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Jan 6, 2022

Inauguration 2025 Horoscope (unmarked)

Thursday January 6, 2022

In response to a frequent reader's courteous request, below is an unmarked (non-scribbled upon by yours truly!) Horoscope of Inauguration 2025 set for January 20, 2025 12:00 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC which may come in handy - if America's traditional Presidential Oath of Office - on that date, at that time, and in that place - is still 'a thing' by then:

And here's the same Inauguration 2025 Horoscope all marked and scribbled upon with my study notes and containing information that includes suggestions of Cowboys and Tyranny.


Alice said...

Pluto conjunct the Sun, that should be very interesting.


Jude Cowell said...

More interesting than we might like, Alice. And power mad Pluto in AQ has finally crept into Inaugural 10th house with the leader's Sun which sounds too plutocratic and autocratic to me. jc

Crystal D said...

Don’t forget the good ol’ Pluto return. I have a feeling that there won’t be enough roosts for all the chickens. In the words of Bette Davis as Margo Channing, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Jude Cowell said...

Not forgetting the US Pluto Return which has been within orb for some time, exact all through 2022 - and has symbolically perfected upon US Inaugural Midheaven, The Goal Point. This of course is due to FDR changing our Inaugurations from early March to January 20th (1934--1937). In the realms of political power, I call this purposeful!

In FDR's era, Pluto was in Cancer "the magician" now opposite in Capricorn Pluto is "the dictator."

But as noted previously, dictatorship can be benevolent depending on a government's motive. jc