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Jul 7, 2022

Horoscopes: Georgia Guidestones blown up

UPDATE July 7, 2022: Mea Culpa! the July 6, 2022 chart (outer) was calculated with 'EST' and should be 'EDT' - in too much of a hurry earlier to notice. This hour change makes the Ascendant 9Gem49 with US 1776 Uranus rising (our planet of revolution and war), plus, Aldebaran rises with the Mercury-Uranus midpoint (eccentric actions) indicating accidents, upsets, and/or organizing ability (R. Ebertin). At Midheaven is 19AQ52 with Saturn Rx @24AQ28 - Saturn, karmic planet of stones, slabs, carvings, and loss. 2022 Uranus conjunct 1980 Venus suggests unusual alliances and unpredictable events affecting relationships.

Original post begins here:

My time today is brief because there's a whole bunch going on here, so below a quick posting of the Georgia Guidestones Horoscope surrounded by the timed chart of their destruction by incendiary device. Many study notes are penned on the charts for those who are curious and if you wish more Astrology concerning 'the stones' scroll down the sidebar and type into the Search field, or simply tap or click a label under this post.

And yes, for whatever reason that's Trump's "prez bid" New Moon of June 2015 rising, 'explosion Moon' @5Lib40 conjunct his natal Neptune, and more Trumpian stuff for those who care to look. One consideration: perhaps this story gets his Grand Jury troubles in Georgia off the wire for about a nano-second:

This morning: Mysterious words on a blown-up monument says MSN.

And here's another UPDATE July 7, 2022: The time capsule said to be buried near the Guidestones since 1980 has allegedly been opened but the entire thing has proved to be a ruse!

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