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Aug 20, 2019

On the Founding of Savannah, Georgia 1733

If you check out the horoscope of Savannah, Georgia you'll find the Sun (leadership) in Aquarius (the visionary, Oglethorpe) and the Moon (population) in either late Scorpio or early Sagittarius.

For as you know, it was James Oglethorpe (later Sir) who had a dream and led the coastal expedition to populate the American continent in the area of what became known as the 13th Colony of Georgia. Although yours truly was born in nearby Clarke County (in Athens to be exact), my most recent paternal ancestors migrated from North Carolina (apparently!) to Oglethorpe County, Georgia in 1821, became acquainted with my maternal ancestor and her family from Virginia, married, and proceeded to build churches and sire a few generations there including my father (1908--2002).

Perhaps you'll enjoy the following video:

Colonial Georgia

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