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Aug 21, 2019

Chiron-Uranus Chaos in the White House 2019

August 21, 2019: Seldom do I re-publish one of my own posts but seldom do I re-read one that closely applies to current events and/or people in the here and now. Such has occurred with the following remarks posted here on SO'W on December 30, 2005 and which I applied to George W. Bush at the time--obviously, since Dubya was playing the POTUS role in 2005. Therefore, you'll notice references to the departed Bush, below.

And so I ask all readers to consider the following in light of the chaos-creating Trump personage and his 'administration' along with his enablers and fellow saboteurs and would like to know if you agree that Big T is described herein to a 'T'. If you wish, please leave your on-topic opinion with this post.

As for the Astrology of it, little did I know in 2005 who my post was describing in the future! For as you know, Trump was born with his guiding planet, Uranus, in Gemini (10th house), and Chiron in Libra (2nd house), an Air trine between them. Their trine indicates one whose Quest involves a lifestyle that attracts public notice and social reactions which greatly influence him (R. Nolle). This sounds somewhat mild, like Trump's current obsession with polls and his years of headline-grabbing activities--until we consider the rest.

Original post begins here, with precious few edits:

Chiron-Uranus Types in Government

by Jude Cowell

Our current system of government is being guided in the last few years by those who know better than the average bear, and don't mind telling us so.

I refer to the restless, opinionated, passionate, other-worldly reformers who have Chiron/Uranus aspects or other signatures of these two planetary mavericks in their personalities and natal charts.

See if any of the following sounds like US 'public servants' you know for I think we're suffering under a whole gaggle of them - and have been for decades:

Thriving on change, the Chiron/Uranus type of personality has an inability to accept a higher authority than his personal choice, and possesses a strong belief in individualism--as long as it's his own.

Existing social systems and any sort of restrictions upon him personally are things to rebel against and to reform, and although there is a belief in freedom, including freedom of speech, there is deep intolerance of others' ideas. Blithely unaware of this contradiction, he plows along, like an unstoppable bulldozer with utter belief that he (they, really) know what is best for all humankind.

He feels an urgent need to improve the world according to his personal belief system, and frequently can be found in politics, law, or other social institutions. According to his agenda, institutions are little more than systems which must be broken and remade--and the resulting chaos they cause is "temporary" and to them, "worth it."

And while a love of humanity may exist, the love is detached and abstract--there's no love of people up-close or personal, for that would involve an exchange of feelings, and might result in the Chiron-Uranus person's authority being challenged. This gives a tendency to dehumanize others, and to keep them at a distance.

"Energy follows thought" is an intrinsically-understood concept, and overthrowing the old system and challenging prevailing wisdom is assumed to be a worthy and necessary goal.

This is the "speculator for great gain" personality, and if a few toes get crushed underfoot, so be it. One's Mark Must Be Made in History, preferably in an individualistic way.

Here is an agent for change, either positively or negatively, yet an "escape hatch" must always be available, for this type hates being pinned, tied down, or inconveniently held accountable for the unfortunate consequences of his actions. (Unless it's furry handcuffs--there can be a kinkiness behind closed doors, but Let's Not Go There.)

There is an ill-considered zeal and self-righteousness coupled with an indiscriminate willfulness which causes disaster rather than the creative change hoped for. Yet "outstanding in his field" is an apt description of this sort of rebel with his abundance of intense preoccupations that can widen horizons too far--his over-concern with the larger picture allows the devil to take over the details, and things can fall very flat.

And while he may think freedom is to be had by overthrowing structures "out there", his personal freedom/authority issues are what is in need of reform and careful consideration.

Rash, crusading, and hypocritical, he seldom feels the beam in his own eye, for the trouble is always seen as being outside himself--yet he would do well to address these issues stemming from his own unresolved adolescent conflicts with mummy and daddy.

Above all, there is a conviction that anything can be changed--that traditions are minor restrictions to be dispensed with--and that nothing is really sacred, including boundaries, borders, inconvenient laws, treaties, or Constitutions. Laws are for commoners, he thinks..."we" are the "ruling class" who make up the rules for others...we don't follow them, we just make them.

A numbing lack of connection to his own feelings makes it difficult for him to admit mistakes, especially when added to the above-mentioned "out there" tendency. The black-white, "for us or against us" method of polarization has worked well for him--exs: Bush after 9/11, and the illusory "con vs lib" arguments which have kept most Americans busy infighting for years and under the plutocrats' claws. (I can't say 'thumbs' here because this kind of primal reptilian behavior is way beneath most human beings' evolutionary level and shows a tendency to eat one's young, quite frankly.)

W Style?

Is the quickest way to unite all "evil-doers" against the "white-hats" simply to draw the line in the rhetorical sand and keep repeating your most calculated lies? 'Twould seem so. Especially in Washington, DC (my favorite former abode.)

Yes, the Chiron-Uranus types of personalities have a strong and consuming urge to remake the world, a tendency shared by globalists who have the same arrogance and greed to make their marks upon the world, and who don't hesitate for a second to use Chiron-Uranus types as tools for their NWO purposes.

Chiron info: my own chart studies blended with Melanie Reinhart's book Chiron and the Healing Journey.

Posted by Jude Cowell Dec 30, 2005 at 4:48 PM est #

Above image: my drawing 'Chiron Returns 2027--2028' to its 1977 discovery degree of 3Tau07. And curiously, the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Chiron's discovery fell within the gentle 16 North Saros Series with themes of 'Uranus-Neptune illumination, sudden release of unconscious material which brings a great deal of insight that can be acted upon' (Brady). Last 16 North: 2013 in Scorpio, next 16N: 2031, again in Scorpio, sign of regeneration.

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