eye on it, whatever. Plus, there are three other horoscopes for Poland in the book and their data is listed, below the chart:

Poland: #248 November 5, 1916 12:00 CET Warsaw - Independence; #249 November 11, 1918 12:00 EET Warsaw; #250 June 28, 1945 16:00 CED Lublin, Poland.

Related posts include:

Horoscope of Finland (Putin is reported to have amassed troops on Finland's border, Finland now a NATO member, all of Europe at risk);

NATO, which is actually a Treaty that Putin pal Trump if back in the WH can't pull the US out of without full Senate approval.

Putin-Ukraine vs Hitler-Poland (comparing 2022 invasion with the 1939 invasion that started WWII).

America's Initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle of 1750 - with 23Capricorn rising! This I must call a cosmic time link.

And if you wish for something different, here's an intriguing video, Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill, contained in a post which lists the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 1935.

Jan 31, 2024

2024 Progressions of an Orange Con Man

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Although his name shall not be mentioned within this post, you know whose current Secondary Progressions ('SP') the following information refers to, yes?

Radix Horoscope: June 14, 1946 10:54 am Queens, New York; accuracy of his birth data is probable if not 100% certain. My suspicious nature has always suggested an earlier rising degree of 22/23Leo, the own worst enemy, foot in mouth degree. Yet we're seeing the caution of rising Regulus begin to play out in multiple courtrooms where his obsession with taking revenge is not avoided - it's even promised! - with the ultimate result that everything gained shall be taken away. Add his natal Mars rising in boastful, dramatic Leo and his aggressive, grudge-holding, quarreling nature is clear.

So where is the orange-hued fellow on the evolutionary scale?

Using the day-for-a-year method of evolving his natal planets (which are now grouped into the squished-up Bundle shape of a dictator), we find that his natal Sun-Moon personality blend of Gemini-Sagittarius ("the pied piper" combo) has become Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio with the SP Moon conjunct SP Ascendant (@2Sco24) having recently entered Scorpio - today @00Sco10. Meanwhile, SP Sun is @7Vir14, an Earth-Water personality blend.

Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio potentials: opinionated, pious (!), subjective, long-suffering (playing the martyr role), a vindictive despiser of weakness; zealous and judgmental with a lack of empathy (The Harveys).

On the health front, one interesting factor is that his SP Moon opposes his SP Hygeia Rx @1Tau41 upon the Asc-Desc axis. Then as you know, his natural weaknesses with Leo rising include heart and spine, plus, a hereditary issue may exist from his maternal side due to a Moon-South-Node conjunction in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (liver, gall bladder, spleen). Additionally, Scorpio prominent tends to add sex-related potentials such as infections, and/or surgical procedures. Just musin' not wishin'!

Current SP Midpoint Pictures of the orange albatross include:

Saturn-Pluto = MC (8Leo56): "one-sidedness; severity; desire to rise from difficult circumstances through the application of tenacity and endurance; self-sacrifice ("I am your retribution," he moans); a magician, an adept (the devil's apprentice?); separation (flight)."

Neptune-North-Node = Pluto (12Leo11): "exercising a bad influence upon associations between people; the breakdown between people living together."

Neptune-MC = Sun (7Vir14): "putting on an act; hiding one's character by the pretense of qualities one does not have; physical disguise; discontent with one's occupation; vacillation, indecision."

Well, I hope this information may be useful for you as we in America face Election 2024 with trepidation. After all, one candidate is a boastful, low-charactered narcissist, pretending to think he's above the law, but now facing a measure of accountability for his actions that he's never seen before because there's never been anything like it!

Midpoint pictures: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin #ad.

Above image: Moon Phases; pencil on paper by Jude Cowell.

Jan 25, 2024

May-June 2024: A Lucky Donald Trump?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for a democratic Republic

Anyone familiar with the natal planets of one Donald Trump are aware of his "lucky" trine between his 2nd house Jupiter Stationary @17Libra and his 10th house Uranus @17Gemini, his guiding planet of chaos and disruption. The aspect seems to have made possible a so-called get out of jail free card for his use at various times in life (out of trouble certainly) and their fortunate energies may be able to create 'the magic' once again.

Adding to the pair's energies of lucky breaks and break-throughs, there's also the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in money sign Taurus which perfects on April 20, 2024 @21Tau50--near Trump's natal Midheaven ('MC')--as luck would have it.

Tr Jupiter to natal MC and Tr Uranus to natal MC

Above you see a dual image of two horoscopes: May 1, 2024 (lower left) at the moment transit Jupiter conjuncts Trump's natal Midheaven @24Tau18 (but does so only once this time around in its nearly 12-year cycle) with its optimism and international career and travel opportunities, and June 3, 2024 (upper right) the first of three times that transit Uranus reaches his natal MC with the planet's quirky tendencies toward changes in career, perhaps to the point of a catalyzing him into taking a new direction professionally and/or in relation to his public status.

This Uranian transit period is extended due to retrogradation, and the other two dates are penned on the chart: December 10, 2024 and March 21, 2025, aka, Spring Equinox 2025.

Now several potentials are added to the charts and include significant health indicators (exs: Moon-NN = immune system; lymphatic system; tonsils, spleen; and ASC 13Virgo = esophagus and ASC 2Gemini = hepatic arteries)). There are other health indications as well but no room on the image to list them.

