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Oct 18, 2021

Aug 1981 Reagan Fires 11,359 Air-Traffic Controllers

Monday October 18, 2021

by Jude Cowell

Considering how many workers' strikes are in process across the country, a look at the planets of August 5, 1981, when newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan fired 11,359 air-traffic controllers whose strike he had "branded illegal," could be interesting in comparison with Reagan's natal planets. Apparently in making this decision, and with the usual Republican aplomb, difficulties caused for workers' families and the safety of all Americans were of no concern. For the GOP, the massive firing was a bottomline issue of finances, plus the usual political power play of exerting control (1981 MC = Mercury-Mars).

So below is a bi-wheel which is set up "backwards" - in other words, Reagan's natal horoscope (1911) is outside the 'noon' horoscope of August 5, 1981, a speculative hour when he did the deed (probably under orders from his corporate financial backers who finagled him into the Oval Office by cutting out President Jimmy Carter from his second term and using America's 66 hostages held in Iran to finesse it - his infamous, conspiratorial October Surprise).

Now as you see, multiple study notes are messily penned upon the bi-wheel including the significant fact that 1981 Pluto @21Lib52 sat prominently atop Reagan's natal Midheaven ('MC' = The Goal Point: powerful ambitions) and the controlling pair of Pluto-MC was rising on that day at noon and was a major factor of his presidential manipulations against Mr. Carter:

August 5, 1981 12:00 noon EDT Washington DC with Ronald Reagan February 6, 1911 4:16 am CST Tampico, IL RR: A from a family member

Note that 1981's chart-ruler is the 11th house Venu$ (highlighted in blue if you can see it) yet she makes no applying aspects to other 1981 planets which emphasizes her sign, degree, and house position. Venus in Virgo is supposed to be concerned with morals and ethics so perhaps her detached condition kept her concerns from informing or affecting the other actors (planets). Then for Mr. Reagan, his natal Jupiter-South-Node conjunction (in green) is prominent here (his first to rise) and reveals his lifelong clash of ethics with societal norms which tends to create conflicts of interest.

So perhaps The Gipper (greedy and materialistic as he was with Jupiter in Scorpio) didn't mind so much acting the role of POTUS in a way that oppressed members of society because the wealthy class could somehow gain. And with his Jupiter-SN conjunct the speculative 1981 Jupiter-Neptune midpoint we see the actor's 'preference for feigned or staged performances' and from his Jupiter conjunct 1981 Saturn-Neptune we find potentials for 'deceptive practices further concealed by religious ceremony or implication' and/or 'expanded ideas that reality is just a vision' (M. Munkasey).

These days, it seems that Politics concealed by religion (aka, Theocracy) has only increased its ability to damage US society and undermine America's original secular principles upon which our nation was founded. For as you know, our dreary Puritan streak had an early start in 1620 when the group landed at Plymouth, determined that religion would be the State - all the while emigrating to America in order to escape religious persecution themselves.

In closing, recommended for further reading is Salon Magazine's The evangelical presidency: Reagan's dangerous love affair with the Christian right.

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