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Mar 1, 2021

Trump Progressed Sun 2021 = Saturn-Neptune

Timing Is Everything

by Jude Cowell

March 1, 2021: When progressing the natal chart of Donald Trump to the moment and location that he completed his CPAC 2021 speech last evening (6:20 pm est, Orlando, Florida), this is the Secondary Progressed ('SP') Horoscope that turned up with his SP Sun @4Vir24 conjunct two SP midpoints: Saturn-Neptune and Mars-MC; please see the center of the chart for a few potentials of the two midpoint pictures that are created this year due to the day-for-a-year progression of Individual One's natal Sun in Gemini, now in fussy Virgo:

Also penned in the center is Sun-Uranus = MC (The Goal) denoting his 'far-reaching plans' (a 2024 presidential run, he asserts), and his self-willed desire to reform the Republican Party even more into his own gilded image, flip flops and all.

This Secondary Progressed Chart issues from Donald Trump's natal chart of June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY; ASC 29Leo55. Note that both SP Sun and SP Moon in Mercury-ruled Virgo (sign of The Critic) are in his natal 1st house but SP Moon @22Vir42 is now symbolically entering his natal 2nd house of Values, Earning Ability, and Possessions (natal 2nd cusp 22Vir57). The only SP aspect in the chart is a Mars-Pluto sextile which improves his physical stamina, spotlights strong emotions over money and relationships (same as the current themes of the 4 South Solar Eclipse @23Sag08 on December 14, 2020 conjunct his natal Moon-SN), but also shows that it's time he balances personal power with shared power (!). Plus, Trump's will power is emphasized by this progressed sextile as is his ability to both initiate and complete projects (Pottenger and Dobyns).

And yes, SP Jupiter rising is protective yet as you see, SP Nemesis @16Leo51 is sandwiched between his SP Mercury and SP Pluto, the planetary pair known for cruelty of speech. Plus, the SP South Node that he neurotically depends upon has both SP Cupido (The Family; The Syndicate: religion; crime) and SP Tisiphone (retaliation) upon it.

Now admittedly there's much more info within Trump's 2021 SP chart especially when compared to his natal horoscope so feel free, dear reader, to leave your on-topic observations in a comment if you wish to add to this post - with your name bravely attached. And please do me a favor and Share if you dare! jc


Peg said...

Hi Jude,

China President Xi’s, bday -June 15, Sun is at 23°.45
Trump’s bday -June 14, Sun is at 22°.56 Gemini.
Trump also has Atropos at 23 Gemini
Pelosi’s Birthday is March 26, she is 80
March 26 + 80 days = June 14 - Prog Sun
On June 14, 2018, at 00.24.57 UTC. - The USA has its 13th nodal return, exact to the second. 13 nodal returns I see as a master cycle ( 13 moons in a solar year).
The EXACT same time Trump Solar return and his 72 birthday.
2 conjunctions, both to the second
- July 04, 1776- — N Node 6°35'48 Leo
- June 14, 2018 — N Node 6°35'48 Leo
- June 14, 2018 — Sun — 22°55'42
- Trump’s Gemini Sun — 22°55'42
Pelosi's & Jin Ping's Sun both contact the USA 13th nodal return, which also means Trumps Sun and Atropos.

The impeccable timing with the USA Node, to me, says this is all part of the USA Soul Journey. Is there a way I can send something to you personally?. I am not a full-fledged astrologer, more of a star muser.


Sorry if posted multiple time...

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Peg, Thanks for this info which I confess seems a bit confusing to me probably because it's not how I tend to approach Political Astrology. Guess after writing almost 16 years of SO'W I'm set in my ways!

As for sending me things you'll find that my gmail address is listed on all the horoscopes I post - or should be. It is: judecowell at gmail dot com.