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Jan 19, 2024

Iran Horoscope with Jan 2024 Sun-Pluto

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Here is a bi-wheel of Iran's Islamic Republic Horoscope (Campion #159, one of three) in center surrounded by the Sun-Pluto Conjunction of January 20, 2024 @29Cap59 set for Tehran, and opposing Iran's 1979 Jupiter @29Can04 (12th house).

Prominent planetary contacts are circled, plus, a few potentials are penned on the image; the timing of Iran's chart is based on Ayatollah Khomeini's radio proclamation; as you see, it's a Sun-Pluto situation:

Well, here's a news story of Sun-Pluto proportions involving world leaders:

Iran's Desire for a 'Seat at the Table' felt at Davos. But with Sun and Pluto opposing Iran's Jupiter, there are blockages to the country's increase of power and status. However, the blockages are not necessarily permanent because even slow poke Pluto will soon creep on into Aquarius and his opposition to 1979 Jupiter will weaken.

Nov 14, 2023

Is Stephen Miller a Bulldozer?

So What If Miller Comes 'Round Again?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Is this the Wikipedia page of Stephen Miller's second-great grandfather Dov Ber Cheinman, an illustrious figure and teacher in Jewish history? Yes, Mr. Miller is Jewish and was architect of Trump's ripping children from the arms of their parents at the Southern border, even though his ancestral heritage includes asylum seekers fleeing anti-semitic progroms. How's that for an example of pulling up the ladder behind you? Hypocrisy much? Well, if you wish, read about controversial flame-thrower Stephen Miller here and expect more of him if Trump manages to grab the White House again.

As for Miller's natal planets, here's an excerpt from a previous post containing a few astro-notes concerning Trump's hardcore reich-wing speech writer Stephen Miller with mild edits for clarity:

Stephen Miller August 23, 1985 4:53 pm PDT Santa Monica, California (RR: AA). Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, changes) with his Sagittarian Moon out-of-bounds (faulty or estranged relationship with Mother); Moon conjunct Uranus @Station Direct (intuitive, seeks emotional excitement, erratic mood changes, extreme emotions, often cranky, irritable, moody) and suggesting further separation issues with Mum and his entire family. Tellingly, his Sun in Virgo (@00:46) conjuncts royal Regulus in 8th house of the Occult, and other metaphysical factors are shown elsewhere in his natal chart and in his family heritage (Kabbalah: see the horoscope's lower left corner, below). Paradoxically, a Virgo Sun placement suggests a mother-ruled child but it may involve a lost or missing quality.

Meanwhile, Sun sextile Pluto {} denotes those whose deep desire is to control the world; they're self-reliant, competitive, and base their lives on winning vs losing (like Trump); plus, with Pluto conjunct MC, Miller's main objective is to gain power and control; father issues are possible with Pluto-MC and bullying is a potential.

Additionally, Mr. Miller's Earth-Fire personality blend is known as a 'bulldozer' which tends to push moral certitude upon others (ex: "scorched earth" policies). Often dictatorial and insensitive to other people, Mr. Miller values rationality over human suffering while shoving through his preferred political policies (Sun Sign-Moon, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad).

Now here's the rest of the post which contains a link to Stephen Miller's accurately timed natal horoscope, sans my usual scribbles.

And to close, here's a bi-wheel for your consideration:

Stephen Miller natal surrounds the genesis of Trump's "American Carn*ge" Party (Horoscope) (inner) based on Trump's threatening inaugural address of January 20, 2017 and which, hopefully, will be the only such diatribe We the People will ever have to endure whether Mr. Miller pens it or not:

Note: the January 20, 2017 horoscope is worth keeping our eyes on for transits such as relentless Pluto's power-mad conjunction to inaugural Midheaven and to US inaugural Sun, a cosmic marker for those who crave power and control. And with the Trump crowd of comrades, not in a good way. However, the better news is that Pluto will finally leave Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the placement a cosmic marker for The Dictator (R. Ebertin) so in Aquarius there could be a less dystopian-Utopian quality to our national leadership going forward with the rule of law still part of the deal--as long as we convict him while we can!

Nov 8, 2023

Insurrection Act w Inauguration 2025,_called_The_Blacke_Dogg_of_New-gate_(1612).jpg

Trump Monster To Use Insurrection Act If "Re-Elected"

by Jude Cowell

Those who have criticized Donald Trump or who stood in his way have good reason to be worried about Election 2024 and Inauguration 2025. Trump's comrades are said to be preparing the fascist Project 2025 so that Trump can "hit the ground running" Day One and implement the Insurrection Act so that he can use the military (and militiamen one assumes) to take revenge against the American people, against anyone who dares protest against him or his "presidency" - to arrest participants in civil disobediance. Americans making good trouble, as John Lewis would say.

Although the Heritage Foundation is denying culpability, the Koch-infused group, along with the "America First Policy Institute" of anti-democracy seditionists, are said to lurk behind the "guideline" being called Project 2025, an agenda by which they intend, using figurehead Trump backed by foreign comrades of the global criminal network, to "re-shape" the federal government into a Hungarian-style government which under despot Viktor Orban is no longer a democracy.

Meanwhile, if a US voter in 2024 wants to see how America will end up under another Trump regime, check out results in occupied France by August 1944 when American forces arrived and liberated the destroyed country from the Nazi regime, by watching the four episodes of All the Light We Cannot See on Netflix. This could be the USA under Trumpists like Jeffrey Clark, who may be another election denier about to flip on Trump in Georgia, Newsweek reports.

And as for wide-girthed Trump hitting the ground running, see "Trump's vision on executive authority is more organized and ambitious" (includes a Nicolle Wallace segment). His 'hitting the ground' sounds great, but 'running' is laughable.

Why Did President Jefferson Sign the Insurrection Act?

When President Thomas Jefferson signed the Insurrection Act of 1807, it was intended to "foil a plot by Aaron Burr" to set up a republic of his own - former VP Burr's own private Empire in Mexico. Sedition then, sedition now. But for insurrectionist Trump to use the Insurrection Act in 2025 - and the presidency to protect himself from criminal accountability - would be a topsy turvy use of the Act! Why, George Orwell would be proud/not proud.

So! See what you can make of the horoscopes, below, and the transits from 2025 to 1807. We should note that the 1807 Act became operative under the influence of a 7 North Eclipse ('blood') lust; hidden passion which repeated on April 20, 2023 @29Ari50 (conjunct the J6 Mars of 2021 and the American Revolution Sun of 1775); Election 2024 and Inauguration 2025 will occur under the auspices of a difficult 8 South Eclipse @10Lib03 with themes of loss and separation (B. Brady).

Insurrection Act 1807 (inner) and Inauguration 2025 (outer):

Now although the 1807 Act was amended in 1871, 2006, and 2007, the initial date of the enactment of the Insurrection Act creates a most interesting Historical Horoscope worth keeping in mind if grudge-holder Herr Trump grabs the opportunity to use its provisions for taking revenge against his fellow Americans - not against enemies of our nation, but against the American people who find him intolerable and unfit for purpose.

And for those who use a late Aquarius Moon to symbolize We the People, his dreamed-of revenge feels like Trump's rising Mars in Leo opposing US 1776 Moon writ large, if we allow it. The exact hour of the 1807 Act's enactment is unknown to me, so 12:00 am LMT is used to set up the Insurrection Act 1807 Horoscope, above, set for Washington DC, and March 3, 1807, the date the 1807 Act came into effect. As you see, there are contacts between the 1807 planets and the planets of the Inauguration 2025 Horoscope which surrounds the 1897 chart in bi-wheel form, plus, a list of midpoint pictures for both events is added, here, with both events sporting distinctive Sun-Pluto signatures of power and the use of it:

Apr 28, 2023

DC Horoscope: Inauguration 2029

Sun-Pluto: Power, Control, Paternalism, Wealth

by Jude Cowell

In this, the 18th year of writing Stars Over Washington and dissenting against what corrupt politicians have "done with the place" in many instances (exs: preemptive wars; torture; lying the American people into war; CEOs supporting insurrection; finagled financial crashes and recessions; our two-tier legal system; class warfare; Citizens' United; domestic and foreign bribery of politicians; a corrupt, unreliable SCOTUS, etc), this particular Daughter of the American Revolution realizes that Inauguration 2025 might be America's final presidential Oath-taking - assuming that Election 2024 manages to go reasonably well despite the massive amount of sabotage being utilized against our nation.

Therefore, all these things may make the following publish of DC Horoscope: Inauguration 2029 pointless unless the Federal Government can get every one of its ducks in a row and bolster all three of its branches - each one created with an oversight duty to monitor the others.

So for the sake of comparison, below are two unmarked Horoscopes: Inauguration 2029 and Inauguration 2025. From the position of radical rebel Uranus, America's 'totem planet' of war, we find that the US will experience a Uranus Return between the years 2025 and 2029. Actually, due to retrogradation, it's a triple Return (to 8Gem55), exact from July 2027 to the third Return in May 2028. Of course, other planetary changes, shifts, and contacts occur as well during the time frame but are beyond the scope of this limited post.

