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Dec 25, 2022

US Constitution's Saturn 2022--2023

Our Constitutional Saturn: The Law and Authority

by Jude Cowell

Below is a bi-wheel showing the US Constitution Horoscope of 1787 in center and the document's Saturn Return of January 2023 Horoscope, outer (#3 Return of 3), with a few astro-notes penned thereupon.

Q: Will the 3rd of three Saturn Returns to the US Constitution result in some measure of resolution of the years-long campaign by anti-constitutionalists to reform its principles which were established under the inspiration of an applying Saturn-Neptune trine (see note in the center of the bi-wheel)?

Well, this particular American prefers to keep the document as-is rather than allow it to go under the knives of its enemies.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to report that there is good news! For certain influences upon the Constitution shown by the previous and recently expired Saturn Return of 1993 (horoscope, below) have ended as of April 16, 2022 (#1 of 3 Returns; #2 = July 25, 2022; #3 is the January 10, 2023 horoscope shown, below), bringing the US an extended period of new conditions now in process of forming since 1993 - with a lot less Trump, as you can see, because also ending are direct influences of the planetary contacts from the natal chart and psyche of the anti-democracy, orange-hued Donald J. Trump whose mojo is fading, as many political pundits now agree. For as you see below, Herr T's natal planets are 'all over' the March 1, 1993 Return chart, with the blighter's planets highlighted in pink (because bullies are cowards).

But first, take a look at the bi-wheel of the US Constitution (center: September 17, 1787; Campion chart #377) surrounded by the January 10, 2023 Saturn Return Horoscope to 23AQ22:25 which is number three of three current Returns, as noted:

To read my study notes, please enlarge and/or print any of the horoscopes.

A Smattering of Historical Context: 1993 and 2006/07

Above is the previous Saturn Return to 23AQ22:25 which occurred once on March 1, 1993 (with transit Pluto square 1787/1993 Saturn: abuse of authority challenged as scofflaw Trump's dubious authority has certainly been). Plus, US Constitution's Saturn is basically in opposition to Herr T's natal Mars (26Leo) across the self-will axis (Leo-AQ) which suggests obstacles and legal blockages to his aggressive actions along with major gridlock potentially caused by his mistakes, plus, lack of help by those around him.

Additionally significant and issuing from the 1993 Return chart is that the 'reaping rewards for past actions' transit of Saturn opposing its 1787 (and 1993) positions have occurred three times since 1993: the first on October 23, 2006 on into 2007. Here's a revealing photo published by TIME Magazine and dated October 27, 2006 (Chronocrator Saturn, ruler of Time) taken of VP Cheney, an authority figure, rallying the troops at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, a stealth bomber on display in the background. That's "Whiteman."

So as you know, 2006 is the year that US 1776 Mars (@23Gemini) turned retrograde by progression (@17Libra - conjunct Trump's stationary Jupiter) and the Bush-Cheney administration managed to "break" or weaken the US military via preemptive war in sandy places where our troops did not belong - despite what the US Constitution says about Congress' authority to wage war. So those two Republican chuckleheads and their PNAC pals assaulted the Constitution, too, so that US soldiers were used as endless cannon fodder for old bald men with corporate mindsets waging war for the sake of plunder. Feel free to disagree, but there it is.

Okay, in the spirit of closing this post, I'm done now typing this particular fuss. As you were.

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