Simultaneously, there are his visible career and public status difficulties and strains due to the multiple legal and felonious jams he's in.

And no, this career criminal doesn't deserve to skate from accountability but that's the point of displaying these two horoscopes: the blighter is a lucky guy with friends in high places--however, unsavory, complicit, and enabling they may be. So spotlighting these are dates are meant for those following 'the trials' of Donald J. Trump. Not for his sake, but because he's America's albatross and our country's destiny is tragically tied to his.

Dec 25, 2023

Trump Rally Trail for early January 2024 feat. Noem and Greene

Acting as if he's a normal candidate campaigning in a traditional US Election cycle, sans any court appearances, the indicted Mr. Trump has quite a busy schedule lined up as 2024 gets underway.

From the Trump website (and subject to change), here's a list of his early January 2024 rallies and Maga events: all events are scheduled for various locations in the state of Iowa:

Jan 3, 2024: Maga event with Gov. Kristi Noem Sioux City, IA 7:00 pm CST;

Jan 4, 2024: Maga event with Marjorie Taylor Greene Keokuk, IA 7:00 pm CST;

Jan 5, 2024: Caucus Rally Sioux City, IA 4:00 pm CST;

Jan 5, 2024: Caucus Rally Mason City, IA 7:30 pm CST;

Jan 6, 2024: Caucus Rally Newton, IA 1:00 pm CST;

Jan 6, 2024: Caucus Rally Clinton, IA 4:00 pm CST.

Now here's a little Astrology concerning maga Republicans, Noem and Greene, with both women operating under the nebulous influence of their deceptive, delusional Neptunian natures as they angle for a seat at Trump's dystopian table where he intends to serve the special American Carnage dish he and his enablers have been baking since at least January 20, 2017:

For bio details, check out the Wikipedia page of Kristi Noem (nee Arnold) born November 30, 1971 in Watertown, SD under the vibes of a 9 New South Eclipse @27Leo (negative issues: pride, pomposity, vanity) with themes of 'worries over paperwork and/or health issues surface and come home to roost' with a 'feeling of destiny or fatedness attached'; last occurrence in 2007, next 9NS occurs on September 21, 2025 @29Virgo. The first lady governor of South Dakota was born during a Saturn-Neptune opposition suggesting a tendency to always try to avoid paying dues. The Saturn-oppo-Neptune aspect is labeled "SUBTERFUGE" by Alan Oken, plus, her Sun-Neptune conjunction implies an active fantasy life (suitable for fantasist Herr Trump).

Then there's the sparsely filled in Wikipedia page of another fantasist, Marjorie Taylor Greene with her birth date listed as May 27, 1974 (nee Taylor); This gives her Sun in early Gemini opposed by Neptune Rx in early Sagittarius, an aspect Oken labels, The Chameleon and The Psychic, which suggests that 'MTG' is a highly sensitive individual, with a bit of a powder keg temperament, imho. She was born under the auspices of a 12 North Eclipse @3Capricorn (negative issues: selfishness and avarice) with themes of 'accepting commitments due to another person's inability to carry on'. Obviously, with Capricorn trouble with authority figures is involved, as we've seen by her behavior. A 12N Eclipse last manifested in 2010 and the next will occur on January 26, 2028 @6AQ - conjunct US 1776 South Node, a separative influence.

So continuing in US Politics in 2024, we have the curious threesome of Trump, Noem, and Greene - a trio of fantasists now popular with the QAnon/Freedom Caucus crowd, most of whom are not too shabby themselves in the fantasy department. And that's putting it mildly.

To close, here's a related post: Astro-Notes: An American Tragedy of Mass Delusion.

Eclipse info: paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.

Dec 16, 2023

Moon-Pluto: Raw Russian Intel gone with Trump

Trump's Theft and President Biden's Early Oath-Taking

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

On January 20, 2021, in the final chaotic minutes of the Trump White House, chief of staff Mark Meadows rushed to the DOJ to "hand-deliver a redacted copy" (of the "binder" of raw Russian intel) "for a last review"."

Is this why Joe Biden took the 2021 Oath of Office at 11:15 am instead of the traditional noon hour? (Horoscope shown, below.)

Well, so far, the most comprehensive details concerning the missing intelligence "binder" (stack) of raw Russian intelligence that I've found is The mystery of the missing binder: How a collection of raw Russian intelligence disappeared under Trump, a joint reporting effort by CNN.

Now there are multiple horoscopes involved with this intelligence failure and if a mere post could be an e-book, I'd publish them and we'd discuss at length. However, briefness is a virtue in the blogging sphere so let's consider a previously discussed post from way back in 2015 because I figured it would be a big deal in the world of secrets and Trump collusion with Russia, Horoscope of the RNC Full Moon Conjunct US 1776 Pluto. This Full Moon in July 2016 became exact during the RNC, and cast a lunar spotlight upon, not just America's Pluto (27Cap33), but upon our national Mercury-Pluto opposition of surveillance and secrets, those withheld, leaked, and shared by and against our intelligence agencies. After all, knowledge is power, as 'they' always say, and our Mercury-oppo-Pluto wants total control of it all.