Inauguration 2029: January 20th 12:00 pm est Capitol Building:

Inauguration 2025: January 20th 12:00 pm est Capitol Building:

For details see When Pluto Hits America's POTUS Sun.

Now obviously, as transit Pluto in recent years has crept through Capricorn, met US 1776 Pluto, and recently lumbered into Aquarius, the Inaugural 10th house Sun-Pluto situation of power and control shown in both charts takes precedence at a primal level since Sun = leader/leadership of the country, and transit Pluto, planet of Underworld elements, is now in process of overtaking or melding with US Inaugural Sun.

So perhaps an addition of Sun-Pluto potentials in Politics and/or Business can be instructive, so here is Michael Munkasey's Hegelian Dialectic form describing the power-drenched planetary duo affecting the Presidency of the United States more strongly than ever before with transit Pluto reaching Inaugural 10th house.

Please note that any, all, or none may apply - not to worry but to inform:

Thesis: Changes of policy or direction from leadership; new leadership and the changing of policy and direction; the governing authority used to control threatened dissent or subversion despite its cause or sources.

Antithesis: Accumulation of an excessive amount of armed strength; the use of secret police to exert authority and control over others; the influence of criminal organizations; extremes of corruption that wastes resources.

Now it may seem that a sense of inevitability is indicated by the Pluto-to-POTUS-Sun transit, and I suppose on a karmic level, it is. Yet there are ways of doing things that don't have to be fascist or dystopian, despite all the TV shows and movies with such themes that we've been plied with through decades. Yet instead, why can't our national Uranus Return period reactivate us as a unified people motivated by the intense desire for freedom and independence from paternalistic tyrants so that We the People demand a strengthening of our democratic Republic, as President Biden now envisions, and let fascist saboteurs relocate themselves to wherever their barbarism is appreciated.

If such a place exists upon the Earth.

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey #ad.

Sep 6, 2022

When Pluto Hits America's POTUS Sun

Power-Mad Ego-Driven Sun-Pluto Craves Domination!

by Jude Cowell

So will US leadership continue to be global after 2025? These days, forces are working for and against such a continuation, yet tragically, Washington hasn't always handled power well, as you may agree (exs: preemptive wars, invasions, plunderings, financial exploitation). Admittedly, this entire thing with Pluto sounds draconian to me, perhaps powered by Utopian zealotry, but let's proceed anyway.

Well, when it comes to issues of power and the abuse of it, astrologers keeping up with politics and the planets have followed along with powerful, subliminal Pluto as the wealth-hoarding Mr. Invisible has crept toward America's first-ever Pluto Return (to its 1776 position) in late degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business (see tri-wheel link, below). And most folks know that master astrologer Reinhold Ebertin labeled Pluto in Capricorn, the dictator, and can agree that the authoritarian archetype of "the dictator" now vultures over the masses expectantly like a malevolent raptor with humanity in its sights.

The barbarians aren't simply at the gate, they're sabotaging our country from inside the compound. And we should expect that America's current crisis situation with democracy under attack will affect events of 2023, 2024, and 2025 - and will form the basis for them.

So! the following bi-wheel is set up backwards: the inner chart is the Inauguration 2025 Horoscope surrounded (outer) by the transits of February 18, 2024 at the moment (3:11:24 am EST) that transit Pluto @00AQ53 hits the position of what will be the Inaugural Sun 2025 (the leader, taking the presidential Oath of Office at noon on that day):

Why backwards? Because tr Pluto reaches 00AQ53 prior to the actual Inauguration of January 20, 2025 (assuming that we have our traditional ceremony). In fact, February 18, 2024 is the first of three times this conjunction occurs, and penned on the chart are the other dates of exactitude: July 22, 2024 and December 26, 2024.

Now obviously, Pluto's direct, transformative contact to US POTUS Sun (aka, Inaugural Sun: identity change?) cosmically affects year 2024 and the 2024 Presidential Election - before and afterwards (Feb-to-Dec). An extended period of vote counting, plus, contentiousness, seem probable, of course, so there is that to consider but it's beyond the limited scope of this post.

Note that you may wish to check out the bottom of the image concerning 2025 Mars Rx @24Can23 conjunct US 1776 Mercury Rx (an indicator of political conflicts), and the date when transit Mars will oppose the Sun-Pluto conjunction on or about May 21, 2023. Yes, 2023. And, due to the two-year cycle of Mars, again on Election Day 2024! Obviously, other planetary influences will alter conditions with both positive and negative energies, as they always do.

As for the bi-wheel shown above, please enlarge or print the bi-wheel for better reading, if need be. Yes, my study notes are penned on so you may find something interesting! See the center of the chart for Sun-to-Pluto notes, and lower left corner for Pluto-to-Sun potentials - a double emphasis from the Cosmos.

And so as it turns out, this is another one of my forewarned-is-forearmed posts of fretful fussiness and hopefully a dear reader or two will follow up on these topics in the real world (via activism! 'democracy is not a spectator sport - get active', as Thom Hartmann always reminds us), or perhaps someone will be inspired to take the upcoming Pluto-to-POTUS-Sun contact and sleuth into it!

For the curious reader, here's my original post showing the Inauguration 2025 Horoscope. Also related: Tri-Wheel: US Pluto Return/s Three Times in 2022.

Then with powerful Pluto vibes a-dripping, here's a post concerning Trump's 5th Harmonic Pluto.

Jun 2, 2022

Saturn 2024 conj Fascism Rising Eclipse

Above: Bi-Wheel set for Washington DC including the inner chart of the 7 North 'Fascism Rising' Solar Eclipse of February 1933 relocated to our nation's capital; outer chart is the moment that transit Pluto finally leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius (00AQ00:00) on January 20, 2024, which provides a major Plutonian vibe to the year of a Presidential Election (assuming that the US has one).

As you see, many astro-notes are squooshed upon the charts (mea culpa! again) meant for readers who care to look, where multiple indications of violence appear such as 1933's Marseillais Trio of violence (Neptune-Mars-Jupiter -- all Rx and frustrated in Virgo). These three planets by transit have been loosely conjunct in 2022 as several mass murders have been perpetrated and our children grievously killed as Republican politicians continue to protect the rifle-loving NRA (an arm of the Kremlin) with the group's 'death axis' conjunction of Mars and Saturn. It's there in the NRA Horoscope.

Meanwhile, the topic of Pluto to 00AQ00:00 has been previously discussed on SO'W and here are shown the midpoint pictures in effect on January 20, 2024 (from the chart displayed above), plus, the midpoint pictures in effect when Pluto first creeps into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 having previously done so in 1777.

As for the above bi-wheel and 2024 Saturn @5Pis13 'hitting' the Fascism Rising Eclipse degree of 1933, my theory is that 2024 Saturn in Pisces with the placement's 'struggle with opponents' (R. Ebertin) potentials describes people with the responsibility to carry out the themes of the 7 North Eclipse which disturbingly include 'deep passion long-hidden' and 'lust' (B. Brady) to which I must reluctantly add yet again my own assessment based on current circumstances: blood lust, and this, because evil forces via rascists and criminals are determined to "rise again" - unless we stop them.

For comparison: 7 North Solar Eclipses occurred in the years 1915, (1933), 1951, 1969, 1987, 2005 (@19Aries), 2023 (April 20th, Adolf's 'birthday eclipse' @29Ari50 which by degree conjuncts the January 6th insurrection Mars @29Ar54), and next in April 2041 @10Taurus which will ruffle the current 6 North Eclipse (@10Tau28) now in force. And please, dear reader, do not assume that neo-nazis and current-day fascists, foreign and domestic, are unaware of these cosmic synchronicities. Nothing happens by accident.

Jul 8, 2020

Natal Horoscopes: Donald Trump with his Papa Fred

July 8, 2020: Yes, the following bi-wheel of natal horoscopes, Donald's (1946) with Fred Trump's (1905) looks messy thanks to my scribbled notes but so was their relationship as we're learning from Mary Trump's soon-to-be-released book (July 14th). The most intense and telling planetary aspect between them has to be Fred's Pluto (*22Gem40 Rx) conjunct little son Donnie's tender Sun (ego), a cosmic picture of the crushing pressure of a father against a son born on an eclipse (8Gem48; 2 Old North) that 'eclipsed' his Papa's natal Jupiter Rx @6Gem05, with its 2 Old North themes that include "unfortunate news" (Brady).

Plus, as you know, Mercury-ruled Gemini is not the most stable of signs and duplicity often comes along with it if the native chooses or is compelled so - Gemini the trader, dealer, liar, and thief.

