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Mar 19, 2024

Mar 2024 Eclipse: Trump Liquidation Sale!

The Pied Piper Now Plays an Off-Key Tune

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Caught without enough funds to pay the New York piper, it's being reported that AG Letitia James is prepared to seize his assets, perhaps as soon as Monday March 25, 2024. As podcaster David Feldman reports in this short, it's a Liquidation Sale, the one a majority of Americans have been waiting for! Of course, if a huge loan comes through to rescue the orange knave from yet another jam, being deeply indebted to a foreign entity is a very bad look for a presidential candidate. But a successful businessman he is not.

Monday March 25, 2024 Lunar Eclipse w/ Study Notes

Now previously, we've discussed the March 2024 Lunar Eclipse thinking it was the date that one of Trump's trials would begin, but as usual, the fraudster's lawyers managed to delay the legal proceedings. Above check out the Libra Eclipse Horoscope, freshly notated and set for Manhattan, NY where I assume the liquidation process will begin. And since all eclipses time eventful periods, high-profile liquidation of a well-known criminal's assets may be one of them.

So let's not fret, lovers of democracy! For if today's news reports are accurate, NY AG Letitia James will soon arrive at a Trump property of her choice with padlocks in her briefcase to begin the process that the caution of Trump's Regulus rising has warned of: that if taking revenge is not avoided, all gains will be taken away - ill-gotten gains very much included. Will this be a sad buh-bye, to a certain golden toilet? Well, he could file for bankruptcy over the weekend but if so, it won't protect him from the Russian maf*a he owes money to. Will they spring for loaning him more? In his time of economic need, he's called back into his orbit financial fixer Paul Manafort who knows where the big money lurks.

Are There Secrets Behind the Cosmic Curtain?

So as you know, all Lunar Eclipses are full moons and both kinds of lunations tend to reveal or uncover hidden things, inconvenient facts, and/or secrets. It can also be a time of wacky or criminal behavior, and it's the total awareness/culmination phase of the Moon, plus, relationships are often under scrutiny of a Lunar Eclipse. As noted, this one @5Lib07 shines directly upon Trump's 2nd house Neptune, planet of fraud and deception in the House of Possessions.

And actually, Tr*mp's gaslighting Neptune is part of a trio with wounded Chiron, the blindspot, and his stationary Jupiter at the "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" degree which suggests that Mr. MoneyBags (Jupiter) has landed himself in trouble with The Law. That's Jupiter-Neptune the pair of speculation, grand schemes, fraud, overblown religious promotions, scandals, and/or political conflicts. He does it all!

Related and also discussed in a previous post is The Magical Thinking of Jupiter-Neptune with an astro-focus on the orange scourge, if you're curious. And who do you think plays the role of The Pied Piper of New York?

So despite it all, many of us will be on liquidation watch starting Monday when Trump's natal Neptune in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, becomes the next target of the Cosmos as a lunar wild card of the Universe spotlights and reveals events on Earth - for some more than others.

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