So here's a newer version of the RNC 2016 Full Moon Horoscope snugged as a transit chart around America's Powell Horoscope ("first vote," as championed by historian-astrologer Gary Lorentzen), showing that, among other cosmic factors, this now-revealed - though still mysterious - intelligence theft by Trump, aka, agent orange - is very much a Moon-Pluto affair:

Curiously, the planet of chaos, rebellion, and assault, radical reactionary Uranus, conjuncts the IC (Foundation) of the July 2016 Full Moon Horoscope with an intriguing Sabian Symbol word picture: "A Double Promise Reveals Its inner and Outer Meaning." My suspicion is that the disappearing binder of secrets revelation of December 2023 is one clump of secrets now in process of being revealed.

Meanwhile, below is another bi-wheel of horoscopes which might interest a reader or two since the above "final chaotic minutes" of the Trump White House on Inauguration Day 2021 could have been a factor in why Joe Biden actually took the Oath of Office a few minutes prior to the usual noon time especially since Trump's term didn't officially end until noon. Perhaps the Biden team thought there could be legal or practical reasons why an early Oath-Taking was a good idea. We may never know, but here's the bi-wheel where we find Inaugural Venus @15Cap04 conjunct Inaugural Midheaven ('MC") and conjunct RNC 2016 Pluto, a transit suggesting that Joe Biden took control of the situation; a few other contacts are notated as well:

Edit 12/16/23: Note that 11:47 am est is the time of Joe Biden's Oath of Office; 11:15 am shown here is the VP Oath of Kamala Harris; even so, Venus remains @15Capricorn+ conjunct our 1776 Pluto! jc

On a related topic, here's this from 2018: Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers with the "sentiment" of coverage noted. Well, fussy as some of my posts may be, my own "sentiment of coverage" always leans toward democracy and the common good, and are my small way of paying tribute to Revolutionary War ancestors who sacrificed, fought, and died to help establish our nation! And I firmly believe that allowing fascism in America was no part of their sentiments.

Dec 13, 2023

Dec 2023: Leona occults Betelgeuse!

Rising: The Constellations in the Sky

by Jude Cowell

On December 11, 2023, a rare celestial event occurred when asteroid Leona (#319), discovered on October 8, 1891 at the Nice Observatory in France, occulted starry Betelgeuse in the right shoulder of constellation Orion. Perhaps you caught the story in or on Scientific American published December 11th. An Eastern Time of 8:17 pm is cited in the article for the seconds-long occultation, with December 12th the date the path crossed Southern Europe, Turkey, Greece, and Sicily.

Setting a December 11th horoscope for Washington DC for 8:17 pm EST shows America's 1776 North Node rising with Midheaven @23Ari30 conjunct the transiting North Node @23Ari28 although other times and locations of the occultation would naturally vary, and you'll see sprinklings about Trump on the chart, plus, with asteroid Leona, you know that Supreme Court whisperer Leonard Leo must be lurking about somewhere.

Well, here's a quickly marked-up horoscope for your consideration which may also be used as merely a transit chart for December 11, 2023:

Keywords for Betelgeuse: Fame, success, good fortune, determined, shrewd, a rebel, rash, inventive, fevers, acute illness (A. Louis). Note that there are indications of someone's nervousness and/or neuroses on the chart (see lower right corner's New Moon) although admittedly, this could describe many people in light of current events. The occultation's Vertex ('VX' of fated encounters) conjuncts Trump's natal Moon-South Node of fluctuating popularity and emotional estrangement.

Dec 11, 2023

Mike Johnson: In the Realms of Jupiter

by Jude Cowell, partisan for American Democracy

As you've heard, Speaker of the House (Maga) Mike Johnson has now revealed that he's the "new Moses" according to the voice of God, he says. This is much too arrogant for this Protestant, especially if one supposes that Johnson believes his 'mission' is to bring down a new law from Mount Sinai - or from Capitol Hill, more like.

Then of course, mundane Jupiter represents religious and morality issues along with the financial and corporate realms. Broadcasting, propagandizing, teaching, politics - the possibilities are close to endless with expansive Jupiter, the guru or priest.

So let's take a look at the natal Jupiter of Mike Johnson, noting that his Great Benefic's position is prominent in Jupiter's own sign of Sagittarius. However, afflictions to Jupiter such as squares and inconjuncts can result in narrow-mindedness and a self-righteous attitude. But for the purpose of this post, aspects to natal Jupiter will inform us and we'll use Johnson's natal chart set for "12:00 pm CST" since an accurate birth time is hidden, last I checked.

A variety of study notes are penned on the natal chart, below, including Johnson's 10 North Eclipse which manifested on January 16, 1972 @25Cap24, with Baby Mike coming along on January 30, 1972, Shreveport, Louisiana. Other folks born into a 10 North Saros Series include: Justice Antonin Scalia, Confederate General and Freemasonic grand pooh-bah Albert Pike, former White House denizen Reince Priebus (see link, below), and the Capital City of Washington DC (May 3, 1802 with Jupiter in Leo).

As you see, 10 North themes are listed, and Capricorn eclipses relate to issues with authority figures, and with a potential for governmental work and leadership. The next 10 North eclipse occurs in February 2026 @29AQ, identifying 2026 as a busy year for "Moses Mike."