So hopefully enlarging the image will make it readable for you. Highlighted in green are Fred's placements (no birth time known so I used Donald's alleged time of 10:54 am est, not edt) and Donald's are in orange. Expectably, bullying turns up along with deceit, overpowering, enemy status, star-crossed, conflicting values, underhandedness, threats, emotional and physical damage, and more. Some trines between them may have helped their relationship, one wants to assume, but not enough for me to include them here because after all, we see Fred's (and mother Mary's) handiwork when we watch and suffer from Donald Trump's immature, vengeful, bullying, gross, depraved, insulting, deceitful, pathetic behavior. Poor ole fella.

As you see, an additional note is included in the center of the bi-wheel with a big 'if' attached: if Fred's Moon opposed his Venus across the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis. See what you think about its potentials which a read of Mary Trump's book may helpfully illuminate. Also highlighted in green is the Sabian Symbol for Fred's Sun and Mercury conjunct Donald's Jupiter Stationary: "18 libra": "Two Men Placed Under Arrest." That's quite a major pile-up upon one little (very descriptive) degree especially for Donald's boundary-crossing Jupiter (in Libra: "It's not fair!" his constant refrain). By which I refer to the Jupiterian title of Mary Trump's book: "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man." I lay 'the most dangerous' in large part upon the doorstep of Donald's natal midpoint picture of rage, fury, brutality, destruction, cruelty, and the death of many people: Mars-Saturn = Pluto:

*22Gemini also happens to be the position of US natal Mars (which squares US natal Neptune). The Mars-Sun-Pluto combination is volatile to say the least and must be involved with Donald's obsession with the military and his problems in relation to such topics (exs: "Cadet Bone Spurs"; sent away to military reform school; desire for his very own military parade; using military forces for police actions, etc).

Feb 13, 2020

August 2020: DOJ's Progressed Full Moon in Cancer

It's a 2020 DOJ Astro-Alert!

Below is a dual chart image of the dedication horoscope of the Department of Justice ('DOJ') October 25, 1934 (in Freemasonic ceremony presided over by FDR beginning at 3:00 pm est; lower left) and DOJ's Secondary Progressed ('SP') Full Moon @28Can39 (culmination of a cycle) which perfects on August 20, 2020 at 2:36:31 pm edt with both charts set for Washington DC, so often the villain of the piece. As you see, DOJ's SP Full Moon conjoins SP Pluto, and opposite, DOJ's SP Sun conjuncts America's natal Pluto Rx so that our natal Mercury-Pluto opposition and the karmic progressed DOJ Nodal axis are involved across a blend of the ambitious Cancer-Capricorn axis and the self-willed Leo-Aquarius polarity.

At SP Midheaven ('MC') sits the SP midpoint of Uranus-North-Node of radical, reactionary politics of anarchy and zealotry which suggests sudden, disruptive reforms while opposing SP Neptune: a partner retires and/or deception (Ebertin). And Neptune conjunct IC? Foundation undermining is underway. To me the complex Uranus-NN-MC-Neptune-IC picture in part describes recent resignations of DOJ lawyers in order to avoid working any longer under a Trump-bossed DOJ which was set up to be independent of the Executive Branch of government but is now overseen by Trump's personal "Attorney General" Bill Barr, who now 'hears' calls for him to step down or be impeached:

Here are potentials for the SP Full Moon's more prominent midpoint pictures which seem to me to relate to current events and Trump's erosion of the rule of law:

Sun-Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms; Pluto-NN = Uranus: big upsets within the community; as noted, Uranus-NN = MC: desire to bring plans to fruition with others; Uranus-Neptune = ASC: instability; people who are easily influenced; Jupiter-Neptune = Mars: unreliability; being let down by others; speculation; plans without prospect; Mercury-MC = Saturn: abandonment of previous aims (Ebertin).

Now there are a lot more details that could be said about DOJ's SP Full Moon horoscope in relation to current events but frankly I'm too wumped out to type it for you this evening so perhaps an energetic reader will provide her or his insights by adding an on-topic comment under this post!

Sep 12, 2019

What about Trump's 5th Harmonic Pluto?

September 12, 2019: As you already know, the Sun-Pluto planetary pairing relates to the craving of power and ruler-ship and the attainment of power (Ebertin). The abuse or misuse of power is also possible and in America's July 4, 1776 horoscope/s Sun in mid-Cancer and Pluto Rx in late Capricorn are in a compulsive-obsessive quindecile (+/-165 degr) aspect denoting Washington DC as ruthless, manipulative, and intimidating in its drive for power and control.

Then today as I reviewed a long-owned book by David Hamblin which concerns one of my favorite branches of Astrology, Harmonics, my eye was caught by the 5th Harmonic, or the 'H5', as I prefer to term it in my notes, and an interesting feature of unaspected planets when converted to the H5. Often on the look out for another way to understand this complex wheeler-dealer using astrological principles, and knowing that Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY) was born with Pluto @10Leo02 unaspected in the 12th house of the Unconscious, Politics, and Karma, curiosity got the better so I transformed his natal chart into an H5 chart just to see what his natal Pluto would 'do', if anything.

Turns out that in his H5 chart, Trump's Pluto @20Capricorn forms a trine to his H5 Sun (which conjoins his natal MC conjunct angry Algol!). Now according to David Hamblin, when an unaspected natal planet (split off from or unintegrated into the personality) aspects another planet in the native's H5 chart, Fiveness = an "unnatural link" that is "forged in an artificial or deliberate way" between features that are "naturally felt to be separate" and this relates to building, constructing, arranging, and harvesting for use. Then Hamblin cites John Harvey and John Addey for pointing out that, "Five is connected with power since "to be able to arrange matter into form of one's choosing is to exert power over it." And of course, astrological Pluto on its own is a planet of power and of hidden or invisible power (and of Underworld connections and extreme wealth like Trump's--secreted away and hidden in his 12th house like a puppet master pulling his strings.) And, funny thing--today transit Pluto @20Cap44 conjuncts Trump's H5 Pluto!

Now five relates to the mind of man and "is the first number in which man asserts his power over the world." So one of the most disturbing things to me is that, "--within the principle of Fiveness, {he} strives to change the world and to make it other than how he found it." Well, Trump is definitely all about that, and apparently he's aided by an H5 Sun-Pluto trine to do it, hidden though it may be. Does the trine reveal powerful criminal elements assisting him with his government sabotaging and wealth-purloining endeavors? Unsurprising, if so.

Yet psychologically the most curious part of it all may be that Trump prefers to rule by chaos--he's a chaos-creator with his oriental Uranus @18Gemini (in 10th house of Career) which means that erratic Uranus is his guiding planet (last to rise before his Sun @22Gemini) and he's certainly known for suddenly changing of his mind back and forth, and creating shocks and disruption all around him, plus, there's his alleged tendency to rule by unusual notions and whims (Uranus in changeable Gemini).

And yet his H5 Sun-Pluto trine supplies the power for something he could use and impress us with if only he would--Trump can "create order out of chaos"!

And there, my friends, is yet another example of the complex personality and paradoxical nature of the cantankerous Donald J. Trump who, on a deeper level, and despite his advanced age catching up with him, may not be as quirky and erratic as he pretends to be. Especially fancying himself as a world class thespian and all.

Got any thoughts you can share?

Apr 2, 2019

April 2019 Lunations, Nemesis, and AG Bill Barr Stalls

In yet another stalling attempt on behalf of Donald Trump, it looks as if AG Bill Barr will pass the Mueller Report to Congress on or around April 15 (2019) smack dab in the middle of lawmakers' upcoming 19-day congressional recess (April 10 to April 29). If I were a Democrat in Congress I'd make certain to be on hand to receive the thing, however redacted it may be.

Of course, Trump lurks behind the actions of AG Bill Barr because AG Barr is 'his man' and was put into the DOJ position for purposes of creating obfuscation, confusion, and for the use of stalling tactics. The question of whether Barr is the GOP's 'man' seems a given around SO'W though perhaps you disagree. However, you can't disagree with Barr's known history of finagling George Bush Sr off the hook for his role in the Iran-Contra Affair, plus, the pardons Barr enabled for the crooks involved. For sweeping scandals and crooks under political rugs, it seems that Bill Barr is 'our man'.

And when we look at April 2019's lunations (New and Full Moons) we find the April 5 New Moon @15Ari17 opposing Trump's fluffy, problematic Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio (in n 2nd house) and the culminating Full Moon of April 19 @29Lib07, a critical-crisis 29th degree.

Obviously, the Full Moon, the phase of fulfillment, awareness, and relationships, relates closely to current political conditions of a critical nature in America (ex: the Mueller Report and its shadow term paper, the Barr Letter/s he provided in lieu of) as Luna eagerly rushes to enter intense Scorpio, brooding sign of betrayal, cover-ups, deep study, big business, and surveillance. Ruled by brash Mars and sub-ruled by powerful Pluto, Scorpio's dark side also resonates with the concept of chaos, Trump's favorite way of behaving via his 10th house Uranus in duplicitous, variety-loving Gemini (his Uranus is oriental and thus operates as his 'guiding planet'). Of interest to me the last several days, is asteroid Nemesis (divine retribution; the unbeatable foe) which has been sitting atop Trump's natal Uranus @17Gemini53 although today (April 2, 2019) transiting Nemesis clocks in @20Gemini--conjunct Trump's natal North Node, and soon his natal Sun.

