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Oct 27, 2023

Dean Phillips 1969 vs Joe Biden 1942

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Unless he's already been persuaded otherwise, Dean Phillips has announced that he'll challenge President Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination, and has stated that he "loves" Joe Biden. A native of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Rep. Phillips was born January 20, 1969 with Sun @00AQ28 (America's Inaugural Sun position = POTUS), and Moon in either late Aquarius, or as late as 11 Pisces+.

Taking his Oath of Office on January 3, 2019, Phillips is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus of Republicans and Democrats, a group created by the No Labels entity that runs third party candidates in order to skew elections. Is this his objective in challenging the incumbent Democratic president? Or, it's possible that Dean Phillips is being used as a tool for the interests of others. We should have more details later on.

Ambitious Mars in Scorpio Craves Power

A prominent factor in both Dean Phillips' and President Biden's natal horoscopes is that they share a position of natal Mars, both @12Scorpio+ (13Scorpio = "An Inventor Inventing"). So even though we have no birth hour for Dean Phillips (or I don't, at least), I'm including here his 2023 Mars Return Horoscope (upper right) along with his noon natal chart (lower left).

His Mars position in the Return chart is based upon the noon position of Mars in his natal horoscope so the timing may be off a bit; notice that the Mars Return 2023 of President Biden occurs on October 30, 2023 and both their Return charts have the midpoint picture of Sun-Mercury = Mars (highlighted in yellow and supplying them both with "the will to fight" - R. Ebertin), Plus, both men are having transit Jupiter in Taurus opposing natal Mars which indicates that projects on too grand a scale may fail:

As you see, for Rep. Dean Phillips, both his Mercury and Jupiter are stationary, thus emphasized, having just turned retrograde ('Rx'). In addition, money bags planet Jupiter @6Libra03 is involved in a planetary trio with innovative Uranus, the South Node of inheritance, and powerful Pluto which suggests his family wealth and social status. That a career in Politics has followed makes sense.

Now besides their Mars positions being conjunct (Mr. Biden obviously had a Mars Return in 1969), Dean Phillips' natal Neptune @28Scorpio contacts or blends with Joe Biden's natal Sun and Venus so perhaps it really is "love" (Venus-Neptune). Has Mr. Biden okay'd the 2024 challenge from Dean Phillips?

Now here are two of the possible "Images for Integration" (via The Harveys) - the first for a Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend, the second for Sun AQ-Moon Pisces:

"The Jolly Green Giant" which sounds like expansive Jupiter.

"A brilliant inventor takes a sabbatical on a desert island" which resonates with his inventive Mars, yes?

And in case you're wondering, President Biden's current Mars Return occurred in November 2021 with his Scorpio Mars in the lead!

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