Then considering the current authoritarian atmosphere in US politics with threats of force flying through the airwaves, a disturbing sidenote is that Mike Johnson's natal Sun @9-11AQ conjuncts asteroids Nemesis (divine retribution) and Tisiphone, archetype of retaliation. As you see, Johnson's Uranus in Libra conjuncts Trump's stationary Jupiter so there's rapport between them although one-sided views may cause trouble. Additionally, Mr. Johnson's Saturn @29Taurus, a critical degree, is prominent at Station Rx and forms a dissociate opposition with Neptune in Sagittarius, an aspect which suggests potentials for criminal tendencies and/or subterfuge (A. Oken):

Mike Johnson: In the Realms of Jupiter

Jupiter square Pluto: evangelical work; religious and philosophical dogmatism; needs to remake institutions and force reforms upon others; intellectual pride and willfulness; ambitious to achieve big things; extremism leads to unpopularity.

Jupiter trine Mars: evangelical interests; puts religion into practice; expanded ambition; abundant energy and enthusiasm.

Jupiter inconjunct Saturn: a conservative attitude; a serious demeanor and discriminating nature; pomposity; legalistic; skewed perspectives; may be pennywise and pound foolish.

Well, that's all I have concerning Jupiterian "Moses Mike" with only a noon birth time for him. This is the first "In the Realms of Jupiter" post published here in quite some time so here's a list of a few of Mike Johnson's fellow Jupiterians:

Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus.

Dear Reader: please share this post if you dare! Google has stopped indexing SO'W posts so if no one finds and reads them, then I should be spending my time elsewhere. Know what I mean? Jude

Dec 4, 2023

"Gateway idiot" cleared path for Trump

Alaska; TUBS, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Two Potential Birth Times for Former Candidate Palin

by Jude Cowell, partisan for American democracy

The great state of Alaska's former governor, the know-nothing presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is featured in an Andy Borowitz clip which may provide a tickle for your funny bone. In the clip, Andy labels Ms. Palin the "gateway idiot that lead to Donald Trump." Chosen in 2008 as VP pick of John McCain, Palin gained national notoriety for standing next to John McCain onstage and for having only a threadbare knowledge base necessary for success and longevity upon the top rungs of US politics.

Well, knowledge was once a virtue for US politicians

Admittedly, there may be more information than anyone could possibly need concerning Sarah Palin on her Wikipedia page but do check it out if you wish. Meanwhile, if Andy Borowitz's assessment of Ms. Palin's influence is correct, her off-the-wall 2008 candidacy opened the door and cleared the path to the current threat of neo-fascism now promised for America by a second term of reality TV "star", Herr Trump, a man determined to take revenge for his grievances upon the American people (his rising Mars in Leo opposes 1776 US Moon in late Aquarius: conflict, attack, aggression).

And yes, prior to Palin in 2008, B-actor Ronald Reagan (Sun AQ-Moon Taurus) rang the Republican doorbell for the ill-governing politicians who followed.

Here's a quote from an archived Robert Parry article: "In the early 1980s, Reagan also credentialed a young generation of neocon intellectuals, who pioneered a concept called “perception management,” the shaping of how Americans saw, understood and were frightened by threats from abroad." And for a percentage of the population, this tactic has been successful, hasn't it? Yet nowadays with fantasist Trump, the threat is coming from inside the house.

The Lady From Wasilla

So no matter which of the two birth times we use for Sarah Palin's natal chart, she was born with an airy, quirky, eccentric Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend which is good for politics, but can also indicate one who overidentifies with causes (obessession is suggested). And curiously enough, this is also the double-Air personality blend of President William McKinley!

Now to close this fussy post, here's something for those who remember former beauty queen Sarah Palin's not-ready-for-prime-time foray into politics - the classic SNL Cold Open skit, Sarah Palin and Hillary Address the Nation, a brilliant parody of both candidates by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Oct 30, 2023

Trump Org Testimony w Trump natal: Anger and Obligations

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

In case Donald Trump shows up in Judge Engoron's courtroom on Monday November 6, 2023 for the Trump Org fraud trial, below is Trump's natal horosope (inner) surrounded by the transiting planets on November 6th at the speculative hour of 10:00 am EST.

Study notes for your consideration are squooshed upon both charts and, as you see, certain planets are angular such as: Moon conjunct his natal ASC and Mars: anger; frustration; publicity, Saturn, karmic planet of legalisms, conjunct his natal Descendant: obligations, Uranus conjunct his natal Midheaven: change of status and/or career, and testifying Mercury, planet of meetings and investigations, conjunct his natal IC at the "An X-Ray" degree (Trump under scrutiny; housing issues):

Also notable is the exact square (blockage) from Jupiter Rx @10Tauru$ to his natal 12th house Pluto @10Leo (00A00), a karmic indicator when at the same degree. This suggests that Trump's influence isn't what it used to be (see lower left corner), and in general a Jupiter-Pluto square is the mark of The False Prophet (A. Oken).

Plus, transit Pluto remains within a 5-degree orb of opposition to both his Saturn and Venus in Cancer which denotes unfavorable legal matters, challenges to traditions and priorities, and an altered lifestyle with fewer options than before. Additionally, compulsory detention is not completely out of the question (Nov 6th: Pluto = Saturn-ASC) but because this is a civil trial, detention cannot result from this legal situation unless it comes from the breaking of a gag order (yet again).

However, bad news and a mournful situation will likely result from the proceedings with the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint @8Capricorn (the 'death axis'--R. Ebertin) opposing Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer if the opposition is strong enough to significantly affect conditions.

