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Oct 19, 2021

Nov 2021 Lunar Eclipse hits US Constitution's MC-IC

Tuesday October 19, 2021: Below is a bi-wheel with the US Constitution Horoscope, inner, and the November 19, 2021 Lunar Eclipse @27Tau14, outer. As you see, the MC-IC angles of the 1787 Horoscope will be spotlighted by the eclipse across the Taurus-Scorpio axis so we must wonder if it's simply a matter of secrets or inconvenient facts revealed or does it relate to some sort of culmination or fulfillment phase involving the horoscope's Security and Public Status Axis? Perhaps 'all of the above' as hostile forces continue their sabotage against this venerable Freedom Document at the heart of America's founding:

Curiously, asteroid Phaethon arrives in his chariot along with the Eclipse Moon, so both conjunct the Constitution's IC, the foundation of the matter. Meanwhile, conjunct the Constitution's MC, The Goal Point, in 1787 is asteroid Diana insisting upon freedom and independence. Also at IC you see the Moon-North-Node conjunction which signifies "immune system" (R. Ebertin) and adds to our sense of the US Constitution's under-assault condition and the need to repel hostile forces - and to preserve it and work within the system to make sensible changes and improvements. Yes, it is time for an update if the changes are sensible and beneficial but personally I can and will never trust anti-constitutional GOP saboteurs to do the tinkering under the document's hood. Who in their right mind could?

Now speaking of Saturnian stability, consolidation, and increasing wisdom (were we?) you see how transit Saturn @8AQ08 conjuncts the document's Ascendant (chart source: Campion #377 4:00 pm LMT) with the third of three conjunctions exact on November 20, 2021 just after the Lunar Eclipse. Therefore, a serious sense of heaviness has been in force for some time and will increase as 2021 draws to a close. For the US Constitution and its supporters this is a sobering period with future transits coming that will tell more of the tale. Limitations are a potential of the Saturnian transit along with responsibilities which may seem burdensome to some. Yet with karmic Saturn already within orb of the document's 1787 Ascendant, our recognition of difficult conditions and constitutional crisis is obviously underway for those who pay attention to such weighty societal matters. With the scofflaws we have making trouble these days, everyone probably should.

Then there's:

Transit Saturn conjunct 1787 Pluto (@14AQ12 Rx prominent in 1st house) bringing power and control issues with a potential for the loss of control in situations that are simply too large to handle, exact in January 2022 so that sober feelings will increase and grow as 2022 dawns and proceeds. We must watch for even more insidious attacks upon our Freedom Document using state laws and lawsuits, however ill-written they may be.

Now as you see, transit Jupiter @24AQ00 conjoins 1787 Saturn, one of the indications that changes are underway, or should be. Jupiter and Saturn are known as the 'societal planets' and this transit typically suggests a partial lifting of responsibilities and/or restrictions so we'll see if something of that nature hits the news wires soon. Or perhaps it already has and I missed it. Alternately, it may simply indicate that hard work and careful planning will be rewarded, or, that our system's tradition of checks'n'balances is under scrutiny since we already know it's under assault. And naturally, we may expect that the US Supreme Court is involved.

US Constitution's Saturn Return/s: Legalities and Commitments

Then with karmic aplomb, the 1787 document will once again have a Saturn Return (@23AQ22 Rx - actually a three-fer return exact on April 16, 2022, July 25, 2022, and January 10, 2023 - dates are listed in the center of the bi-wheel). This period may seem discouraging at times but will also provide opportunities for Americans to reaffirm our commitment to America's founding principles and traditions. After all, the natal trine of 1787 between karmic Saturn and idealistic Neptune suggests that the document inherently contains a good balance between rational ideas and intuitive ones, plus, it is based on good ethics and values - things we should retain. So when transit Saturn returns to its 1787 degree in 2022 and 2023, Mr. Reliable will again trine 1787 Neptune in Libra so that spiritual development and karmic progress can be made - assuming that people at the helm of our country during that time are those who prefer America's founding principles and traditions and are determined to preserve them.

In closing, since the asteroid is prominently conjunct the November 19, 2021 Lunar Eclipse, here's a bit about Phaethon who was unprepared but assumed responsibility (a Saturn word!) anyway. Perhaps this cosmic picture will relate to the revelatory power of the Lunar Eclipse (and uncover a scandal or two) and must also involve President Biden because the Eclipse 'eclipses' his natal Scorpio Sun-Venus conjunction.

For a look beyond November 2021 try the Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope set for Washington DC.

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