Yet there's more! Trump's natal Nemesis @16Can40 conjoins two of his natal midpoints: distrustful Mercury-Saturn and power-craving, fanatical Sun-Pluto. In Secondary Progressions ('SP') his SP Nemesis has advanced to 16Leo06 conjoining SP Mercury @15Leo36 (in SP 10th house).

Note that at his birth, Trump's Mercury, planet of communications, and his Nemesis were approximately 7 degrees apart.

These SP conditions support other chart factors indicating Big T's vengeful, fight-for-existence nature.

So perhaps it will be revealing of his nibs that the bright rays of the April 19 Full Moon shine directly upon Trump's current SP Ascendant @28Lib39 on or around the mid-April date that AG Barr and his minions say they will meander with the Mueller Report up to Capitol Hill where (Trump hopes) there will be no one there to answer the Masonic door unless a heroic effort is made to return to DC by an erstwhile Democrat or two. Unless things change and circumvent the proceedings as they so often tend to do thanks to the cantankerous, moody Donald Trump, The Gemini.

Apr 21, 2018

Eggs, a Dossier, Sean Spicer and The Briefing

April 21, 2018: Coming Soon to a bargain book bin or a Best Seller List near you, a new book The Briefing by former White House Press Secretary for Jupiterian Donald Trump, Sean Spicer who 'resigned' his position on July 2, 2017. Is it significant that Mr. Spicer was born September 23, 1971 during the three Great Conjunctions of broadcasting Jupiter and media/propaganda planet Neptune?

Their conjunctions in 1971 occurred in the 00-to-3-degree range of Sagittarius, expansive Jupiter's own sign, and as you know, the planetary pair suggests various potentials (any, all, or none) such as: speculation, get-rich-quick schemes, bubbles and busts, nebulous finances or fraud, scandal and instability, wrong diagnoses, idealism, mysticism, visions, fantasies and dreams, Utopian illusions, religious or mystical beliefs, occultism, great hopes, evasion, seduction, overdone generosity, rich feelings, compassion, subtlety, trickiness, gain without effort, deception via dogma, ineffective persuasion, make-believe, foolish or unfounded legal situations, hypocrisy as a form of internal policy, neglected ethics, senseless doctrines, acceptance of pretenses, ethics and morals based on favors and pay-offs, degradation within a justice system, self-analysis, and--political conflicts (Munkasey; Ebertin).

Yet the combined energies of the frothy Jupiter-Neptune pair are not all the blended cosmic influences upon Sean Spicer for he was also born under a powerful (power-craving) Sun-Pluto conjunction at the critical 29th degree of Virgo. In fact, his (noon) horoscope shows a line-up of Mercury (17Virgo), Pluto, Sun, Venus (7libra), and Uranus (13Libra), Trump's guiding planet of chaos and disruption.

Sun-Pluto energies combined hints at potentials such as: influences by criminal organizations, excessive amounts of armed strength, control by secret police, toxic conditions, policy reforms, threats against and control of dissent, corruption which wastes resources, determination to achieve goals, intense emotions, domination of others, an obsessive disposition, striving for power, martyrdom, fanatical tendencies, and/or plutocracy. Also notable is that Spicer's Sun-Pluto conjunction contains a third participant, 'piercing' asteroid Eros which adds intensity and passion to his plutonian conjunction. Eros was discovered in 1898 by DeWitt, and in Orphism was 'born of the cosmic egg produced by Night' (Encyclopedia of Astrology, DeVore).

Have you ever thought it esoterically symbolic that the presidential office in the White House is the egg-shaped, Venusian 'Oval Office'?!? Well, for about the first 6 months of the Trump administration, Sean Spicer was spokesperson for the Oval Office.

Now legendary astrologer Nicholas DeVore refers to the 'cosmic egg' but the ancient symbol has other names, Orphic Egg or World Egg being two of them. Perhaps a related SO'W post from May 4, 2017 may be of interest to those wishing to link the Orphic or Cosmic Egg to American Politics and the founding of our nation so if you wish check out Trump, Venus, a Pagan Egg, and the 2020 Election Cycle. You may or may not be sorry you did.

As for Sean Spicer's book The Briefing, I don't know how revealing the book or his PR tour interviews will be but his publishing effort actually tallies with the themes of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Saros Series: bringing to the surface issues concerning paperwork or communications; a worrying piece of news; health concerns; or, matters concerning loved ones may be involved (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology but with my bold and italics for the sake of clarity.)

Well, perhaps we'll discover a clue in this April 16, 2018 Fox News segment with the book's author Spicer: Comey's account of dossier briefing is misleading.

Jul 22, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Sean Spicer

For explanatory details on this series of posts see Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter.

Well, by now you've heard that Sean Spicer resigned on Friday (7.21.17) from his position as White House Press Secretary due to Trump's hiring of Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci as White House Communications Director. Today in a morning interview, Mr. Scaramucci is ready to elevate Breitbart, a newsy right-wing propaganda source that Mr. Spicer had 'trouble' with. (And no, Tony Soprano was not available!)

Now in honor of his attempts to harness the worst job in Washington, let's take a brief yet fond look at Sean Spicer's departing natal Jupiter:

Sean Spicer was born September 23, 1971 during the three Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Neptune (exact on February 1 @2Sag47, May 22 @1Sag44, and September 16 @00Sag37). As you see, Baby Spicer joined the earthly flux one week after the third conjunction--his Jupiter @1Sag43 and Neptune @00Sag46 with the bubbly duo's vibes of religion, speculation, inflation, visions, dream world living, scandals, and political conflicts.

September 23, 1971: Sun-Pluto, Venus-Uranus, Mars-NN, Jupiter-Saturn

Actually, other conjunctions were in effect on his day of birth--a Sun-Pluto conjunction, both @29Virgo unless he was born around 1:00 pm when the Sun reached 00Libra, a World Point of Fame and Recognition. Sun-Pluto folk have powerful egos, like to be known as 'a power to be reckoned with' (Pelletier) and will use pressure tactics and direct confrontation against those who stand in their way--this is a predator combination of energies.

(My thought is that his Sun-Pluto did not 'play well' in the WH press room in spite of boss Trump's original assumption that it would. Note that Spicer's Sun-Pluto midpoint = the midpoint of tech savvy, quick thinking Mercury-Uranus with his communicating Mercury in its own sign of Virgo, the critic and dedicated worker with specialized skills.)

Natal Venus and Uranus in Libra are in wide conjunction, 6-degree orb) but applying and possibly inspiring sudden breaks in relationships, while feisty Mars links to the North Node of public contact @13Aquarius+ which suggests contentious encounters (and press briefings, as it turns out).

Broadcaster Jupiter Happy in Its Own Sign of Sagittarius

As for Spicer's natal Jupiter, the 'star of this show', the Jolly One is well connected to the other planetary energies in the chart which provides Jupiterian uplift and judgment abilities to the other natal planets: Sun sextile Jupiter (1A45; fragile self-confidence), Jupiter sextile Pluto (2S09; self-sabotage through rigid opinions), and here's a bit of a clanker: Jupiter opposite Saturn (4A46) with its tendency to seek 'yes people' in order to bolster a shaky sense of self-esteem. Mr. Trump has the same approval-seeking tendency with a natal trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjoined in his 2nd house of Self-Esteem and Values but things didn't work out very well between them.

Well, I naturally want to wish Mr. Spicer a better life once he escapes the White House (in August?) although I will say that if their problems are due to the two Jupiter-Neptune bullsh**ters being too much alike, then We the People must accept the fact that perhaps their bromance just wasn't meant to be!


Related: the Wedding Day Astrology of Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller.

Oct 7, 2015

Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" about Rep Jason Chaffetz

On October 5, 2015 The Daily Beast published Five Fun Facts about Jason Chaffetz the Newest House Speaker Hopeful which is interesting because Jupiter, planet of hope and expansion, is one of the prime motivators in his natal chart. (See Astrology notes below and get-to-know him.)

Some of the Five "Fun" Facts may be found in the Wikipedia bio of Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz with interesting information concerning his former status in college as a Democrat, his connection to the Dukakis family (political and familial) , and the fact that Chaffetz converted to Republicanism after meeting Ronald Reagan in 1990. Click or tap to read the rest as I switch to posting a few astro-notes on the natal planets of Jason Chaffetz, Mormon and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a position he ascended to on January 3, 2015 once Darrell Issa cleared his bad self out.

Don't miss the New York Times on Chaffetz's quixotic House Speaker bid and how it's "in character".

