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Apr 10, 2024

Republican Party's Neptune in April 2024

The GOP's Neptune in Pisces: Mars-Saturn Says Hello!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Image: Neptune Ascends; pencil on paper, Jude Cowell Art

Today at 4:36 pm ET, transit Mars and transit Saturn conjunct @14Pis40. Below you see a bi-wheel of the Republican Party's March 20, 1854 Horoscope showing Neptune @14Pis01 in 6th house.

Penned on the chart, below, are notes describing the potentials of the midpoint picture formed by the trio of Mars-Saturn and Neptune. Quite a clash! Because the Mars-Saturn duo is destructive, harmful energy with stop-and-go tendencies, while gaseous Neptune is all soft and gooey. Plus, the point of Mars-Saturn is known as the death axis (R. Ebertin), and Neptune is a known associate in cases of death, often through poison, toxins, fumes, or water such as oceans.

Now as you see, a few other astro-notes are included on the chart, however, this post is limited to today's planetary meet-up with the GOP's Neptune, planet of deception, secrecy, gaslighting, lies, fraud, subversion, erosion, impossible dreams, mass media, and the masses currently floating through the shady sign of Pisces. Then notably, Neptune when in Pisces inspires creativity yet often gives rise to pathological inclinations, plus, fear, anxiety, and general paranoia:

Yes, this is a temporary influence but its affects may be expected to extend until the next Mars-Saturn Conjunction in April 2026, by my best guess. Yet its energies may be activated by transits and progressions if one has the time and enough curiosity to keep an eye on it using the Conjunction Horoscope.

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