Related: Saturn in Pisces Turns Direct: Trump Trial Testimonies Scheduled.

Oct 29, 2023

Saturn Turns Direct 2023: Trump Trial NYC

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the commmon good

By now you've heard about Judge Engoron setting a schedule for testimonies in the Trump Org fraud trial in NYC: November 1st Don Jr, November 2nd Eric Trump, November 3rd Ivanka Trump Kushner, and, after Saturn turns Direct, Poppa Trump is scheduled to testify on Monday November 6th.

Of karmic significance is legal eagle planet Saturn's Station Rx, turning Direct on Saturday November 4, 2023 @00Pis30 at 3:02:52 am edt, as you see in the two horoscopes shown, below. One chart is set for NYC, the other for Washington DC.

In the NYC chart, a change of house occurs via the Sun-Jupiter opposition with the Sun from 3rd to 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values, and Jupiter Rx from 9th to 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Insurance. And in both charts, is it curious that the Sun @11Scorpio conjuncts the natal Venus of Vladimir Putin?

Saturn Direct Nov 4, 2023: NYC (lower left) and Washington DC (upper right):

Now as you see, a bunch of my study notes are penned on the image such as Saturn unaspected (focused, concentrated, undeterred) and Saturn conjunct America's 12 South Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') @00Pis33 (Feb 19, 1776 with Saturn @20Libra). Saturn conjunct a Solar Eclipse reveals those with the responsibility and discipline to carry out the imperatives of the eclipse and here it's 12 South themes of "successful outcomes to long-term worries" (B. Brady).

In these karmic circumstances, those would be the legal officers of the court and attorneys; negative indications of Saturn's Sabian Symbol, "A Public Market," are listed, upper left, and include potentials for "closing of accounts," and/or "bankruptcy" (D. Rudhyar). Jail would be but is not an option since this is a civil trial.

In both locations, Mercury-ruled Virgo rises, so Mercury rules, and applies twice: an opposition to Uranus (willful defense), and a trine with Neptune (telling stories). As for the out-of-bounds ('OOBs') Moon (alienated, and at a critical 29th degree), an opposition from powerful Pluto denotes those seeking to control the environment or to manipulate the people involved, often in underhanded ways (A. Oken).

For more details about the testimonies see 'Complicity': Ivanka Trump's testimony could ruin it all for her dad and brothers. This is primarily due to the fact that Ivanka may be asked about three Deustche Bank loans and about the bid she submitted to the federal government regarding DC's Old Post Office building, a bid based on Poppa Trump's fraudulent "net worth."

Then there's this recent news: Deutsche Bank Slashes Trump's Net Worth -'We're Tired of Listening to Him Lie'. Well, ain't we all!

Previously appearing on SO'W: the Founding Horoscope of Deutsche Bank (March 10, 1870) with Saturn in late Sagittarius sextile Venus in late Aquarius suggesting that at the bank's founding, there existed a sense of duty which brought eventual business success. But once Donald, the self-styled "King of Debt" showed up, all bets were off.

Collage: Saturn in Pisces, Jude Cowell Art

Sep 29, 2023

Cassidy Hutchinson December 12, 1996

The Personality Blend of Cassidy Hutchinson

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Born December 12,1996 in Pennnington, New Jersey (hour unknown; 12:00 pm is used in the following charts, birth data from her book, Enough #ad), Cassidy Hutchinson's Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Capricorn (for the entire 24-hour of her birth day) gives her a Fire-Earth personality blend influenced by Jupiter (Sag) and Saturn (Cap). This expansion-restriction planetary duo and the sign of Capricorn relate to government, law, and business, and together they signify the 'checks and balances' tradition of the US government (now under attack by the anti-governing GOP).

Here's the lady's Wikipedia page.

And here are two natal horoscopes (12:00 pm EST), the first chart is marked with my study notes, the second chart unmarked; notable is that her book Enough states that she was born early morning so you may wish to adjust the timing; ex: at 6:00 am EST - Rising is 4Sag31 with Pluto @3Sag40 which brings along aspects to natal Pluto: sextile Uranus, and trine natal Saturn; at 6:00 am Midheaven ('MC") is Mars @21Virgo conjunct fixed star Denebola ('to go against the mainstream'); you'll also notice her Saturn-South-Node conjunction indicating that the lady is in a class by herself!

Now you may wish to check out a few notes concerning the Personality Blend of Cassidy Hutchinson a la The Harveys (Sun Sign-Moon Sign #ad) which are penned on the upper chart's lower right corner. Considering how her life has trended lately, it seems interesting to me that her natal Mercury in Capricorn conjuncts her natal asteroids Ceres (democracy) and Astraea (justice)!

As for the Solar Eclipse cycle into which Cassidy Hutchinson was born ('PE' @19Lib31), that's the 17 New North Series which manifested on October 12, 1996 with themes of impulsive, hectic energies (B. Brady). Prominent is her Mars @21Virgo, leader of a Locomotive shape of her planets and indicating a strong determination toward success. Her ambitious Capricorn Moon supports this!

Many Thanks go to my FB friend, astrologer Mary Novotny who shared the birth data that she located in Cassidy Hutchinson's book!

