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Jan 19, 2024

Iran Horoscope with Jan 2024 Sun-Pluto

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Here is a bi-wheel of Iran's Islamic Republic Horoscope (Campion #159, one of three) in center surrounded by the Sun-Pluto Conjunction of January 20, 2024 @29Cap59 set for Tehran, and opposing Iran's 1979 Jupiter @29Can04 (12th house).

Prominent planetary contacts are circled, plus, a few potentials are penned on the image; the timing of Iran's chart is based on Ayatollah Khomeini's radio proclamation; as you see, it's a Sun-Pluto situation:

Well, here's a news story of Sun-Pluto proportions involving world leaders:

Iran's Desire for a 'Seat at the Table' felt at Davos. But with Sun and Pluto opposing Iran's Jupiter, there are blockages to the country's increase of power and status. However, the blockages are not necessarily permanent because even slow poke Pluto will soon creep on into Aquarius and his opposition to 1979 Jupiter will weaken.

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