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Feb 25, 2024

Donald Trump Solar Return 2024

With my study notes messily penned on, here are two images of the Solar Return 2024 Horoscope of Donald Trump - two because I have no idea where he'll be located on June 13, 2024 (a day prior to his official birth date of June 14th). One SR 2024 Horoscope is set for Mar-A-Lago, Florida (upper right) and the other is set for New York City (lower left):

As you see, both charts show Moon-ruled Cancer rising (sign of self-protection, family, nationalism, patriotism) and shady Pisces at Midheaven ('MC') with the Saturn-Neptune pairing at or in the 10th house of Career and Public Status (see notes on this, lower right). Of note is that Trump was born with the Saturn-Neptune midpoint rising (oppressive family circumstances; a depressive environment; limitation of freedom - R. Ebertin).

Potentials of the paradoxical planetary pair include sick and/or poor people; the unhampered progress of a malady; illness; neuroses; social safety net programs; materialism vs idealism; and/or the deep (Neptune) state (Saturn) he pretends to care so much about.

Then when a SR Return Moon is in Virgo, the year spotlights concerns over details, work issues, and/or health concerns; other health indications can be seen as well. Meanwhile, SR Uranus has reached Herr T's natal Midheaven denoting changes in career, or even a new direction.

In addition, his Solar Return 2024's Sun Gemini-Moon Virgo potentials are penned on, mid-left, with both signs ruled by Mercury, planet of communications, commerce and trade, young people, the senses, travel, learning, and nervous irritation. Then descriptively, Mercury in Gemini isn't the most honest of placements for The Messenger planet but it can indicate versatility.

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