Now this is all I care to type concerning Ms. Hutchinson's vaguely timed natal horoscope unless and until an accurate birth time for her turns up as perhaps it will. Thanks for reading! jc

Sep 24, 2023

Dreamer Donald hearts Dreamer Adolf!

Agendas Built on Dreams Fail Once Saturn Steps In

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Saturn, Karmic Planet of Reality, Legality, Limits

That the world is once again under sway and under threat by a psychotic fantasist is a tragic condition which must be overcome by reality. The primary historical example, of course, is the Austrian Adolf Hitler, past dictator of Germany and a fantasist on steroids. Word is, Adolf refused to look at the horrors of destruction his "vision" had caused such as his own wounded soldiers. He blocked out the unpleasant which is what in our day Herr Trump must do in order to keep his world domination fantasy intact and spinning in his own head, his 'Big Lie' fantasy supported financially by donations from his gullible cult members and his fellow enemies of America.

And some sources say that Hitler's drug use exacerbated a bi-polar condition. Wonder how Trump's use of Adderall exacerbates his mental condition? But wait! Donald's years-long drug use is probably only unsubstantiated gossip! If false, it means that his perceptions skewed by an inability to face reality are entirely his own little red wagon, no excuses.

Now anyone paying attention realizes that another coup of the White House in 2024 is Trump's only hope for his vengeful version of totalitarian success, and for the pardoning of his scofflaw crimes including espionage, despite the concentrated efforts of legal eagle Saturn, planet of law and order. Yes, Trump hopes to sidestep Saturn's demand for accountability, as do his complicit comrades.

Even Trump's 'Big Lie' and its utilization is based on advice from Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels (AA-rated horoscope shown). Check out his fantasy-prone planetary aspects such as a spin-worthy Mercury-Neptune trine, and a T-Square made up of a Moon-Neptune-opposition square his broadcasting Jupiter @00Libra, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation and fame. Goebbels' Venus-Pluto trine added intense passion to his financial irregularities and relationship difficulties.

As for 'big dreamer' Trump, we've previously discussed Moon-Neptune as a cosmic signature of the mass delusion (Moon: the public; Neptune: delusion; the masses; mass media) that some of the world's population remains mesmerized by, most significantly in the US thanks to the approximately 30% of us under the influence of the Trump cult that exists inside, and revels within, Donald's fantasy world. This anti-reality tragedy is supported by independent news sources and by a corporate media hungry for profit as they work to fulfill the Hitlerian take-over dream of the past. And who can forget That Time a GOP Gaggle Spent July 4th (2018) in Moscow? Wonder if Herr Trump had given them secret documents to deliver to their bosses?

For more on Adolf's big dream, see Hitler's vision: 'Germania' (video) (included:his and Eva's death data for April 30, 1945; note that she may be the only person in the bunker who died that day).

To close, here's a related post Saturn and the Trump Trial: March 4, 2024 if that should remain the trial date, no guarantees.

Thanks for reading about these dreadful topics, well done! Jude

Sep 15, 2023

Jim Jones and Trump's Tisiphone

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

Tisiphone, one of the demons in Greek Mythology

Now feeling cornered (my interpretation of scofflaw Trump's current behavior), the you-knew-I-was-a-snake con man Donald Trump, who's facing an astonishing amount of legal charges and indictments intended to hold him accountable under the law for his crimes, the potential exists for megalomaniac Trump to experience narcissist collapse. Yet for now, Herr T continues fighting opponents, for his combative Mars rising in proud Leo doesn't know how to give up - and he's always been a cutthroat competitor.

These conditions, plus, planetary contacts between two narcissistic death-cult leaders, Trump and Jim Jones, resonate within the abusive conditions, personalities, events, and twisted motives behind the Jonestown Massacre of November 18, 1978. Add to this the possibility that Trump may experience a similarly tragic collapse wrapped up with the retribution he threatens vengefully to mete out if he manages to grab the helm of the Oval Office in 2024/2025. Or even if he doesn't regain control of the White House again, one assumes.

Because retribution is the orange grudge-holder's dearest dream with asteroid Tisiphone as its archetypal symbol in a chart. So when Herr T says he's his followers' "retribution," he really means it: Trump's natal Tisiphone @22Sag54 Rx falls upon his natal Sun-NN/Moon SN axis, conjunct his Moon - and natal Moon reveals the reigning need!

Notable in the Lindaland forum, I found further descriptions of Tisphone as "the killer's conscience personified," and, being one of the Furies, Tisiphone represents "vigilante homocide," as Trump's 'maga' coup attempt of thuggery showed on January 6, 2021. In a word, murder, which resonates with Trump's 12th house midpoint picture: Pluto = Mars-Saturn: 'fury, destruction, the deaths of many people' (R. Ebertin).

As for the tragic Jonestown Massacre, Congressman Leo Ryan (D-CA; May 5, 1925--Nov 18, 1978) paid a visit to Jonestown with some journalists, then as they were boarding a plane home from Port Kaituma, Jim Jones ordered their assassinations. Evangelical preacher-turned-megalomaniac Jim Jones was a malignant narcissist who led what turned out to be, not just a cult, but a death cult, and its failure - his failure and subsequent death - is an example of a narcissistic collapse. Unable to accept failure and retain the fantasy, Jones' psychological collapse resulted in 918 deaths including Rep. Leo Ryan, may he R.I.P.

