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Dec 1, 2021

Mengele and Fauci: Angel of Death vs Saver of Life

Astrology of Mengele vs Fauci

According to FOX News personality Lara Logan on November 29, 2021, "Fauci doesn't represent Science, he represents Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele". To promote this propaganda, Logan introduces it with the typical Fox-esque tactic of "people have likened" and "people all across the world are saying this" - so that she herself can say it out loud on TV (links to the video). No evidence is produced, merely opinion.

So I got to wondering: what can Astrology reveal about cosmic contacts that the two men may have in common? Obviously, Scorpio, sign of surgery, regeneration, and death, is active in both natal charts, as you can see. Plus, the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces is found via Mengeles' planets in suffering Pisces (Sun, Mercury, centaur Chiron, plus, his Midheaven, the Goal Point) while opposing is Fauci's fact-based sign of Virgo which contains compassionate Neptune.

Another planetary factor that stands out to me is that Mengele was born with a volatile Mars-Uranus Conjunction (out of sign, yes, but look where it is: conjunct his 8th cusp of death), while Anthony Fauci was born with a stubborn, strong-willed Mars-Uranus Opposition. As you see, a few notes are penned near the top of the image concerning the conjunction and the opposition and here I'll add that the Mars-Uranus pair signifies potentials for: 'bodily intervention (operation); cutting of the skin; loss of blood; a scar' (R. Ebertin). Of course, none of these potentials are rare finds in the natal horoscopes and psyches of medical doctors and surgeons.

Now the natal chart of the Nazis' "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele is accurately timed (RR: AA). Not so for the natal chart of Anthony Fauci. Therefore, the bi-wheel of their horoscopes, displayed below, is set up with Mengele's chart, inner, surrounded by Dr. Fauci's chart, outer, for the sake of comparison. Note that Mengele's chart-ruler, his 4th house Libra Moon, applies to two Ptolemaic (major) aspects which are listed, lower left.

And please be advised that this post is not intended to answer the question of Dr. Fauci's integrity which Republicans assail on a constant basis for reasons of their own self-interest. For me, any hope of judging such an issue would require an accurately timed natal chart for Anthony Fauci. Yet because Dr. Fauci has served our country in various medical roles for decades under 14 presidents and is an expert in infectious diseases, I'm labeling him as a "Saver of Life" unless and until I learn differently from a reputable source.

Valuable Research vs Freakish Experimentalism

So additionally, on the subject of healthcare and how it is practiced, near the very top of the image you'll find Mengele's Saturn-Chiron sextile: 'assists the pain of others' and Fauci's Neptune sextile Chiron: 'a healer'. Take this, dear reader, as you will, and leave a comment if you wish. One man had, and the other is having, opportunities (sextile) during their lifetimes to express their Chirons ('the wounded healer') however they wish: either for humanity or against it. And I'm completely certain that reasonable people can easily separate one from the other.


Martha said...

So have you ordered RFK Jr's new book, The Real Anthony Fauci? Over 2100 footnotes of carefully documented crimes. I understand it's a real page turner. My copy is still on order, but I've heard him interviewed about it. Experiments on beagles and orphans, hundreds of 1000s of unnecessary "AIDS" deaths. Yes, mentioning Fauci and Mengele in the same sentence is not inappropriate.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks Martha! But no, I haven't ordered the book as I simply have a large backlog of reading already and the holidays are here.

I too have heard an interview about this, maybe the same one you heard but can only write about a limited number of topics as my political astro-muse compels! :)

Am happy to answer you here though so that others can see your recommendation! Jude

Martha said...

Bobby's all over the blogosphere, including his own CHD site, these days so I've heard several of his talks. He lays out the scene brilliantly -- like a good lawyer.
Anyway, thank you for your work and I wish you happy holidays. Good health and happiness in 2022. G*d bless us all.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, Martha, his work is very accessible and Thank You very much for spotlighting it!

Wishing you and yours a Merry Holiday and a fantastic 2022, good health and all! Jude