Born on March 26, 1967 in Los Gatos, California (birth hour unknown), Chaffetz turns out to have an Aries Sun and his Moon in Libra (ranging in degrees from 7:44 to 22:57 on that date.) Natal Sun conjoins Saturn (2Ari50) making for a conservative outlook and resonating with America's natal Sun-Saturn square. A preference for working in isolation, links to senior folk, delicate health, and difficult advancement in career are often Sun-Saturn tendencies as well. Sleeping on a cot in his office is a well known quirk of Mr. Chaffetz though he may have discontinued the practice of late and I know of no comments from his wife or three children on such a habit with its workaholic flavor. Or perhaps it stems from a deep sense of frugality! Or it could involve the dynamic between his Venus-Mars opposition which tends toward friendship that leads to romance and romance that turns platonic.

First Is Mars, Ruler of his Sun

Now planet of motivation, energy, and initiative, Mars, is strongly posited in one of its own signs, Scorpio, is retrograde (seems to get nothing done and then voila! the job is done) but there's more to Mars than meets the eye for Mars @1Sco07 Rx is completely unaspected. The closest body to Mars is no nobody but a point--the South Node of the Moon which, if we allow a 6-degree orb, adds hints of a loner who disregards the opinions of others, acts on his own, and prefers to be out of tune with the standards of his society. Naturally this causes opposition to his actions, methods, and ideas (and it has) which leads him to lash out in anger, a tendency supported elsewhere in the chart as you'll see, below.

And since Mars rules his Aries Sun, ego needs are are strong in Jason Chaffetz though it certainly isn't unusual for a politician to be self-centered and egotistical--in fact, it seems to be required.

So what happens in the psyche when astrological Mars is unaspected and detached from other natal planets? Glad you asked for I think we've seen some of the Martian results his ruthless grilling of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and other 'investigations' Chaffetz has chaired in his top role on the House Committee. The way he asks question then won't allow the person to answer seems excessively rude to me though perhaps you disagree.

When Mars forms no aspects to other natal planets the warrior operates in his pure form: unencumbered, unhampered, and uncompromising with a one-pointed focus that suggests a non-stop flow of energy. Without other planetary energies to modulate the activities and motivations of Mars and provide constructive limitations on Martian impulses, we find one who can erupt in anger due to pent-up aggression and whose unconscious urges may seem irrational. Lacking the control, reason, insight, perspective, and an awareness of consequences that other planetary contact with Mars can supply, Rep. Chaffetz may be totally unaware of how his aggressive instincts appear to others--but as noted above, his Mars-SN tendencies don't care what others think! (Tierney.)

Add these factors to his Mars sign of Big Business, brooding Scorpio, the investigator, and we have a man who may have missed his era for a time such as during the Spanish Inquisition would have been a good fit for his laser-like drive and determination.

And while we're in Scorpio mode, let's add his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 4 South, and the degree at which it manifested prior to his birth on November 12, 1966 @19Sco45 conjunct reptilian Serpentis! Traditionally this degree is considered problematic, even evil, so perhaps the implications of having a PE in Mars-Pluto driven Scorpio is even more important since much karmic progress may be made as long as the negative traits of Scorpio are conquered in favor of the more positive traits. This would include a strong emphasis on gaining self-control and less focus on the control of others.

4 South (4S) originated on March 19, 1624 @29Pis00 which by degree resonates with the 17 South Solar Eclipse of Spring Equinox 2015 @29Pis27. Therefore, both eclipses conjunct the Cardinal Aries Point of Fame, Recognition, and Prominence on the world stage (00Ari00) and herald the manifestation of large events that affect the masses (exs: increased refugee migration from the war torn Middle East into Europe; the flooding of South Carolina--Scorpio is a Water sign...picture disturbed gravestones floating around suitable for Scorpio's morbid tendencies.)

Themes of 4S, the PE of Jason Chaffetz are: strong emotional feelings regarding money and/or relationships; a sense of fatedness in being caught up in relationship events that are too big to handle; a sudden desire to end a relationship but emotions are blocked or checked in some way resulting in a great amount of frustration; anger or lust; caution: avoid taking rash action until issues simmer down (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

4 South is shared by a variety of people and events that include: the US Mint (1786), e. e. cummings, J. Edgar Hoover, the 33-day Pope John Paul I, the Bush-Cheney Iraq War (2003 -- ?), and Rupert Murdoch. 4S manifested in the years 1912, 1930, 1948, 1966, 1984, 2002 @12Sag (conjunct US natal ASC), and next in December 2020 @23Sag.

Another chart factor of Jason Chaffetz is natal Jupiter @24Can28 which conjoins

Procyon, star of short-lived opportunities. His Jupiter also conjoins US natal Mercury Rx with its mysterious Sabian Symbol of "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (25Cancer) and of course Us Mercury opposes US Pluto (27Cap33). Astrological Jupiter wears many hats and among them are those of politicians and politics. That Mr. Chaffetz's Jupiter conjoins our national Mercury, planet of communications, planning, and news, is significant on several levels but here at Stars Over Washington it seems that Chaffetz on Capitol Hill intends to expand and broaden in the realms of Jupiter such as finances, the military (Jupiter the General), corporatism, religion--who knows what grand plans he has in mind to promote (another Jupiter word!) if given a chance to rise higher in the political stratosphere--but with a contrarian mindset (last I heard he favors keeping government shutdown "on the table" as a strategy to force his conservative convictions on others.)

After all, his natal Jupiter is in a waning (unconscious) trine with nebulous dreamer Neptune which hints at his links to religion (converting to Mormonism from Judaism as previously mentioned) and to harboring such grand plans and he may not always be forthcoming with natal Mercury in shady Pisces. Though it may not seem to be the case, Rep. Chaffetz is impressionable, sensitive, and may have an interest in mysticism. Adding to the complexity of his psyche is a sesqui-square between his Mercury in watery Pisces and Jupiter in watery Cancer with Pisces ruled by Jupiter (I favor Neptune as co-ruler or sub-ruler of Pisces but feel free to disagree.) His Mercury-Jupiter aspect denotes that his perceptions may not always be accurate or well informed and are subject to personal bias. A tendency to be led astray rather easily (Jupiter in Cancer) has probably played in to the relationship and money themes of his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse (noted above) with self-protective Cancer being a sign of shrewdness in business.

1967 Infused by Uranus Conjunct Pluto in Virgo Vibes; Sun and Moon--Venus and Mars

Rep. Chaffetz was born in a year when the difficult Uranus-Pluto conjunction was still fresh in the Collective Mind with its rebellion-riot-protest-social-change imprint. That their cycle has recently reached a square phase supplies a background influence of a generational clash upon his actions and motivations but is beyond the scope of this post. Needless to say, he embodies the critical faculty inherent in the sign of Virgo quite well along with the pioneering spirit and audacious lust for power that an Aries Sun indicates (we know he simmers with a 'lust for power' because he's a politician operating on Capitol Hill--with Mars in brooding Scorpio!)

That natal Moon is in Airy Libra spotlights the Aries-Libra axis and thus the importance of relationships and alliances in his life. A quarreling nature is indicated but is softened by his Venus-NN conjunction in Venus-ruled Taurus, lover of luxury and possessions. Venus in Taurus lends support to his conservatism and deeply felt emotions; North Node in Taurus (7 degrees--Venus in karmic degree) adds a flavor of striving for advancement with the help of others and provides beneficial support in his alliances and partnerships; attractive contacts with the public is also indicated by Venus-NN though his wide Mars-SN conjunction adds the complexity of a maverick nature.

In addition there's a Mercury-Venus sextile that adds charm and popularity but does not rule out a contrary manner. This sextile denotes an ability to work with others and an urge to challenge complacent people; debate easily turns into bickering though a talent for presenting ideas convincingly may be noticed, however, the ideas may actually come from others which hints at a tendency to plagiarize if he isn't careful. Cultural criticism is also a talent typical of an individual with a Mercury-Venus sextile (The Sextile, A. Epstein.)

As for priestly guru and healer Chiron @26Pis16, a trine to religious Jupiter pegs Chaffetz as "the Seeker who aims to transform the socio-cultural environment in some way, given the opportunity--and it usually is given." (Chiron, Richard Nolle.) Curiously, Chaffetz adopted Mormonism and a Jupiter-Chiron trine is found in the natal horoscope of Brigham Young and this aspect echos some of the reformist traits mentioned here. He may even consider past church figure Brigham Young as one of his mentors (Chiron in Pisces.)

Politics and a Double Quindecile: Uranus, Pluto, and Natal Sun

Now there are two one more chart factors you may find interesting about Jason Chaffetz. One involves his natal Sun (adult self; hero's journey; ego) and the purveyor of power, manipulation, powerful perspectives, propaganda, and wealth--Pluto. Chaffetz has a Sun-Pluto quindecile (165 degrees; 5Aries to 18Virgo54 Rx), an aspect of obsession and compulsion (Reeves.) (Quindeciles resonate with the unconscious indications already mentioned.)

