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Oct 31, 2017

Paul Manafort hearts Cypress for shady banking

The Tax Havens at the Heart of the Manafort Indictment include the Saychelles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Cypress. Below is the foundation data for the Turkish Republic of Cypress. Anyone think the shady money-grubber, Donald Trump, hasn't used the same banks to launder money?

'As you know, 'tax havens' are used to evade paying taxes. If only Trump's income tax returns could spill the beans! Wonder if Russian hackers have seen them yet?

The Turkish Republic of Cypress was announced at 6:55 am GMT on November 15, 1983 by Radio Bayrack and was made immediately after ratification of the independence declaration by the Turkish Cypriot Legislative Assembly (The World Book of Horoscopes, Campion); chart set for the capital city of Nicosia. In addition, an earlier horoscope may be set up for Cypress: 00:00 hours on August 16, 1960 when full independence was granted from British rule which had begun July 16, 1878.

Ascendant 23Sag49 (where Saturn has visited of late); MC 11Lib53; as you see, the 'lucky break' fortune-hunting pair, Jupiter and Uranus, are in the secretive 12th house of Large Institutions, karma, and Politics:

Sun 22Sco20 11th house

Moon 21Pis03 3rd house

Mercury 1Sag25 11th house

Venus 6Vir08 9th house

Mars 28Vir08 9th house

Jupiter 15Sag25 12th house of hidden activities and strong in its own sign

Saturn 9Sco02 10th house (11th cusp = 9Sco46; soon to receive Jupiter's visit: burdens are partially lifted)

Uranus 8Sag20 12th house

Neptune 27Sag39 1st house and rising; with karmic Saturn coming to call it's 'dream come true' or 'grim face of reality' time

Pluto 00Sco22 10th house (Scorpio, where moneybags Jupiter recently entered by transit; Jupiter to natal Pluto is a time when resources are evaluated and/or distributed.

And we should note that the Sun Scorpio-Moon Pisces double Water combination of Cypress is a Dracula vs Good Samaritan blend that prefers to 'go with the flow'. For more details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Map image, above: Nicosia 1878

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