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Jan 25, 2020

January 25, 2020: Republicans Rebut for Trump

So this morning at 10:00 am est in Washington DC, Trump's Senate impeachment Trial continues and it's the turn of the Republicans to rebut charges against their dear leader made by senators of the Democratic persuasion for three days this week. Not that all Republicans in the chamber have listened to the arguments for Trump's conviction and removal from office, nor even remained silent in their seats as the rules dictate.

But today is a new day and I'm looking at today's 10:00 am horoscope on Capitol Hill with its Ascendant @3Ari56 and wounded Chiron rising @2Ari16. Apparently some measure of wounding has been suffered from the Democrats' arguments if only to Trump's massive yet oversensitive ego.

Yet Trump's Republican lackeys are up for the expected task of playing to an audience of One who is, I have heard, in 'The Residence' today and will be watching with great interest, no doubt, to see if any of his compromised minions in the Senate are destined to have their heads (symbolically, I'm sure!) on pikes, thanks to their vengeful boss and his mob leanings.

Of course, another implication of Chiron rising is a defense full of 'poor brave president' sentiments of persecution and martyr-like tendencies. Behind-the-scenes in the 12th house of Politics and Karma are the Venus-Neptune pair in sacrificial Pisces suggesting to me, if not to you, that a form of adoration is running in the background, at least for some of the participants. How genuine is up to the owners of such ill-placed slavishness yet I wonder--how would you or I fare under direct, real-time threat of a vicious Trump?

Meanwhile, in the 11th house of Groups and Associations are the recently separating Sun and Moon after their New Moon rendezvous of January 24th @4AQ22 (4:42 pm est). Now it's Sun 5AQ05 and Moon 13AQ18 with Luna applying to arguing Mercury 15AQ07, the Angel Point. However, I must doubt that the 'better angels of our natures' will make cameos in the Senate Hart Building today if indeed they ever have in support of America's finest aspirations. No, today is about defending the indefensible, the impeached criminal watching from the White House as a 10th house overflows with the heavyweight trio in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, Jupiter (12:16), Pluto (23:12), and Saturn (24:18). South Node @8Cap17 joins in as well suggesting a dependence upon past behavior and conduct that solved problems at that time but are no longer suitable for present circumstances. Opposite in 4th house, North Node continues to point toward Donald Trump's natal Mercury (8Can51) with its trade, commerce, lies, schemes, gossip, insults, and theft sensibilities and denoting Trump's location in 'The Residence' of the White House and fully expecting to be rhetorically defended by his cowed team players with fireworks, brilliance, and whatever it takes to 'win' the day and give him an appearance of exoneration.

Yet with erratic Uranus @2Tau44 first to rise in 1st house, some disruption or unexpected event may occur of a whimsical Trumpian quality for his 10th house Uranus in Gemini is Uranian Trump's guiding planet and we know how he prefers to rule by chaos--to shake things up. This suggests the pressure cooker his Republican defenders are simmering in and never more visibly than today and over the next few days as Mr. Indefensible pulls their strings upon pain of retaliation.

Primarily it will be chart-ruler Mars @15Sag02 in the 9th house of Legal Affairs leading the happy fight and the BOWL shape of planets tilting across the Public Status-Career Point of the Midheaven (2Cap09) and applying once to a square with watery Neptune (rationalizations over logic).

Rounding up for Mars's Sabian Symbol we have "16Sag": "Sea Gulls Watching a Ship" and I suspect that ship is Donald Trump being anxiously watched by his minions for signs of approval!

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