A Sun-Pluto quindecile denotes one who uses intense drive to gain power and control (against the karmic imperative of his 4S PE in Scorpio!) Focusing on success and prominence, Mr. Chaffetz can be ruthless, manipulative, and intimidating (though I don't think Cecile Richards fell for his rude questioning as he tried to intimidate her into playing the scapegoat for his party's political purposes.) Purging is a theme of this aspect via purifying Pluto though ideally Chaffetz must work on himself before he attempts such tactics with others. Time will tell whether his own cupboards are spotless enough for him to act as a stern judge of others. However, we must remember that his Sun-Pluto quindecile echos that of the USA (July 4, 1776: 13Cancer to 27Capricorn.)

Meanwhile, a quindecile between natal Sun and Uranus relates to radical reformist Politics of the zealous variety (anarchist Uranus in workaholic Virgo is a reformer, a rebel who can trip himself up with his tactless frankness and has a good intellect--but focuses on what may be foolish aspirations! - Ebertin.) This aspect identifies Chaffetz as a man on a mission who lives on the edge (of an office cot?!), and believes that "the rules don't apply to me" (tiresomely typical in Politics.) Living for a cause is a tendency of a Sun-Uranus quindecile individual and apparently social wedge issues such as *abortion rights (1960s civil rights movements via Uranus-Pluto) are a part of his urgent 'mission'.

Well, there's my thumbnail astro-sketch of Rep. Jason Chaffetz using chart factors which don't depend on knowing his correct birth time. As such they are incomplete but feel free to share as you wish and post here any links you may have to other astrology articles concerning this man on a mission!

And now in case you missed it, check out a priceless clip of John Oliver featuring Jason Chaffetz and his nonsensical chart that isn't.


*A personal political note: I assume that most readers consider me to be a Democrat even if unofficially. Yet as an Independent, I've been known to vote Republican a time or two through the years of slim pickins'. Yes, I lean toward progressive Democrats and it is my considered opinion that the Democratic Party made a huge mistake decades ago by fully embracing Roe vs Wade and a "woman's right to choose"---not because a woman shouldn't be able to choose what to do about her pregnancy but because politicians and SCOTUS judges do not belong in the examining room.

As is often said, Conscience cannot be legislated for personal morality is involved. And on the question of abortions I think medical justifications are for a woman, her doctor, her partner (if there is one), and her conscience to decide. Yet for me, abortion used as birth control is quite another matter in a legal sense though I have no idea how 'policing' them could be accomplished though with politicians in the mix, I'm pretty certain such efforts would include the injustice and corruption within the US Court System.

So what do American geniuses do instead of directly addressing such a difficult legal issue? Invent go-for-it chemicals like viagra, force austerity measures upon the public which don't provide the needed care for the children who are already born, and limit women's healthcare availability and the very contraception methods that would prevent unwanted pregnancies! Often men keeping their pants zipped would help conditions immensely but as a class, many men tend to think of abortion as only a woman's problem, don't they? Yet often it began as a zipper problem!

So you see, it's the meddling irrationality of politicians and their anti-societal backers that keeps me from posting on the abortion and contraception issues in our society and not for lack of concern. After all, I have to protect my sanity on some level while I write about the pathological politicians who infest America and work 24/7 to ruin my old stomping ground, the beautiful city of Washington DC. jc

Aug 19, 2015

The Real Truth About Jeb Bush - clip (plus, Sun-Pluto)

The following clip contains more information than I ever cared to know about Jeb Bush:

Since the helm of the White House is allegedly manned by 'the most powerful leader of the free world', because we're plunked already into the Campaign 2016 season when a new 'commander-in-chief' will be selected, and since the combination of Sun and Pluto is a prominent marker in Astrology for strong power urges (and the ego to go with them), you may wish to see Sun-Pluto and Jeb Bush concerning the seemingly laid back Mr. Bush who signed onto Iraq War 2003 even before his sorry brother did.

Apr 19, 2015

Sun-Pluto and Jeb Bush: is Virgo Rising or Sagittarius?

Typing Out Loud Concerning the Natal Chart of Jeb Bush and the 2016 Campaign

by Jude Cowell

John Ellis Pierce 'Jeb' Bush was born in Midlands, Texas on February 11, 1953. Tap or click to read about the two versions of his natal horoscope with one birth time rectified by Isaac Starkman for 2:28:16 am CST with Sagittarius rising while the usual chart is set for 8:50 pm CST (RR: A; From Memory) with Virgo rising.

If a Sag Ascendant is correct this places Virgo at Midheaven (MC), the Career and Public Status point of any horoscope; a Virgo Ascendant places Gemini at MC. With a Sag Ascendant, Jeb Bush's chart ruler is Jupiter; with Virgo rising, it's Mercury which also rules his MC. One planet relates to Politics, Religion, Philosophy, and Wealth while Mercury rules Communication, Intellect, Trade, and Commerce. He does look a bit studious in a Mercurial way yet his Jupiterian wealth (natal Jupiter in Taurus, sign of Money and Greed) cannot be ignored.

So which is his correct birth time? Well, I haven't worked with either chart enough to have a definite opinion! Have you? And frankly I'd hoped that studying his horoscope because of a presidential run would never be necessary. Perhaps it won't be necessary as campaign 2016 proceeds yet his Aquarian Sun is linked to America's natal Moon in Aquarius as several previous presidents' Suns have been.

Well, no matter the hour of this Mr. Bush's birth, a few chart factors are clear and one of them relates closely to Politics and the seeking of power: natal Sun (23AQ) opposes Pluto (22Leo) across the Leo/AQ Will Power axis. In the 8:50 pm chart (Virgo Rising) their opposition falls within the 5/11 houses which echos and supports the Leo/AQ implications--Sun in 5th house of Speculation, Pluto in 11th house of Associations, Hopes, and Wishes.

Individuals born with a Sun-Pluto opposition tend to resort to extreme measures in competitions such as with his Governorship of Florida during the 2000 campaign when he and brother Dubya were video taped saying that the presidential election was, "--in the bag" if memory serves. And if you know a few of them, you may know that Sun-Pluto-opposition folks may strike first in an effort to protect themselves and pretend that threats don't exist if their confidence should wane. They prefer 'sure things' and may alienate others due to their extremist temperaments, opinions, and behavior; a defiant will is usually present (Pelletier).

Curiously, Jeb Bush's Sun-Pluto aspect has allowed him the insight and maturity to 'stand on his own' which is precisely what he has asserted--that he's "his own man" and not a replica of his father or brother. The opposition has helped him develop inner authority and the self-assurance to accomplish his own objectives independently once life's lessons of cooperation and tolerance with others were learned.

Now none of this is conclusive as far as Bush winning the American presidency in 2016 and his supporters may credit his strong Sun-Pluto nature to possessing the energy needed just to want to gain the White House. However, I can state unequivocally now that Mr. Bush will not receive my vote in November 2016 for many reasons, one of which is that two Bushs in the White House were two too many for me--and both began Gulf wars to promote Global Government objectives; own man or not, Jeb if selected will continue The Plan as must anyone who is elevated to play the presidential role of America's mouthpiece, the one who uses the 'Bully Pulpit', as they say.

Mais non! I also do not care to vote for Hillary Clinton for several reasons, one of which is the heavy Clinton baggage We the People will have to bear ad nauseum, a Republican tactic already being employing (Bill back in the White House? Arghh!) Distracting? Not to me. For don't you agree that it's very late days to rehash old crimes and scandals when present and future problems and issues of our nation are banging loudly at the door and threatening to evict us from our principles and freedoms...and each new script-following president is the same as the old ones anyway?

After all, America is known to be ruthless, intimidating, and power-grabbing across the globe and seemingly it was destined to be that way for if you use any versions of our nation's horoscope for July 4, 1776, you know that our natal Sun @13Cancer quindeciles (165 degrees) natal Pluto @27Cap Rx denoting just such compulsive-obsessive behavior (Reeves). As you well know, Washington is focused on power, control, wealth, prominence, and success so politicians who echo that mindset seem to be all the rage these days though the flip side of a Sun-Pluto quindecile is 'strength of character'!

Now where can the American people find an honest person with strength of character who is foolhardy enough to run for president? For who in Washington would cooperate with such a one (thereby disrailing their own gravy train) if he or she should win the White House?

#ItstheSystemStupid #WhiteHouse #JebBush #HillaryClinton #2016Campaign #WashingtonDC #Politics #Astrology

Mar 23, 2015

3.23.15 Ted Cruz Announces but Mercury Goes Nowhere

Ted Cruz Says He Wants to Be POTUS

by Jude Cowell

This morning as I drove home from errands I was somewhat surprised by Herman Cain on the radio playing John Lennon's song Imagine. Mr. Cain managed to work the word 'imagine' into his script several times as he spoke of a dreamy America we could have if only a Republican snags the White House in 2016, etc. You know the conservative/tea party riff, the usual pack of hooey from the Promise Anything to Get Elected school of politics. (Yes, both parties practice it.)

Minutes later I was inside with my TV airing Senator Ted Cruz delivering a speech at Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to an audience of students who were required to attend and lend their ears. If you heard his speech you already know that for uplifting purposes, Cruz used the 'Imagine' theme in his speech--a guy on the radio echoed the other on TV almost simultaneously in that annoying Republican way as if the American people are too stupid to grok it the first time and don't realize it's a set-up. Or as if over and over makes it believable or factual.