Then if you're like me, the tragic example of Jim Jones reminds you of egomaniac Trump's 12th house Pluto @10Leo conjunct his Mars-Saturn midpoint which is the "death axis," in a horoscope, as noted above. This provides a midpoint picture of negative potentials for brutality, the rage of destruction; intervening of a higher power, bodily injury or harm; murder, death of many people (The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad). My hope is that the intervention by a higher power is the US Justice System holding the lifelong criminal and seditionist accountable.

Are there Mars-Saturn signatures of fatality in the natal horoscope of Jim Jones?

Jonestown Massacre November 18, 1978 Georgetown, Guyana

Now a while back, expert astrologer Eric Francis published an excellent analysis of Jones and Jonestown. In fact, a view of the Jonestown Massacre Horoscope is available but I'm not certain where his timing comes from: 5:20:00 pm BZT3. With 24Tau06 rising, this places the nasty, enraged star Algol on the horizon in that location, on that date, so this is the chart I've added to my files.

So by now, you've perhaps read Thom Hartmann's 2022 article, Is something called 'narcissist collapse' coming to America?" If so, this would be compliments of America's current malignant narcissist, Donald Trump. For as presidents go, so goes America. And Donald is not even president anymore if indeed he ever was! Now you may disagree, but I've always maintained that the Mango Mussolini only played the role of POTUS on TV (badly), and he's a serial fantasist, as we know, with his Mercury-Neptune square of misperception, deception, and a tendency to create his own version of reality, aka, a fantasy world. Notably, this aspect of faulty thinking is described by Alan Oken as The Sneaky Mind.

For more details concerning the mental condition try Psychology Today's When the Narcissist Fails.

And for astrologers and the astro-curious, there's also an Apple podcast by Dark Alignment (Brittney and Eruca Rose) available, The Astrology of Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre (S4E2) with Natal and Transit charts.

Sep 2, 2023

Sept 6, 2023 Trump to Atlanta: a double Hades Affair

Hades-MC and Hades-North-Node: Underworld Crime

by Jude Cowell

UPDATE Sept 3, 2023: Word from the judge is that Trump and his co-defendants can simply enter their pleas without physically showing up in Atlanta on September 6th, therefore, Trump may or may not show up. Whether he does or not, the transits to his natal chart described below, remain operative.

Original post begins here:

Just a quick post tonight concerning September 6, 2023 9:30 am edt Atlanta, Georgia (inner chart) when and where underworld figure Donald Trump (outer chart) is ordered to turn up and is expected to plead Not Guilty to the racketeering and conspiracy charges brought by Fulton County DA Fani Willis who has the RICO Act on her agenda.

My study notes are penned on yet I trust you to find additional planetary contacts if and as you wish.

What stands out to me are: Mars to natal Neptune, Venus to natal Pluto, Neptune trine natal Venus and inconjunct natal Mars, Uranus sextile natal Saturn and conjunct his natal MC (changes to his reputation), and his natal Mercury at Midheaven ('MC'); brief details concerning these contacts are listed:

Aug 24, 2023

Scofflaw Trump to Atlanta: Mars trine Pluto

Atlanta Airport Restricted 6:45 pm--9:00 pm edt; Mars Trump Bows to Pluto's Power

by Jude Cowell

With cooperation in his cards, this evening, August 24, 2023, Mars-rising Trump flies into Atlanta and says he'll surrender for arrest at the Rice Street jail, Atlanta, Georgia a la DA Fani Willis - and he'll do so in "prime time." Naturally, the reality TV guy wants to create a ratings-grabbing media circus out of his current disgraceful arrest.

Well, powering through the shame (he refuses to feel or admit) despite the intervention of a higher power is a potential since at 8:23 pm edt in Atlanta, Georgia, a power-laden Mars-Pluto trine perfects and forms a protective Earth Grand Trine with zealous, radical Uranus the chaos-creator which happens to conjunct Trump's natal Midheaven (24Tau18) of Goals and Objectives. A high-flying Kite pattern of success results if we add 1st house Neptune Rx @26Pis56 to the Mars-Pluto-Uranus trine. Yet a caution of a Grand Trine is that mismanaging its energies can turn out more negatively than positively.

Meanwhile, legal eagle planet Saturn Rx @4Pisces, Lord of Karma, is rising at 8:23 pm suggesting to me that Saturnian accountability comes first, then comes Trump's spin of the event (orating Mercury trine Jupiter, the broadcaster), an arrest for which he's said he's "proud." Translation: he expects more donations to pour in from his gullible cult members - and indictment number 4 adds to his "martyr" mystique and fuels the skewed rhetoric he will be employing.

Freedom-Lover Uranus, Planet of Chaos and Fanaticism

Then at 8:23 pm edt, Trump's first natal planet to rise is his 10th house Uranus (17Gem55) dragging with it his natal North Node and Gemini Sun. Also along for the ride is his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine which seems to be continuing the lucky breaks that here suggest the villain will be allowed to walk away tonight from the Rice Street jail. No one expects him to be detained, of course, I'm only saying that the Cosmos supports this. For now, at least:

Now several other astro-factors of note are penned upon the above horoscope for those who are curious, yet many factors are not listed.

