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Nov 7, 2020

November 7, 2020: Scorpio Joe Biden Elected!

November 7, 2020: Finally, after the November 3rd election, this morning Democrat and former VP Joe Biden has been announced by the AP and other outlets as President-Elect.

As you know, the Fixed sign of Scorpio is deep thinking, great at detecting, and is sometimes brooding. Of note is that President-Elect Biden was born with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Scorpio. His Mars is unaspected which denotes one who can be quite uncompromising which will be a significant trait when dealing with Republican Senate Leader Mitch 'grim reaper' McConnell. Plus, Mr. Biden's Taurus Moon can be stubborn, too.

So! Today's Moon sign is Fixed Leo, solar-ruled and on the dramatic side. A Leo Moon suggests the happiness, the joy, that a majority of Americans (and other folks abroad!) are feeling today. There's also the hope that the Trump regime's era is over although Herr Spanky will hang on to public attention as long as he can - in the courts, on Twitter, in news reports, on our TVs. Maybe he'll turn up with his own show, who knows. Yet no matter what he does, today's Fixed energies indicate that current circumstances will remain in force, as is, and will alter on January 20, 2021 at noon est when Trump's 'reign' officially ends!

But enough about Trump for he will, at some point, become old news. Huzzah! Let's move on to --

Today's Cosmic Weather: Sun Scorpio-Moon Leo

A forceful, intense Sun-Mars-Pluto combination of influences, this blend suggests those for whom personal and economic success, plus, a sense of self-esteem, are very important. A level of magnetism and charisma may be noticed (Moon in Leo until Monday November 9th at 8:30 am est) as well as an intense determination toward a cause or mission. Whenever ruthlessness is required, Scorpio natives are ready. Even better will be approval and applause for and from that Leo Moon: Dancing in the streets can be one happy expression!

And so speaking today for Stars Over Washington, I'm sending Congratulations (and Condolences!) to the victorious Biden-Harris team, their families, soon-to-be Cabinet members, lawyers, and staffers. Much is expected from them despite Republican opponents and others who would continue to interfere with common sense social programs and needed repairs to the damage Trump and his enablers have perpetrated. I choose to believe that the Biden-Harris team will do their best which will be a vast improvement over the saboteurs, thieves, gangsters, and racists America has suffered under for the last few years.

Of interest is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are to deliver statements tonight, plus, a transition website has been set up but I've yet to check it out.

Now to close, here's an Image for Integration for the Sun Scorpio-Moon Leo blend which you may agree applies to current events and conditions:

"A Samaritan mirrors sunshine into the depth of a dark pit bringing hope to those who live there" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

1 comment:

Crystal D said...

FWIW, all the Scorpios I've known are kind souls who don't live up to the "sinister and scary" stereotype of old-fashioned astrology. And the Moon is exalted in Taurus. (No wonder Joe loves ice cream!)

New VP Kamala Harris, path-breaking in so many ways (first woman, and first biracial black/Asian person in that position) has Libra sun, Gemini rising and Aries moon. Beneath the Libra/Venus niceness is someone who won't put up with any kind of nonsense nor will she hold back from saying what she thinks.

I'm just so glad the Orange National Nightmare has been turfed out. I get a whiff of the myth of Icarus from him (and he does have Leo rising!) - he finally rose too high, too close to the sun, and his false wings melted.