Well, I grokked and I set up the horoscope for today, Lynchburg, VA at the moment the TV time-stamped his actual announcement that he's running for president of the United States (10:46 am edt). Rising 12Gem53 (the Descendant in America's natal horoscope for those who use the 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 5:09 or 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--possibly showing Cruz's Canadian birth as The Other/7th house?) and of course Gemini is appropriate for speeches, messages, and announcements of any kind. Therefore, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (sign of 'good news') rules the chart, the announcement, and the orator so we look to Mercury's major applying aspects to other planets to see how things may proceed from Mr. Green Eggs and Ham's announcement and presidential campaign, or how they will be accepted.

In the chart, Mercury is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career but is rather woolly in the sign of Pisces (16:40). Pisces is imaginative, yes, but is often murky, perhaps a bit confused, or even deceptive--and this Mercury makes not one major or minor applying aspect to another planet in the horoscope denoting that his bid may go nowhere as well. There is a separating sextile of opportunity between Mercury and Pluto @15Cap23 but he would have fared better if he'd not missed its waxing condition.

(A Mercury sextile Pluto indicates a penetrating mind, a need to remain flexible, trying to control the scope or direction of things, and hypersensitivity to criticism to the point that others may not share negative information which makes honest discussion and rational debate impossible.)

So far the feedback I'm hearing and reading has been negative to near-negative and not many voices are shouting for joy over Cruz's announcement today--but of course, I seldom watch FOX News. I'll check it later just to see if they glorify the McCarthy-esque fellow's bid for the GOP nomination or if they sound iffy.

Now as you know, in 2013 Cruz managed to shut down the federal government for 16 days--now wants to run it and either that's confused on his part or confusing on the part of potential voters. What traction Cruz has is on the far-right side of the voting population but can he win in the general election shouting his accusations from the wacko wilderness? Can his style of anti-communist, anti-government, anti-safety-net-ism rhetoric persuade moderates and minorities that he's worthy of the office and would be good for the country?

Natal Saturn's Sabian Symbol: "Swords vs Torches" with his Saturn apex planet of a Fist of God/Thor's Hammer pattern--and his Sun-Pluto square at its base

If he gained more power, would Cruz shut the whole thing down if he didn't get his way while holding his breath and stamping his wittle foot? That willful, demanding, irrational, power-grabbing, ruthless Sun-Pluto square would be certain to show its ruthlessness though admittedly ruthlessness does seem to be a requirement for Oval Office occupancy.

So at this point, a Cruz nomination seems unimaginable unless mega-huge bucks grease his way and the public suffers a collective stroke during the 2016 campaign. Yet his massive egoism and 'swords vs torches' approach to politics mixed with a rather odd personal magnetism when speaking from a script may keep him in the running long enough for his Utopian ideas to shake up the 2016 debate in a major (diverting) way while putting both Republican and Democratic candidates on the defensive and possibly holding them hostage to his oddball ideas.

As such, Cruz may be used by the power elite behind the throne as just another tool for altering the ultimate outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign. And considering the junior senator's very high opinion of himself and what seems to be a total lack of irony and little if any self-awareness, Mr. Cruz may not even realize what a tool he really is.

For further reading see Senator Ted Cruz: A Crusader Dueling with Shadows for info concerning his natal planets.

Sep 15, 2014

Teddy Roosevelt (Oct 27, 1858) and kin showcased on PBS

Though it's never been convenient to post on my blogs concerning the natal chart and life of President Theodore Roosevelt, it isn't for lack of interest by yours truly. So now that Ken Burns has turned his expert lens upon Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor, I am glad to find a posting of Teddy's natal horoscope with details at the excellent Neptune Cafe (scroll down a ways to view the horoscope.)

Check out the article to read of Teddy's "bellicose" nature with his Sun-Pluto opposition and larger-than-life personality as shown by expansive, adventurous, exploring Jupiter Rx rising in Gemini along with plenty of mystical and secretive Piscean influences suitable for a master Freemason such as Theodore.

Why even his Cancer Moon has a certain psychic quality to it and with an occult-leaning Scorpio Sun, we find a courageous man with a Water-Water personality blend that denotes a natural leader--a hard working, passionate public crusader who can be brooding, darkly intense, dryly witty, ruthless, and self-righteous.

The 'Images for Integration' for his Sun (conscious)--Moon (unconscious) blend are: "A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Finally, illumination of Teddy's personality may also come from a quote by a writer who shares the Sun Sco-Moon Cancer blend in her natal chart, George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans):

"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow."

Yes, I'd say that sums up rough-rider Teddy rather well.

Feb 15, 2014

Natal Planets show temperament of Gov Chris Christie and a scandal revealed

Thus Spake Chris Christie

A Personality Assessment by Jude Cowell

If you're wondering whether NJ Governor Chris Christie's blustering temperament is described in his horoscope via natal planets and their aspects, wonder no more for, “You can be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions to others--"...well, yes, Chris Christie's natal Mercury-Mars square shows itself to be hair-trigger quick and ready for intimidating expression as we've seen quite often in the several verbal confrontations recorded by the media in recent years. And personally I'm glad his finger has never been pointed in my face or this steel magnolia would probably bite it off due to my very close Mercury-Mars conjunction in Capricorn!

Read more concerning Gov. Christie's natal chart by expert astrologer Anthony Louis: "I Am Not a Bully" -- Chris Christie which includes images of his natal horoscope (sunrise--no birth time known) and his current Solar Return chart for it covers the time frame of the 'Bridge-Gate' fiasco which began on the morning of September 9, 2013--three days after the governor's 51st birthday on September 6, 2013.

Curiously, the transiting Saturn-North Node hook-up of 2013 is prominent in his Solar Return chart but that isn't the curious part. Reinhold Ebertin gives the combination of Saturn-North Node as "the mystery of the three days." I'm not certain that this is significant to the mystery of who, what, and why the apparent vengeful actions were taken against the people of New Jersey as proxies for the Christie administration's real targets but it seems peculiar all the same. But many things seem peculiar about the entire situation along with the odd perversity of such a man who has risen near the top of the political heap with such a determined sense of mission and zeal.

Now you may wish to check out Politico's current report on the Valentine Day trip of the governor relaxing at a resort in Puerto Rico. Or, why not search the assortment of Republican-drenched reports and some video from FOX News?

Let Astrology Paint a Portrait of the Governor

Having a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Mercury-ruled Virgo reveals a man with a powerful ego which is asserted at every opportunity. Governor Christie is an extremist who has great difficulty acting in moderation and this tendency affects his appetite for food as well. In fact, Sun-Pluto identifies him as one who uses pressure tactics against anyone who stands in his way (Pelletier) and this ruthless behavior most people would agree has become evident since his past treatment of others has been made public in the light of the 'Bridge-Gate' scandal.

Another personality facet to consider is Christie's natal Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Pisces (one end of the victim-savior axis--don't tread on his feelings or you'll get barked at, especially with wounded Chiron in the mix) is the zealous Seeker on a Quest to transform self or society (Nolle) which supports the above-mentioned personality indicators. Another feature which is mentioned in Anthony Louis' article (linked above) is a very touchy Mars in sensitive, self-protective Cancer which lends a bit of a Moon (emotions)--Mars (argumentative) flavor to his temperament with Mars being the planet of temper-ament. Quick retorts, often dripping with suppressed rage, are a specialty of the governor's chip-on-shoulder, how-dare-you behavior.

Plus, having the planet of lightening-quickness, Uranus, with its natal sign providing clues about an individual's behavioral patterns, here in Virgo, sign of The Critic, adds heated sarcasm to his peppery manner of reacting when challenged.

Now on September 9, 2013 and for a few days into the month as the George Washington Bridge traffic jam ground on and on, transiting Mars was in opposition to Christie's natal Saturn in Aquarius so he was on some level feeling restricted, frustrated, and/or inhibited by someone--a male someone (Mars.) However, as we've seen from the resulting legal and political investigations into the matter, this transit is a very bad time to take revenge for it tends to boomerang back at us if we indulge.

And it may be that another September 2013 transit in play provided too much enthusiasm for a man who has a boatload of it naturally--a sextile from transiting Jupiter, planet of expansion, hope, and zeal, to his natal Sun in Virgo (13+) which had so recently enjoyed a freshening of new plans and ideas via a New Moon @13Vir04, a New Moon trined by powerful Pluto in controlling, managing Capricorn. The New Moon, along with guru Chiron, was part of a Mystic Rectangle configuration formed in tandem with a Jupiter-Pluto opposition denoting 'large-scale projects' and 'wheeler-dealers' with grand plans.