Therefore, if you read but one or two of my study notes, check out the Earth Grand Trine info, lower right corner highlighted in yellow, and the midpoint picture potentials of Mars-Saturn = MC, upper right corner, while keeping in mind Trump's natal Mars-Saturn = Pluto midpoint picture of death, destruction, and fury buried deep within his 12th house of the Unconscious - plus, of note tonight is another potential of this picture--the intervention of a higher power, as noted above.

A related post: America's Mars-Pluto Cycle (conjunct @25Cap35).

And in case you missed it, check out Keith Olbermann's current Countdown podcast episode, Trump is Romping Because DeSantis Is a Hologram with Keith's commentary re: last night's Republican debate.

Also see: Ron DeSantis' Sun Virgo-Moon Aquarius.

Aug 18, 2023

Horoscopes: Judge Chutkan and Trump

Authority v Power: Trump's and Those Propping Him Up

by Jude Cowell

For my Friday post of the week, here are two images: A bi-wheel of Donald Trump natal (inner) with Judge Tanya Chutkan's 'noon' natal chart (her birth hour unknown) surrounding it.

The planetary contacts between them that stand out to me are her Mercury @22Gemini (conjunct his 10th house Sun-North-Node and radical planet of chaos, Uranus), Mars @27Taurus (conjunct his MC-Algol conjunction), Uranus @28Leo (conjunct his ASC-Mars-Regulus trio: Uranus-conj-Mars suggests the danger inherent within their relationship including his viol*nt thugs, fellow gangsters, and the global criminal network). Then significantly, there's her Saturn Rx @9AQ53 (opposing his powerful 12th house Pluto at apex of his Mars-Saturn midpoint of death, fury, and destruction).

Then notably, the August 1, 2023 Full Moon @9AQ16 spotlighted her natal Saturn and opposed his natal Pluto, for him a time when his attempts at manipulation will not turn out well. Authority challenges power and Saturnian limits and restrictions are called for. Is Trump nearing the end of his lifelong crime spree?

The August Full Moon focused its rays upon Judge Chutkan's Saturnian authority and the task to oppose and challenge his Plutonian activities of subversion and criminality. One of the potentials of the Mars-Saturn = Pluto midpoint picture is, intervention of a higher power (R. Ebertin) such as the US legal system holding a criminal defendant to account with accountability one of legal eagle Saturn's demands via facts and reality, and with past abuse of power becoming significant to the present:

And here is a synastry grid of the contacts between them with squares indicating obstacles or blockages, and oppositions showing challenges and/or adversaries:

Aug 15, 2023

Trump-Organized Crime under RICO indictment in Georgia

Aug 14th: Our 13th Colony Steps Up for Law and Order

by Jude Cowell

Saturn, 'Legal Eagle' Planet in Political Astrology; NASA image

After last night's announcement in Georgia of a fourth indictment of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators acting within their self-created criminal organization, I considered writing a fresh post on the subject using astrological principles which could cast a cosmic light upon the circumstances and perhaps make some sense of it all. A cosmic glance under the hood of earthly events, we might say.

That is, I considered it until I realiized that such a post had already been written and published as, America's Neptune-Pluto Cycle of Crime and Fantasy featuring the organized crime duo's Great Conjunctions of 1891/1892 which landed upon America's 1776 Uranus, planet of revolution, war, anarchy, zealotry, radical/reactionary politics, chaos, upheaval, shocks, assaults, and disruption. Criminal enterprises have resulted, and criminal influences upon society have grown. Trump as criminal figurehead is their 'flowering'. Remember that initially, Trump was purported to helm the US from the White House as a corporate businessman. This he did with profit always his transactional motivation, and corruption no problem. No problem at all.

Plus, in mundane horoscopes there's Cupido, an archetype indicating The Syndicate, Corporatism, The Family, the Mafia, and criminal networks such as Trump and comrades put together thinking they could overthrow our country and negate our votes on behalf of a fascist dictator-wanna-be - and attempted for the benefit of certain global geopolitical take-over endeavors. You know the ones. Yet undoubtedly, the melee that useful tool Trump is causing the US Justice System pleases his handlers, for it keeps the DOJ busy, diverted, and under a potential for future collapse under the weight of Trump's hefty bulk.

You also know that Trump's foreign backers, enemies of America, of democracy, and of the US Constitution, are a major if surreptitious, factor in it all, as are certain other state government officials scooped up in Fani Willis' wide-ranging RICO prosecution announced late last night. Of course, easily recognized is the 1891/1892 era as that of the Robber Barons, the corporatists of their day - now we deal with their spawn, both biological and ideological. For example: Trump's J6 coup attempt was and is supported by many US corporations and CEOs--make that, transnational corporations who hold no allegiance to the United States of America despite the wealth they generated here using America's infrastructure, and the US consumers they profit by. Cash-cow-r-us!

Underneath it all, we're mired within our US Pluto Return with its collapse-rebuild vibrations that were heralded and supported by 2018's The Tower Eclipse, with themes activated in April 2019 by transit Uranus returning to its eclipse degree in early Taurus!

Meanwhile on the astrological level, if you check out the post linked, above, please scroll beneath the horoscope image to Michael Munkasey's Thesis-Antithesis description of the Neptune-Pluto duo if you don't check out anything else!

And for further reading, remember that this October, Trump greets the 7 South Eclipse conjunct his progressed Moon. Will this bring an 'October Surprise' for the amoral orange blighter? Or more like an October Shock?