Another major if background influence, and one which hints at the revelations of secrets that now result from the governor's political machinations in September 2013 and after ('the cover-up') is that his natal planet of secrets, obfuscations, deceptions, fraud, and falsehoods--Neptune @11Sco14, was uncovered, triggered, and/or stimulated into action on November 3, 2013 by a Solar Eclipse @11Sco15--a direct hit, we may say. Plus, Scorpio is well known as the sign of secrets and betrayals, as Christie has cited many times concerning his staffers who 'betrayed' and 'lied' to him.

And while all eclipses, both solar and lunar (the "wildcards of the universe" with unexpected, system-busting Uranian vibes) often have an effect of uncovering hidden things, motivations, and activities while revealing one's inconvenient secrets, the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 has been doing an especially good job of this for many people due to the unconscious/subconscious Uranus-Neptune content embedded within its Saros Series (click for more info.)

Now last but not least for Governor Christie and his hair-trigger temperament and fervent missionary zeal is the pattern or shape of his chart--a locomotive with the lead planet--you guessed it--Mars in Cancer speeding along at the front of the train. This pattern is great for the pursuit of success with Mars being the planet of motivation, action, energy, and courage but it is also a horoscope significator for The Bully who challenges every comer even while denying it to himself!

And that is how I see Governor Chris Christie through the lens of Astrology. You may agree or disagree but there it is and, as always, your on-topic comments or analyses are more than welcome at Stars Over Washington.


Chris Christie born September 6, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey; Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius; hour unknown. Chiron @8Pis13 Rx returned to natal position three times, his Chiron Return: April 14, 2012, August 11, 2012 (Rx), and February 10, 2013. More chart factors apply than I can get to in one post so please check out Anthony Louis' article linked above for more details.

Jul 30, 2013

August 2013: Saturn and Pluto in the New Millennium

August 2013: Saturn and Pluto Trigger New Millennium Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

In June 2013, I published the New Millennium Horoscope so that the chart would be available to you and me for future reference--for transits, progressions, etc. Click to view the chart and my original post with brief astro-notes.

Looking at tonight's transits (7.31.13) and with August at our door and the potential for further financial stalemates in Washington DC on the 2013 menu as Republicans continue their campaign to collapse the US government and make a 'new economic order' seem the only remedy (with the enabling of Democrats), I report to you two items:

1. That transit Saturn (austerity, restriction, delay, stoppage, loss) has for some time been conjoining New Millennium Mars (5Sco03) which is posited in the NM 2nd house of America's National Treasury.

This constricting, inhibiting transit denotes a time when taking shortcuts, circumventing rules and regulations, or not following the prescribed course are ill-advised tactics, and much determination is required for future success even if things seem to be progressing very slowly at the moment.

Actually, the stop-go frustration of Saturn-Mars indicates that more focus and organization are needed for this period involves temporary delays (Saturn) of action (Mars). Yet old man Saturn moving through the rest of the 2nd house will eventually oppose NM Saturn (24Tau34 Rx) in 8th house of Corporations, Debt, Credit, etc, when regrets about the past are encountered and must be considered so that what failed won't be retried; Saturn will also oppose NM Jupiter (2Gem10 Rx) when it will be time for the Haves to give back some of what they've gained in the past. And they'll whine and whinge most loudly, no doubt, even over their dishonest gains (Gemini is the sign of duplicity and Jupiter = bankers and money lenders.)

No, this isn't the best transit for financial endeavors with its continued belt-tightening, stop-and-go improvements, and delays, however, our obstructionist-infested America did have a Jupiter Return on July 22, 2013 (see sidebar to order a pdf of the full Report) so, though they may be off-and-on, some rewards are to be expected for new financial and political cycles have begun (ex: President Obama now back on the road and speaking about the economy and the Middle Class, something the GOP dearly wishes he wouldn't do.)

2. Transit Pluto is within orb of NM Sun (10Cap50) and has crossed the IC (Foundation) of the horoscope which signifies a time when total breaks from the past may be triggered. This supports the usual astro-analysis of transformative Pluto through Saturn-ruled Capricorn with its government-toppling ability. (Capricorn is the sign of law, too, so maybe the NRA's unnecessary 'Stand Your Ground' law/s can be toppled at some point!) Renovation, repair, and renewal of our Domestic Scene (4th house) are possible outcomes of this transit (exs: job-creating infrastructure projects funded, manufacturing concerns and urban areas revamped, offshore corporations return to the US.)

Transit Pluto to NM Sun echoes a similar transit during FDR's administration when the New Deal was instituted including jobs programs and other methods to renew our economy and benefit the American people (Pluto has extreme wealth hidden in secret places, y'know.) Pluto conjunct Sun indicates an even more aggressive drive toward power, and the courage needed to deal or cope with current circumstances which motivate our leader/s (Sun) to make a new start. Yet the past closely influences the present with Pluto-to-Sun and the duo's energies when combined denote on one level dangerous situations, yes, but also open potentials for sudden advancement, consolidating one's position, and/or the realization of new ideas.

These 'new ideas' we may hear within the public discourse, or even begin to see implemented, around the time of the November 2013 Solar Eclipse in Big Business Scorpio, the month when the US debt ceiling may be reached--or breached, and sore-loser Republicans threaten yet another shoot-self-in-foot government shutdown.

Look to your own natal chart for the houses where 5/6 Scorpio and 9/20 Capricorn fall--plus, any aspects these degrees and transiting planets make to your planets and chart angles--for clues on how these transits may be personally utilized.

Here's the New Millennium horoscope again so you don't have to click the link above to view the chart if you don't wish to:

Jan 7, 2013

Obama announces Top Post noms w Mercury OOBs

For Top Posts Nominations, Jupiter Rx Is Also Rising

by Jude Cowell

With President Obama set to nominate former Senator Chuck Hagel (NB) for Secretary of Defense and counterintell official John Brennan as CIA Director today at 1:05 pm est, we find a few inauspicious planetary portents involved...As Above, So Below.

January 7, 2013 1:05 pm est White House shows an Hour of the Moon (publicity) along with 'nefarious scheming to exalt the ego' (Sun-Neptune = Mars in 10th house of Career and Public Status--in a word, Politics); Mercury, planet of nominations and announcements, is out of bounds which may be a negative or can indicate those who are 'outstanding in their fields' relating to communuications, oration, and other Mercurial pursuits.

Mr. Brennan's surveillance links may also be denoted by Mercury OOBs, and Mercury is @11Cap11, snugged between Sun and Pluto. Naturally, Pluto's invisible helmet may be in attendance and Chuck Hagel isn't favored by the right-wing of the GOP because he may not bow down low enough to the Israeli government Zionists. Yet if Hagel is confirmed, I'm quite certain he will.

The separative South Node @24Tau45 is rising in 1st house--is this bad timing for the president? Unfortunate nominations? Well, with the Scorpio Moon conjoining the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 (theme: 'joy through commitment'), Luna's VOC condition can show that things will go off as planned, without a hitch--or, that the nominations are going nowhere.

With an Ascendant @18Tau47, chart-ruler is Venus @28Sag13 in corporate 8th H, conjunct star Acumen--enduring attacks that weaken); Venus makes one applying Ptolemaic (major) aspect, an opportunistic sextile with nebulous Neptune (the media; the masses.) Venus sextile Neptune gives them the opportunity for public relations, flattering photographs, and an ability to see the 'big picture', or at least the one they want us to see while other things go on out of our field of vision.

Although disengaged Mercury is OOBs of the Earthly plane, it acts under the influence of Moon-Neptune (scandals; delusion about the popularity of policies) as apex planet of a midpoint picture:

Moon-Neptune = Mercury: saying one thing and meaning another; vagueness (Tyl.)

We may also stretch degrees a bit since speedy Mercury is traveling between Sun and power-manipulator Pluto with this picture:

Sun-Pluto = Mercury: "lording it over someone"; great salesmanship (Tyl): aspirng intellectual supremacy; a public speaker with suggestive powers (now who could that be?); consciouness of aim or objective; organisation; prudence; a nerve crisis (Ebertin.)

Sun @17Cap36 (the president) clocks in at the POLITICAL POWER Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' ("The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer"") which in its negative manifestion: 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' (Jones.) As you know, this is the stand-out degree of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 from which the modern-day new world order natal horoscope may be timed (I prefer conj #3 of 3, Oct 24, 1993: Sun 1Sco19--click to view the chart.)

When their transpersonal energies team up, the Uranus-Neptune pair denotes things such as: The Enlightenment, rationality as god, science, unconsciousness, wrong ideas, peculiar mystic states, psychical research, inner visions (Ebertin), losses and peculiar inclinations such as what I consider psychopathic one world government types to suffer from as they follow the script and direction of dark forces.

When the Sun reaches '18Cap' each year we have, since 1993, a midpoint picture with potentials for unconsciousness, impressionability, experience directing confused people, motivation gained from dreams (visions of a nwo--Washington is close now to collapsing the global economy once they decide the trap is fully set)--and 'vaunted self regard' (Tyl.)

But of course such high self-regard is common among most of those who go into Politics and boss others around, bomb into oblivion and spy on the innocent, as if their arrogant selves are the cat's meow.

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